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Avatar n tn Recently I discovered there are several little bumps on my areola, actually on both breasts, that will not go away. They look exactly the same as if you were cold and and all the little bumps were to appear in that area. They do not itch and are not painful. The also are not open & do not have any discharge. The skin itself feels normal. I have tried looking for information about this but have come up empty. I am only 25, but I know you could get cancer at any age.
Avatar f tn One is that these could be comedones that blocks the glands on the areola since the areola has sweat glands and sebaceous glands like some glands in the skin of our face.. Another is the presence of fibrocystic disease underneath the nipples which usually wax and wanes coinciding with one's menstrual cycle. Another possibility but relatively uncommon is Paget's disease that affects the nipples. I suggest you have this checked by your doctor to be certain of things. Regards and God bless.
Avatar f tn I just noticed in the last week or so that i have small white raised bumps surrounding my areola, not on the areola but just on the outer rim where the skin lightens. I heard about them being all around the nipple but i wanted to know if its normal for them to just be surrounding the areola and what might be the cause for them to show up out of no where.
Avatar n tn well i got these bumps on one of my breasts on the areola. they look somewhat clear but with a small black dot in the middle it itches and it hurts when i press on it. im worried I dont know what it is and I want to know what it could be?
Avatar f tn i'm in my 36th week, suddenly yesterday after shower i noticed creamy thick discharge from my bumps on my areola . i've been having these bumps since i conceived, but the creamy discharge happened only yesterday, while wiping my body after shower i noticed. Is this normal ? . anyways, i'll let my dr. know of it- but until i get a reply from my dr. i'm scared. need help ladies.
551604 tn?1333986735 i still do not know if im pregnant or not,but i definitly have gotten those bumps more on one nipple they are very visible now and the ring around my areolas are alittle darker.and my nipples/boobs are bigger.possible pregnancy sign???
Avatar n tn One of the bumps on a women's areola that produce milk when a woman is pregnant and after she gives birth has slightly enlarged and is white in color. I don't know what it is!!
Avatar n tn Hi Small bumps on and around the areola are usually normal; they're either glands (for the purpose of lubricating the nipple during breastfeeding) or hair follicles. If you notice a change in the bump(s) for example: if it becomes enlarged, irritated, painful, swollen or red, then the bump needs to be looked at by a doctor. For more info. you can research Areolar glands.
Avatar n tn i heard this was no concern but i have a lump in my left breast that i have checked and doctors said no concern but on my left areola one of the bumps i can squeeze out white matter about every 3 weeks. about the amount of a good size zit! then it looks normal. it doesnt pop just comes right out with a pinch. does this happen???should i demand a biopsy?
Avatar n tn True pimples,(aside Montgomerry gland),are common and can appear on your nipple,areola or breast as on any other part on your body.They can occur for various reasons, from clogged pores to bacterial infection and even from stress and hormones. Usually these types of pimples go away on their own, but if you notice a lot of pain, redness or swelling, you should see your doctor or a dermatologist so that this condition can be treated. Take care... and hoping that you'll feel better soon.
Avatar n tn For years I have been troubled by small bumps/lumps surrounding the areola of both my breasts. I also have black hairs that grow around the area also( I have reddish/blonde hair). It is very embarrasing,& I never asked the doctor when I would go for my checkups.I assumed the doctor would make mention if it was something that needed looking into. I started shaving the hairs,& now I pluck the hairs as I see them growing. What could these lumps be,& why the hair growth?
Avatar f tn Now I'm worried because I have weird lumps on my areola. But my left areola has enlarged quite a bit and has gotten a little darker too :( Please let me know what I should do. I dont have insurance to go to a doctor...What are my options.
Avatar f tn Hello, Itching on the areola can be due to cloth allergy , contact dermatitis to the bra, soaps, detergents, eczema, fungal infection or Paget’s disease of the nipple. Wear cotton clothes and apply warm compresses and topical antiseptics on the area. Then apply some topical antibiotics cream like Neosporin. For the eczema, apply hypoallergenic moisturizers and topical steroids after consulting a dermatologist. You can take some antihistaminics to relieve the itching.
Avatar f tn While this is going on I have small red bumps with a tiny pin head filled with clear liquid appearing on my other part of the body, mainly on the back of my right hand, forming a small cluster pretty much like that on my areola, and few scattered ones on my arms, belly, and legs. when they pop they ooze too. Now I have to go topless so that the sores at my areola don't stick to clothes, but rather be crusted over.
Avatar f tn But in the last two years I have seen the rise of small bumps on my areola. They are brown the same colour as my areola but a little bit more bumpy in my left areola in comparison to my right areola. I have had them checked by two doctors and I do a breast self examination every two weeks. Should I get an ultra sound done? Should I ask for a biopsy? Both gps think I dont need one but i need a third opinion i guess.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm concerned about my breasts - my the area around my nipples is covered in tiny bumps, usually slightly more pail than my skin color. The areola seem a little bit more stiff and hard then. This doesn't happen all the time, sometimes my areola are smooth and "loose". Is this normal, or should I visit a doctor? I can add that I'm a teenager and that this isn't a new thing - I've observed it practically from the moment my breasts started to develop.
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor, but I have had several little bumps on my areola in the past. I occasionaly get ingrown hairs around the edge that will have a little lump or bump. It is usually not very painful and it goes away within a week. I also have little bumps on my areola that were related to breast feeding my children. I can't remember the official name, but they have been there since the birth of my first child.
Avatar n tn Hello, This has been bothering me for quite some time - but around last year, I had two small bumps underneath the surface of the areola on one of my breasts. They remained for a long time, and because I was stupid, I thought they were a form of acne (which sometimes occurred near the area) and picked at them. Now, the bumps are still there, but around them there is redness, almost like inflammation.
Avatar f tn The Montgomeries glands are the "little bumps" on the areola and they certainly shouldn't be producing blood. If you are sure this is coming from these glands or even from the nipple itself you should see your Dr. about it for a clinical breast exam and any appropriate testing that might be necessary. If you are 40 or older you should be having yearly exams and yearly Mammograms. Please ck. with your Dr. fairly soon about these symptoms. Regards ....
Avatar n tn I am in my 20s and have always had little bumps on my areolas that look like goose bumps. I also have little sprouts of hair around the areola. I have had a lot of breast surgeon interaction and all have told me this is completely okay. Just thought that could help!
Avatar m tn I am 13 and on both nipples, both areolas are covered in tiny red bumps (almost look like spots?). Could this be breast cancer? Any help will be much appreciated.
Avatar n tn After getting out of the shower the other day, I noticed what I thought was a dry patch on the upper left side of the aerola on my left breast (it is and has always been much larger than my right breast). Upon further inspection, I noticed that the little bumps that go around the areola were darker brown that the rest of the skin and were dry and flaky. There are no sores, my breast is not leaking fluid, and my breast is not hot. Just wondering if this could be a sign of IBC (Paget's)?
Avatar n tn Every several months to a year, I start to develop a red rash on each of my areolas. It appears as little red bumps that pop up. The areola then begins to itch horribly, to the point where it is completely unbearable. The doctor I went to a year ago did not know what it was. At one point, I couldn't stop itching and began to scratch my skin raw. I don't know what they are, or how to deal with them.
Avatar n tn I have had goose bumps on the inner portion of my areola for as long as I remember. They show up when my nipple gets hard. I have heard of montgomery tubercles that show up as goose bumps when you are pregnant but I've never been pregnant and I've always had them. Does anyone else have this? Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn I just noticed tiny white bumps on my nipples. They are not raised and most of the bumps are on the right nipple and just a few on the left nipple. They are mostly on and around the nipple with a few on the areola. I have not noticed any change in my breasts. I had a physical exam by my gynecologist nine months ago and had a mammogram taken which came out fine. The bumps are not painful or itchy.
Avatar n tn i have always had these small bumps on my areola but the small bumps on my areola have never bothered me before other than maybe a lil itching here and there....but for the past 3 days one of the bumps has been bothering me. it is sensitive to touch, and has the sensation that you get when are lactating. however it has been 3 1/2 years since my last kid or pregnancy...the bumps dont look any bigger, and there arent any new bumps. should i be concerened?
Avatar f tn For a year i had three bumps on my left areola then i became pregnant and got them all over both areolas....somtimes if i squeeze one thick white puss comes out...