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Avatar n tn We have made endless visit to his Doctor. The Doctor kept him on Breathing treating with Budesonide and Albuterol, after diagonising him of Bronchitis. After a while, the coughing subsided.But, it keep coming back after couple of weeks. We kept visiting the Doctor, sometimes making 2 trips in a week. Since today, it has gotten worse with him coughing at every 10 seconds. We will be visiting his Doctor again tomorrow 3/10. Does any one have similar experience and Solution to proffer?
Avatar n tn that is what this resembles. I have tried EVERY OTC hemorrhoid cream, ointment, pad, wipe, suppository, powder, etc. I have tried meds for yeast infections. I have used prescription hydrocortisone cream. I am at my wits end with this! I am so uncomfortable! Any advice would be so very appreciated.
Avatar m tn Follow the instructions for ear drops and complete your antibiotic course. You can use OTC Acetaminophen also for relief from pain. And follow up with your doctor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Neither do saline washes. OTC nasal sprays offer almost immediate relief, which lasts only for a week or so due to rebound congestion. Since Oct 2010, I have been taking a combination of oral antihistamines & steroid sprays (Flixonase or Budesonide) at night before bedtime -- this takes around 1 hr to take effect, lasts for 4-6 hrs, & relieves the congestion & facial pressure sufficiently so that I can at least sleep for a while. Otherwise.
Avatar n tn I have this problem too, and I have found minor relief using something I also use for my pollen allergies - budesonide inhaler. It's a cortisol-like steroid, and this problem might also be related to the adrenal gland. I will try multivitamins, although I do take these once every 2-3 days I still sometimes suffer from mild SOB/yawning. Oh wow I also get a lot of aspartame, I bet it's dangerous!!