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Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I have had ringing in the ears for a year before I treated and some vertigo from time to time. Mostly when I was trying to quit smoking the patch made it worse. I started treatment of peg and ribiviran last september and treated 9 months I had to quit treatment due to the side's. I did what I could. well it has been 4 weeks and I feel real good now. but my ears are starting to ring again. is this from the Hep C? Has anyone experienced this?
Avatar n tn I thought maybe was a bite, but it weren't red or even had something strange, were two small (medium to large, considering the size of stuff on a face) hard bumps, like pieces of bones and with the same skin tone, nothing different. After a few days, the pain totally stopped, but the bumps still there, after another few days, I discovered another bump behind the right ear, just one this time. They never went, they still there.
Avatar n tn I have these recurring bumps that form around my ears. Mostly wear my ear touches my skull (behind or under the earlobe). They only hurt if I apply lots of pressure and their the skin colored. I'm just curious as to what they are? They'll be gone for a while and then I'll just find another new one at random.
Avatar f tn Stray cat in neighborhood, three houses know about the cat, no one knows whose it it. Yesterday, I was able to get close to the cat, and am worried about blue bumps in her ears. She is female, young, very nice, very skinny (but her tummy was full), and does not mind her ears being touched (on the outside). I thought her ears were just dirty, but it looked like mold, blue bumps all over. I have no idea what it is, what to do, or where to take her.
Avatar m tn so i have 2 symmetrical bumps that i have had on the backs of both my ears forever and they have never bothered me i always thought everyone had them till my girlfriend and roommate both pointed out they did not have them. i've tried looking it up but have not got any answers. so im just wondering what it could be and if i should be worried about these 2 bumps. they are both hard white skin colored bumps that look kind of like a zit in the exact same place on both ears.
Avatar m tn After the last visit to the vet,to check on his ear she said that the bumps will go away on it own, but now they are bleeding and alt off dischard is comig out off both bumps. What can i do to treat this bump @ home? I'm trying to clean it with peroxide and HP Healing Cream!
Avatar n tn sunday I started itching under my ears and on my neck and yesterday I found little bumps under my ears sounding somewhat similar to the description yall gave. at first I thought it was the cloths because they were new so I took it off but today I woke up itching and I started feeling itchy on my back as well. the bumps are only red when I itch them.
Avatar f tn they started out just in my pubic region. now they are behind my ears under my arms under and on my breast as well as my pubic region. my gyn told me to see a dermatologist and i am going to do so after the first of the year but does anyone know what they might be or how to get some relief from them? i have been dealing with them now for almost 15 years and i am tired of being in pain and tired of not being able to wear pretty clothes bras panties or anything like that because of them.
Avatar n tn My dog has 3 bumps on one ear and I would like ideas of what it could be? It also looks like sours or cuts.
1609789 tn?1298150775 My four yr old coonhound, who does not go in the woods but plays in my backyard has been developing what looks like zits on the inside tips of her ears. Since her ears sweep the ground, this seems possible. I broke one open, it had a hard fatty matter inside, the size of a small peppercorn, and then healed. This is NOT a hematoma on the flap portion, or infection inside the ear canal. I was curious if other owners of dog with long floppy ears ever ran into this type of situation.
Avatar m tn I have been getting painful bumps. First on my Ears, then my hands and then my feet, some are larger, others smaller, initially it was thought that there were cysts on my ears but that was later ruled out by a physician. They are red in color ,they itch, sometimes burn, cause me pain and swelling as well as. Heat seems to increase the pain and swelling but oddly cold relieves the pain and swelling.
Avatar n tn i have very short hair on my head. I have noticed small hard white bumps on my scalp that I can pick off. They do not itch. we recently moved and have very hard water. i am using a shampoo to help with removing scalp build up..
Avatar n tn About a week ago I got several small bumps on my elbow that itched like crazy (looked like misquito bites) well they have started to go away and now I have them on the edges of one of my ears (on the same side of my body) What could they be. There is no puss or anything in them. The look like my skin color but when itched are kinda white and if you itch them too much they kinda bleed like a misquito bite.
Avatar n tn Are there any other solutions that can help remove this ugly bumps on my face that make me feel like an old crone with warts on the tip of my nose.
Avatar m tn From time to time some of these bumps will act like a pimple and white puss does come out of it and some even have an ingrown hair come out as well. Is there anything I can do about these bumps on my face? They do not hurt but more than anything hurt my self esteem. By the way in the last five years they have seemed to get worse. Thanks for your help!
Avatar m tn Starting about 4 years ago I started having these small bumps on my chest. In the last year or so the number of them has doubled, they don't itch, burn or bother me at all besides the look of them, and they just make me self-conscious in the summer and such. A few months ago I went in to see a dermatologist, and he took one of them out, basically I was told that they were cysts of some sort, and he gave me some deflammatory cream, and thats it.
Avatar m tn hey guys i have had this issue about my penis and it is really puzzling and starting to worry me. I have two bumps on my penis, oneon my shaft and one on the upper part of my sack. The one on my sack is smaller than the one on my shaft, however, it seems as if both get small eventually, then come storming back. I have never had sex nor oral which is the puzzling part. If there is anything I can do around the house instead of going to the doctors that would be ideal.
Avatar m tn 5 years I have had a couple of little red bumps on my nose that refuse to go away (one on the tip and one on the nostril). In the last few months more bumps have begun to form that will not go away. They are not as red but are rather unsightly in the right light. One doctor prescribed Benzaclin and another doctor referred me to a dermatologist.
Avatar m tn Four days later they had spread on my right hand and I also had some bumps or red marks on my face, ears, and chest. We were staying in hotels together, and at a friend's place in this time. The bumps were mildly itchy, small, and some (those on my hands) had that glossy top look. Before returning home (after four days of symptoms), my girlfriend's symptoms returned all over her body. She also had flue symptoms, which could have been unrelated.
Avatar m tn There was no pus cells in urine and the blood count (WBC and platelets) is normal. Last day (8 months after sex) i saw small red bumps on my glans penis (10 - 20 bumps), today the count reduced. Is this syphilis ?
Avatar n tn My daugher, who is 12, has a rash behind both ears. I looks like small red bumps, it's itchy and she's had it for a couple of days now. No fever or any other symptoms. Any ideas what this could be? Should we see her physician soon? Try an antihistamine? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn It is getting worse and now I have bumps and hair loss. Before the bumps form the spot is very sore. I have tried all the shampoos and T-Gel seems to help the most but only lasts a few hours anymore. I also have recurring itchiness in my ears, especially the left one. I have been given a topical steroid that seems to help for a little while but if I don't use it 2 or 3 times every day then it starts to itch again.
Avatar n tn This morning I woke up, noticed I have sore ears now as well. Additionally I noticed little red bumps on my hands, and also on my ears now. I haven't been exposed to anything off hand that I can think of that is out of the ordinary. I don't have medical coverage and its basically an impossibility for me to see a doctor, so I am relying on the information of those around me. I am been feeling slightly under the whether, but nothing drastic.
Avatar n tn If they were down on my earlobes they would look like ear rings, however they on the tops of my ears where there is a sort of skin buckle. No matter how much scratching, pealing, rubbing I do these don't go away. The left ear has sort of turned into a quarter inch dry patch in the crease of the ear that will bleed if I pick at it. The right is turning out to be the same. Can this lead to death and/or What is it??