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Avatar m tn I have about 7 dark(er) red bumps on my butt cheeks. There a 4 on one cheek and 3 on the other (all about an inch or more apart). I just noticed them yesterday. They mainly look like mosquito bites but i have not noticed them being itchy at all. I have never had anal sex (i am a straight male). I also have never had any symptoms or been diagnosed with herpes. They are smooth, darker red, slightly raised. I also have a few of the same looking darker red bumps on each of my calves.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been having an unusual rash/bumps on my buttocks, and very rarely on the shaft of my penis (three times in over a year, and always for a very short time period. It seems to clear up much faster than the bumps on my butt). I tried using over the counter lotrimin cream, but it had zero effect. My doctor then prescribed Clotrimazole and Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream USP. This seemed to clear everything up. It then returned. So he prescribed the same thing again.
Avatar n tn Then I noticed that I had the same tiny red bumps on my left buttocks along with 3 pimples. The pimples look just like simple red pimples. I have had acne in that region a long time ago so I didn't think too much of it but now I'm over thinking it and worrying. I have not been in any high risk sexual situations recently. I have had the same sex partner for 2 years and he is the only one.
Avatar f tn for the past three months i've been having an uncomfortable issue with a small (nickel size) patch of itching bumps on my left buttocks cheek. i woke up one morning thinking i'd been bitten by a spider, bug, etc., so i scratched at it intensely. the faint welt then turned into little itchy bumps in a patch, then another, small version of this appeared on the other side, down a little further on my buttocks, but didn't flare up or itch as badly as the first site.
Avatar f tn Recently I have been getting really big, red, itchy bumps on my buttocks. I feel sometimes when I'm at work like something may be biting me. The look like really big bites. The itch alot. They feel like a pimple that needs popped, but they do not pop. They are filled with clear fluid. It is painful to sit because they are so red and inflamed. I was wondering if they were in fact bites or some form of disease? I have tried Benadryl and a topical analgesic.
Avatar m tn I haven't had any visible (lesions, sores, scabs) symptoms on my penis or scrotum. However today I felt a little bit chafed on one of my buttocks, and I looked in the mirror and there were a few red spots. They weren't bunched like most of the herpes pictures on the net are, but given the timing this is worrying for me. One of them I tried to squeeze cause I thought it might just be a pimple or random spot.
Avatar f tn 4 days ago I had a hemrroid come out and I went and got some medicine for preparation h and preparation h wipes I have never used the wipes before I used them after using restroom, then put some cream on, later that day I started to have an increase in pain I then realized I have MANY Bumps from butt crack to butt cheeks near crack, it is very painful to sit on, like a burning feeling, I do alot of driving (4-5hrs/day) as well which sweated alot during hemrroid, so I don't know what is causing
Avatar m tn I have had these pimple-like bumps on my buttocks for a year or two now. They cover my entire buttocks and only about half of them seem to come to a head. When popped, pus and blood comes out. The ones that don't come to a head are just red bumps. They are pretty painful and sometimes itchy. Please can anybody help me out and tell me what this is???
Avatar n tn for the last ten years i've been having lil whites bumps on my left buttocks every other six months it will appear.If i stop taking my vitamin which is mega men the bumps appear in white clusters it can very nerve reckin.The docter says dont worry its only a boil,that my amune system is weak in that area.I've been tested for STD and its all good.Im a straight family man thats drives trucks locally in atlanta.Please give me medical advice.What could be wrong?
Avatar m tn Okay so for the past 2 or 3 months I have had an extremely itchy rash on my inner thighs, buttocks, and penis. On my thighs and buttocks the rash looks tiny small red bumps, and when I scratch them too much they cut and scab over. On the head of my penis I have two larger bumps that only occasionally itch, and seem to fluctuate in size. On the shaft of my penis are two large bumps as well.
Avatar f tn They only appear at the base of hairs, only on the legs, buttocks and a couple on the penis. Can this be something else? Any ideas on treatment?
Avatar f tn I have been having little clusters of blisters or painless boil on my buttocks. It comes and goes, on either of the buttocks. Many years ago(about 24 years) when it started my doctor said if it didn't hurt why worry about it, so I never sought second opinion. Now,for 4 days I have a big boil on my upper left thigh, very painful,hard, with fever and body ache. My doctor recommended warm compress.