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Avatar n tn I started noticing these hard bumps form in the back of my mouth behind my wisdom teeth soon after I began smoking menthol cigarettes. I quickly stopped smoking but every now and then these bumps come back. They surface completely when I play with them with my tongue. They look like little tiny balls packed in together and smell horrible. What are they?
12934254 tn?1427843228 Hmmm thats kinda weird. Right now my gums at the top behind my front teeth are swollen. They looks like swollen bumps. It happens to me every pregnancy because of the hormones and baby taking all of my nutrients from my teeth. Maybe thats what is going on with you?
Avatar m tn if i've had a few white bumps on my gums, but they aren't open, and i've had them for a while, do you think it might be herpes?
Avatar f tn 1mm) whitish colored bumps on my gums where they were irritated. My gums in this area were quite inflamed and sore. I was able to get in to see my dentist on the Monday and he said it was a common problem and nothing to worry about....something like a cold sore. Nothing more was said as he handed me a prescription for Valacyclovir (two 2000mg doses 12 hours apart). I phoned him back on the Friday and told him that there was no change in my condition.
Avatar n tn I have red bumps under my tounge and two that are behind my lower bottom teeth on the gums, when i went to the dentist 4 months ago they took a picture of one of them behind my lower teeth, now im starting to get them under my tounge, he didn't say what it was though. I heard you can get warts in your mouth, but they dont look anything like the pictures online, what could they be?
Avatar n tn Not ON the tongue but in the area under it behind the teeth and gums). Only one small area feels sore and the others don't. There were like one or two that appeared a little white. I have no idea what these bumps could be or what I should do. I have never had anything like these before and it scares me a little. So if you have any idea what could be going on it would be very appreciated.
Avatar n tn Ok. So I have two little white bumps on my upper right side gums. They are just above the tooth behind my canine tooth. I have had them for a while now. They are hard, do not hurt at all, and look somewhat like a pimple. What could this be?
Avatar n tn I suddenly have developed tiny bumps on my upper lip. A few months ago this happened in just one little patch but it went away, and I can't remember if I did anything. But just a few days ago they appeared again on both sides of my upper lip. Then, the next day they had spread and now go all the way along the ridge of my upper lip. They aren't particularly noticeable except they change the shape of my lip, making it look smaller than it was in the places where they are on the very edge.
Avatar n tn I got an initial scare about genital herpes as I saw red bumps on my penis. On day 6 after the exposure, my GP said it looks like genital herpes and started me on valtrex. On day 7, i saw an STD expert who said bumps do not look like herpes. He gave me single doses of metronidazole and azithromycin, and a hepB vaccine. The same night I got flu like symptoms - i developed a mild fever which lasted for 1.5 days, mild sore throat for 5 days now, and fatigue and have lost my appetite.
Avatar n tn About a week ago i noticed small red bumps on my stomach and as the days went by it started spreading all over my body. There are no bumps on my legs or face though. I only have a few on my lower arms and like 3 bumps on my neck. But my torso and lower back are covered with them. The weird thing is that they don't itch at all!! I been checking all different websites and question from people but all their bumps itch really bad, so it really doesn't help me out too much.
Avatar m tn Hey i had the same red bump and i scratched it off nd it literally went away about a week ago but now i have like a small white bump looking thing in my lower gums right behind my lip i had it twice before but it always went away i doubt u got it from a girl cause i haven made out with one in over a month but im not sure i have braces too but only at the top i dont know what it is either but i dont smoke or rinse with salt water either so if you find out what u have please!
Avatar n tn My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won
Avatar m tn I developed a series of bumps down the back of my throat, as well as some on the corners of my mouth near my molars (not on the gums.) There is also a bit of inflammation on the upper right hand corner of my mouth. The bumps are pinkish in appearance and range from about a cm in diameter to less, that run down my throat connected by veins. I have had these for two months. I have been diagnosed with a sinus infection which I took amoxicillin for, and did nothing.
Avatar m tn I tested with ICMA and RNA at 3 months, undetected and negative. And I did an insti at 17 weeks, negative. Now my throat is all read with bumps behind it and one of my tonsils looks like an olive. Never had tonsil issues in my health history. Mild soar throat and mild cough only when I smoke. Would weather changes cause this or smoking? Does transmission route make a difference in seroconversion window? Also really tired and feel like sleeping all the time.
Avatar f tn I have tiny white bumps on my gums behind my front bottom teeth. Also, I have some bumps along the outside edge of my tongue . They don't hurt, but I can feel them and it's annyoying. What can it be?
1433478 tn?1327866708 Still clenching jaw, and tingling tongue of three days ago ended up red, raw, and painful bumps on the tip. Also, bottom of gums, behind bottom lip, were red and began to hurt. Eventually I noticed that my teeth were more exposed than they used to be -- receding gums? Daneen had receding gums from Effexor and lots of peridontal problems. Feeling of sinus infection better this a.m. Still have painful glands in front of neck, but it waxes and wanes.
Avatar n tn I woke up one morning with small swollen bumps behind roof of my mouth right under my two front teeth. The day after day symptoms of gum disease started to appear, swollen gums and gums that easily bled while brushing. Then one of the bumps erupted and the second bump grew. The tissue above my mouth is sore and don't seem to be healing properly. I finally went to the dentist and she said I had gum disease and she told me to clean properly and floss daily to stop infection.
Avatar n tn I'm 12 years old and I have tonsillitis, I also have a swollen roof as well swollen gums. I've noticed small bumps on my tounge and just because of all of that I can't eat/swallow. If your better now can you tell me how you cured it?
Avatar n tn Now i have 7 or 8 teeth rotting out it seems from the gum out, my gums are bloody sore and aggravating. My teeth ache all the time and sometime the pain gets so bad it hurts behind my eye in my head and in my ears.Some of the teeth have small holes forming on them and one has a black spot. The others have since broke in half or close and have black bumps exposed and whenever i eat or drink anything it hurts terribly. This wasn't that bad until i got pregnant now it is so much worse.
Avatar f tn My right one gets inflamed more then my left. Also on my right gum behind the last tooth I have a raised lump. It appears to never go away completely, and it gets worse and I usually get a earache and sore throat (hoarseness) at the same time with the inflamed tonsils. I have had my gums checked and the doctor never seems to give it much concern. It bothers me to often.My tonsils bother me often. My question is. Is this related to my Thyroid? Cancer?? What could be causing these problems??
Avatar f tn These have come with red marks on the roof of my mouth towards my throat and I can feel a spot/sore on my gums behind my front bottom teeth that I can't see well enough. It's been a week now and they're looking like they'll be gone within 2 days I'd say. During the...event he kissed me and sucked on the inside of my lower lip and it really hurt and I'm concerned that this may have opened up an entry point to infection.
Avatar n tn I also woke up with a few more bumps/dots on the cheeks and roof of my mouth (about 5 of them) They disappeared within 3 days. On Dec. 21, I noticed I had 3 more on my gums behind my wisdom teeth. When I touched my toothbrush to it, they split open and bled. I went to an ENT clinic on Dec. 23, and the ENT said I had nodules on my larynx. He also looked at my mouth and said that he wasn't really sure what the dots were.
Avatar n tn During this time i felt the back of my neck and felt three lumps, two on my right side behind my ear and down the neck and one on my left side behind my ear. The were painless but the two right behind my ear felt slightly tender. They were also firm and did not move. Their not noticeable and you have to press in to feel them. I also have small bumps on the tip of my tongue, it looks like tastebuds sticking up with the tops of it reddish.
Avatar m tn About 10 days later I started to develop a sore throat which, three weeks later, persists. Recently, the skin behind my lower gums peeled back. I have not developed a fever but I did recently notice some very small red bumps on my trunk, some of which itch. I also have pain sometimes in my chest where the muscle connects to the armpit, and sometimes in my groin as well. I have been extremely anxious since my possible exposure. I had a DNA-PCR test performed by LabCorp 13 days after exposure.
Avatar f tn i know its not a 'torus' or a canker sore. i just wish i could put this behind me and accept im fine. i just cant stop thinking the worst. like...we dont get bumps for no reason so it must be something horrible. please help someone...
Avatar m tn About two days ago, I woke up with very swollen lips. My upper lip had 3 or 4 red bumps behind my lip, touching my teeth. Each of the 3 or 4 bumps were swollen about the size of a pea. Yesterday those bumps turned white and I have several other white bumps in my mouth, including my checks and gums. It is very painful, my mouth is swollen, I can barely eat. My mouth burns, my lips itch. Today it looks like I have red bumps forming on the roof of my mouth.
Avatar n tn For as long as you've had them, it would probably be good to see your doctor. Did they all appear at once? Also, have they grown in size since you discovered them? If not, it's likely nothing to worry about but I'd confirm that with your doctor.
125112 tn?1217277462 upper gums, behind front teeth. That took about 2 months to fade. Recently, I was eating a corndog with mustard, and it stripped the first layer of skin off from the lower gums, behind front teeth. I also have a few sensitive teeth: 2 by my k-9s, and a lower molar on each side. I will be going to the dentist for these. I have developed post nasal drip and each morning, am forcing out a "gluey" orangish phlegm from my sinuses. I also am dredging up brown flecked phlegm from my lungs.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr after reading through forums I have what I feel to be the realist post closest to actual ars symptoms ive ever seen In December I had unprotected ejaculated vaginal to anal menstural cycle sex about a week later I had day dry cough, a few days later the area around my right groin node turned dark or purple with a small rash above it and a brown bump under that wich discolored the skin around it, the small rash was also on both my arms as well as red bumps during this time My stomach w