Brown discharge with iud

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Avatar n tn i have an iud and i have been having alot of brown discharge and tons of cramps im not sure why any answers to why?
Avatar n tn It's not greater with IUD. It's a risk with any kind of "unprotected" sex.
Avatar n tn why have i been having a brown discharge? after having sex with him that night, my body was tingling for over an hour. following with an asthma attack and stomach pain, which may be due to a lack of food/heat provided by the college. so. yea. why have i been having brown discharge for 3/4 days? could it be dried up blood? I mean i took my pill right on time days before having sex with him. but days after, i kinda forgot. so is it because of the pills?
Avatar n tn c and endo biopsy done. The last month I have been having brown discharge and now the last 2 days also having brown discharge coming from my urthera as well, so coming out of two different spots at the same time. Had a pap done last month negative for std's so that is not the cause.......... Anyone with any idea what could be happening to me??
Avatar f tn He tried to putting it in but I stopped him before he could even put the whole tip in.. When I got up to go to the bathroom there was a brown discharge and ever since that night I've had it. It's been almost a month and I'm still having this brown smelly discharge I don't know if its because its dried up blood but do not like this as a side effect of whatever. I was wondering what other birth control methods are there besides depo, the pill, the patch and the vaginal ring.....
Avatar f tn I have the copper iud and I usually have brown discharge one week after my period. This time I'm 2 days late and have had light brown discharge for the last 5 days like my period should be coming but isn't. I should mention I've had my iud for 2 years. My cervix hurts during sex and my uterus and lower back have been very sore for a week. Should I see a doctor? Is this a sign of an infection?
Avatar n tn I am so glad I found this site. I have had this IUD for about six months and my brown smelly discharge and cramps have only gotten worse. I have been to my gyno numerous time and he did a ultrasound the first time I went in there. The next few times I went in there he insisted nothing was wrong and basicly told me I WAS full of S!@# !!!! and he really ment poo. I am so mad. as soon as I get a different doc I am getting this thing out.
Avatar f tn i was supposed to get my period n the 16th of dec. but all got was light brown discharge, one day there was just a tiny bit of blood. but i still have the discharge and its 2 weeks later. Was that supposed to be my period, or could i be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Is this normal? I have never had spotting during my fertile week before... I had my iud taken out march 25 because we want to try for baby number 2, I started my period march 27th and had a normal 4 day cycle which means now would be my "fertile week" is it ok to have brown bloody discharge during this time?
Avatar n tn Hi , this is only old blood from your uterus . Many women get this at the end of a period and if you have the mirena coil this could be the reason until things settle down in a while .
Avatar n tn Now, Thursday, I started spotting heavily. The discharge was dark brown and along with that there were large clots, the size of a golf ball, but very stringy. I am a little worried right now and my ob/gyn is out of town. I just had my period two weeks ago. This is new and a little scary. Anyone have some insights?
Avatar n tn my boyfriend and i are sexually active but we have not had sex for the past month and always use a condom i just started taking birthcontrol about two weeks ago and i've been getting alot of the side effects naseua, dizziness and what not right at the end of my period my period stopped and then about two days later i started getting this brown discharge does it mean it is just old blood and my body is just cleaning itself out ??
Avatar n tn Almost as soon as one day, my vaginal area started horribly itching, and i just couldnt help itching it more but it made it only worse now that i also have a brown discharge and a very uncomfortable feeling in my vagina.. Anyone has any suggestions what it might be?? Thank you very much, i will appreciate every little comment.
Avatar f tn my periods are very painful the first 2 days, heavy clots,. i usually have a little discharge after each cycle, this month it's lasting a little longer. ait's pinkish and a little brown each time i wipe. an i had sex 2 days after my cycle ended i don't know if the sex had something to do with it. cycle started december 8th, endedon the 12th then sex in december 14th. my cycle usually comes between the 17th and the 24th of the month this month it changed. i don't know what to think.
Avatar f tn Hello, Brown discharge can be due to ovarian problems, hormonal imbalance, stress, anxiety, crashed dieting, use of birth control pills, change in environment, excessive exercise etc. In your case, it can be due to the IUD. I suggest you to get it evaluated from a gynecologist and get the birth control changed. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn I went in the next day to have the IUD removed and had a little brown discharge for about 2 days. I also had a couple of beta screenings. One on 09/5 (11,178) and the other on 09/07 (13,293). Doctor said that does'nt look very promising. I also read on the internet that you usually can't see a heart beat on a sonogram until 7 weeks. Could I be further along? The doctor initially thought that my uterus felt about 11 or 12 weeks.
Avatar n tn However, I have not had a period in 2 months now. I know it's normal for some people with an IUD to stop menstrating all togeather, until IUD is out...Should I be worried about pregnancy?? What's my chances??Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Then I will have nothing for a day or two then I will again get light bleeding or brown discharge for a day or two then nothing then light bleeding and so on for about tow weeks. Then i finally get a normal period but it is affecting my sex life because I feel like i am always having some sort of gross discharge. is this normal for IuD? Is this something I need to be concerned about? I would really appreciate your help.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I began to have really mild cramps and brown discharge that was very light, it looked like old blood. Today it seems to have stopped but I still have light cramping. I had headaches but I figures it was due to lack of sleep. Was this implantation bleeding or just my period being strange? Also I should mention that the month before I had sex the first time (two moths ago) my period was extremely late, it started the last day of that month and continued into the next.
Avatar n tn I thought my body was going crazy until I found it. Helps with everything especially the odor with the brown discharge (which is old blood!
Avatar f tn The blood is brown and I am not sure if is even blood or discharge. I haven't had a normal (like before I was on the pill or on the pill) since I had it inserted, so I am not sure if my cycle is normal. Recently I have been gaining weight and my lower abdomen feels achy and hard. could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I too am on mirena have been since oct 2010 and everything was regular until june 2011 when i started not having periods, I thought it was great no more once a month interruptions. 20/9 I had discharge that was brown and only when wiping that lasted 4 days and 27/9 onwards had symptoms of nausea, tiredness, headaches and vomitted only twice on the 29/9 and 12/10.
1225870 tn?1267192618 I have the copper IUD and have had it for about four years now - since I have been with my fiancée' I have been having these same symptoms. I have even had discharge come from my breasts. I will have a "period" for a day or two and have it be light - like one pad per day, then suddenly nothing until the next month. I have gone to the doctor when I missed my period completely and she responded that many women under stress have missed periods all together for up to three months.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've had brown discharge from my vaginal for approximately 2 weeks now, with some blood spotting in that time. My last period was 3 weeks before this started happening. Am I pregnant? The discharge does not smell, only like my normal period. I have had some unprotected sex, some with a condom, but I am on birth control and he always pulls out.
455859 tn?1233367388 Sooo I just went to the restroom and had very little but a slightly brown discharge I had this with my daughter but I also had it with my miscarriage.
Avatar m tn I had some brown discharge during the time my period should have came (not much at all, only when I would wipe) Is this normal for someone who has had the Mirena this long? Is it possible my periods have just stopped? I have taken 4 first response pregnancy tests and they were all negative. I am having no other pregnancy symptoms other than a missed period.
Avatar n tn hi i'm 19, ive been with a new sexual partner for about 6 mos. lately ive been noticing ALOT of discharge from my vagina, a foul odor(sometimes) and a little pain in my abdomen. i dont think its a yeats infection. does anyone have any ideas what this may be?
Avatar f tn I had a Uterus infection which she gave me two antibiotics and I came home. For the next two weeks I bled on from bright red blood with large clots to brown discharge now I'm just spotting from day to day is normal. An how long should I wait to have sex?
1383753 tn?1279392603 If those medications helped, then there would be no need to remove the IUD. I am going to guess that you have a Mirena IUD in place, and if so, the discharge is normal and not worriesome. It is also normal to have minimal or no bleeding/period. If you otherwise like the IUD, it might be possible to continue to use it for several more years. Good luck!