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Avatar n tn On the backs of my hands are several normally unnoticed bumps on hands. When looked at very close and under the sunlight especially, you can see that there are in fact dozens of small ones and several large ones. They look slightly darker but not much then the surronding skin. They do not itch burn or otherwise noticable symptoms othere than they are there. When you look at them from an angle in the sun you can see so many. Slightly raised and no specific pattern. What are they.
Avatar f tn I keep getting these tiny bumps on the tops of both my hands, no where else. they almost look like very tiny pimples without the redness and puss/heads. sometimes they do get/feel itchy but it's not a constant or annoying itch. the bumps are still the same color as my skin, it's like a cluster of raised tiny bumps in one spot on the top of both hands. they have been there for a week now.
Avatar m tn I started getting bumps yesterday and they have shown up on my hands, feet, upper body, back, neck, and face (especially forehead) Nowhere else. They're very small skin-colored bumps. They only itch a small amount if u touch them. They're not tender. Feels weird when i clench my fist and if i touch my face. They're raised but not very much. Not fluid filled. I have no allergies. I've been eating eggs 3 days in a row if that helps. Thanks!
145992 tn?1341348674 I thought I got a splinter or something because when I touched them they were sore. Eventually they went away but I keep having little red bumps appear on my other fingers and palms of my hands. I have no idea what they are. Does anyone have any experience with this or know what they could be? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Some are in rings and some are just individual. The bumps are smooth and no skin is flaking off. They do not itch or hurt. I have tried neosporin, cortizone, anti-fungal, etc but nothing has any effect. The bumps are now appearing on the backs of my hands and spreading up my ankles as well. The bumps seem to be under my skin and are a dark pink/red color. I am concerned at how quickly they are spreading. Any ideas what this could be or something else I could try to get rid of them?
Avatar n tn I orginally thought it was from my steering wheel on my car because the bumps seemed to line up with where I put my hands on the wheel however now they are not only in those places but all over my hands and inbetween my fingers. please help and give me an answer!
6051130 tn?1378698363 Ok so i have small bumps on the palms on my hands and up my fingers and was wondering if it was herpes because I was told i have genital herpes on my vajj since 2011 from an old boyfriend :( smh it appears no more than 4 times a year in the same spot anyway i always wash my hands after using the toilet and even when i shower im constantly washing my hands (way more times than before) cuz i have 3 children at home and i don't want to pass them it by mistake. Now i went to the e.
1519887 tn?1291006354 They started off only on my hands but either spread up my arms or the ones that were on my arms didnt itch until now. The bumps have no color to them and are very small. They dont hurt, they just itch a LOT. I have no idea what it is. help?
Avatar f tn when I'm walking and the same feeling is also on my hands. I also tend to get eczema on my fingers from time to time and my fingers start to itch, so I have no clue if this is an allergic reaction to something or if this is something I contacted sexually or if this is eczema gone wild. The "blister like" bumps are all over the palms of my hands and my fingers. On my feet they look pretty much the same except they're a little red in color.
Avatar n tn I used Benadryl which helped when it would start to itch but the bumps remain. Other than the rash, no other sides to speak of. YAHOO!
Avatar m tn For about a year I've been getting bumps on my hands, feet, and groin. The bumps look similar to a blister but are NOT liquid filled and when broken open the skin is dry and scaly underneath. For the most part they do not itch, burn, or hurt but very occationally the bumps itch severly and once the bumps on my hand felt as if I had been hit with a hamer everywhere they appeared. They made my thumbnails feel like they were going to blow off. As a result my thumnails had the same bumps.
Avatar f tn Now a week ago after being in a salt water pool for a few hours I started itching on my palms and soles of my feet. The next day the bumps started on my fingers and also on my palms but they itched severely. After two days I couldn't stand the itching so I bought over the counter anti itch hydrocortazone cream. At first it seemed to relieve it but hours later it burned. Each day the bumps spread and grow and are hard and tight. My knuckles are also tight.
Avatar f tn And sometimes my skin will itch and once I itch it little bumps appear I've been to a few doctors and my obgyn and its not scabies or bug bites they said it's some type of dermatitis has anyone else experienced this??? The doctors don't seem to think it's harmful but I'm just scared I'm the only one. It shows up on my neck chest stomach back thighs lower legs hands and feet but mainly my thighs please help and if you have experienced this what did you find out about it???
Avatar m tn Shamefully, for almost 4 months I have been getting very small itchy blisters on various spots on my finger and palms of both my hands. The small blisters develope and immediatly itch intensely, . They have a clear fluid inside, that will also ooze once blistering forms. It spreads rapidly around the original blister and will have my hands covered in bumps in as soon as a matter of 24 hours or less.
Avatar f tn I have small bumps on my neck and hands the more i scratch the more they spread, i was wondering if HIV patients have these symptoms. Also before these small bumps on my neck and hand the inside lip of my vagina not sure of name labia? Inside part of it itch also, when i scratch it turns red and itch even more, my boyfirned and i dont use condoms so i was wondering what kind of infections give these symptoms?
Avatar n tn My hands get these bumps and my sister gets them on her back, my father gets them on his hands as well especially if we are stressed. my girlfriend came across this forum because apparently she gets them too. it is a type of eczema. but its called dishidrotic eczema. here is a link that will help explain it better. http://www.internationaleczema-psoriasisfoundation.org/dyshidrotic_eczema.
Avatar n tn Hello, I recently moved to a dry climate and have been having problems with very small (1 mm) fluid filled bumps on the plam of my hands and sometimes the tips of my fingers. The bumps itch somewhat initially until I open them and a small amount of clear fluid is released. Then they heal and are fine. I have had this condition before but never quite to this extent as they are now very common on my palms. Is this caused by dry skin or a fungus? How should I treat it? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I have three boys and only two of mine have got it so I have made them keep their feet covered by socks and not to scratch or mess with the bumps on their hands. This had made it go away it started on a Friday with a low grade fever which is normal the doctor said with one little red bump, and by that Sunday my oldest feet and hand were covered.
Avatar n tn Can someone explain to me what the tiny circular bumps on my hands are, and explain to me what the slightly larger circular bumps on my wrists are.  SOMEONE HELP ME!!  Thanks God bless.
Avatar f tn Since I was a child (I'm now 23) I have gotten intchy bumps on the backs of my hands and elbows after spending time in the sun. The doctors my mom took me to as a child thought it was scabies and treated me for that, but it comes back every year in the spring and summer. Hydrocortizone helps but does not prevent the outbreak. As an adult I have tried using 45 SPF sunblock on my hands, but with no result.
Avatar n tn When I woke up I felt horribly weak, disoriented and had a metallic taste in my mouth... and then I got some pink bumps all over the back of my hands and wrist. They began mildly itching, and slowly but surely they disappeared. I figured that the motion sickness pill (or its other ingredients, e.g. Red 40) had caused the rash, since then I have strictly avoided eating anything containing those things. A few days ago this rash came back in full force.
Avatar n tn They usually pop up in the same areas, my palms, my fingers, my knuckles, anywhere on my hands. I had have some individual bumps scattered on my body that are they same, but somewhat larger and not as itchy, but still a pain. The biggest issues are my hands, Its horrific and driving me to insanity. Since a child ive had issues with my nerves and anxiety and was always very sensitive to my surroundings. Now, I just moved into this house and since then theeeese bumps have appeared.
Avatar n tn Occasionally a blister might show-up on the top of my hands and these typically rupture at some point when I accidentally itch the spot. Am I contagious with anything? Any idea what this is? Any treatments available besides time? I have been traveling to Europe, Asia (China & Hong Kong mostly) and parts of Latin America for the better part of 10-years for work. I am in pretty good shape and, aside from this weird blister thing, rarely get sick or colds.
Avatar f tn I noticed these red dots on my hands this morning. There are several of them on both hands. They are all pretty much perfect circles, solid red throughout with no pus or apparent "bite" marks, and they're all the same size (a little smaller than a pencil eraser). They are not raised, painful, or itchy. They're just red dots (I wouldn't even call them "bumps") on the top and sides of my hands and fingers - none on my palms or feet. Any idea what they might be?
Avatar m tn I have developed a serious rash of raised, slightly itchy bumps all over my fingers. I have a few of these pimply looking bumbs on my wrists and arms but the majority of the rash is on my fingers and thumbs. I have rule out almost all simple causes such as poisonous plants and reaction to soaps/detergents/creams etc. Days before the rash appeared I got fairly seriously sun burnt on my entire back.
Avatar f tn I have a chronic itch only on my skin where my pubic hair is. I have used creams and natural remedies to no avail. I have tried removing all the hair and letting it grow back fully. Think outside the box please because I've changed soap detergents, body soaps and the doctors say it's not an std.
Avatar n tn Two days ago I woke up with a bright red rash bilaterally on the tops of my toes and on my thumbs and across the knuckles of my hands. There are tiny, fluid filled blisters and it is very itchy. The rash has spread to my palms and tops of my fingers, and on the inner sides of my feet. There are some tiny bumps at my facial hairline also, but those are not itchy.
Avatar n tn hi im only16 years old and i have them mainly on the back of my hands, on my fingers, and on my feet they itch like crazy and when they pop it really hurts and clear liquid comes out it so gross. Do you have any idea what it is or what cases it?
Avatar f tn I have a cluster of tiny, skin-colored bumps on the backs of each of my hands. They are no more than 1mm in size. The bumps are pretty close together in each patch, but then there are a few stray bumps as well. The bumps don't itch, they don't flake, they aren't red, they don't hurt, my skin isn't dry. I've done a ton of google searches to try to figure out if it's a rash, warts (don't think they are), allergic reaction, etc., but nothing is turning up as the right condition.