Brown discharge before menstruation

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Avatar f tn on 27th i took emergency cntraceptive pill. on july 9th i had light brown discharge, it continued till 17th. on june 23rd i had what seemed like period but the bleeding lasted a day only besides bleeding wasnt normal it had lumps, the color was reddish to brown. on 23rd july i had light similar sticky bleeding but v light lighter than before. i dont knw wt i shud do. i am 21 and quite chubby.
Avatar n tn The first period was extremely brown and for 3 days(no real period), then 2 and 1/2 weeks later I had it again (same). Then 2 weeks after I got what I called a real one (normal bleading, normal color, and 5 days duration). I was kind of happy thinking that my body was cleanning up a. Then after I finished this one, one week after I got it again (red, normal "I think" and 5 days.
1361820 tn?1277837430 They said that your cervix is low and hard before menstruation but mine was very high. I just want to know why are the cervix high when its supposed to be low and hard. My menstruation has stopped but my cervix is mid-position now. If somebody could tell me what the reason for it is.
Avatar n tn Except for the fact that for 2-3 days right before my period(flow that only lasts 1-2 days), I have a red/brown discharge where I have to wear a pantyliner, but not heavy enough for a pad. It is almost, if not, exactly the same as the last couple days of your period, very light bleeding that is red/brown in color. So, my question is three-fold. Is this spotting ever normal or is it more likely a symptom of a low progesterone problem that could have caused the early miscarriage?
Avatar f tn I got a brown discharge as a period before and I got it again last week but this time it's last 14 days. I had no pains aches or cramps and no proper period blood yet last month my period was so heavy and agonizing do you think this is a fribroid ? I have not been sexually active in 2 months .
Avatar n tn I am not positive in regards to your daughters case but I had some brown discharge after a pelvic exam and was told that if the cervix is touched or irritated during an exam you can experience brown discharge. I only have it for a couple hours though. My Dr. did tell me as well that in general if a woman is getting ready to miscarry, her HCG levels will usually be inconsistant. I have been having what feels like mentrual cramping for a week noe but only off and onn.
Avatar f tn I heard that brown discharge can mean pregnancy. So my question is i had a little dark brown discharge today and im a couple days late on my period. I take birthcontrol pills but me and my fiance dont use condoms. Also i didnt take my last packs sugar pills i just skipped over them does this sound like i could be pregnant ive also been having some little cramps in my back and by my oviries.
Avatar n tn did you wake up and see brown discharge and its not even close to your period? any brown discharge is normal. its normal before your period and after your period. sometimes 2-3 days of it.
Avatar n tn bleeding, or does it also include the first couple of days of brown discharge or spotting? I am trying to predict the date of ovulation but I am unsure of when to start counting. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Now, a week and a half later, I have noticed a pinkish and brown blood in my discharge. When I wiped today, I slightly went up inside of myself with the TP just to kind of wipe out what was in there, and there was clear discharge with bright red blood streaks in it. Not like period blood though (no clot)...I finally went home and got in the shower and cleaned myself, and the discharge was pink. It's not a lot of if, but definitely there.
Avatar m tn my periods were due on 13th Dec....on the same day i got brown menstruation discharge in place of normal red discharge!!! After that there was no spotting....few days before period was due i was have brown discharge!! Am worried if it is early sign of pregnancy as i don't have any other symptom apart from it.
Avatar f tn I just turned 18, and I'm worried if I have a problem because I'm experienced having brown discharge before the red discharge. In addition, It's my menstruation week, and Im still a virgin. Do I need to go to a specialist?? Im really stressing out.
Avatar f tn The discharge sometimes becomes hard (Looks like a light brown booger, sometimes its just darker than that.) I haven't felt any breast swelling, head aches, constipation, mood swings, cramps, or frequent urination but i got a bit dizzy on the 14th (that was because of me not eating during lunch time). I've gotten paranoid for the past few days. Does this mean its an implantation bleed ( that I might be pregnant) or is it just my period acting up?
Avatar n tn I'm on roaccutane and I think I might b pregnant, I get this orange pinkish discharge n its a lot! It turns brown on my pad but this is not my period, I was suppose to get my period a week ago.
Avatar n tn I was 3 days late and for my fourth day, i got these brown discharge. I thought it was just the start of my menstruation but it doesn't seem to be a menstruation. Is this a sign of pregnancy or just a menstruation? I haven't tried any pregnancy test yet because i expected these brown discharge to be red and will eventually turn into a normal menstruation.
1027802 tn?1253125706 I started spotting at the usual 5ish days before I was due on but it hasn't stopped...I've just had spotting of brown and red stuff everyday for 11 sign of a real period and no real need for sanitory protection..maybe a panty liner. The discharge is non offensive and I have no other genital 'issues'.
Avatar m tn For the last few days (about 4-5) I have been having a dark brown discharge, sometimes gooey looking other times more thick and paste like. My last period was only 2 days and very light. Other then that they have been pretty regular the last 5-6 months. This kind of menstartion is normal for me as I have polycystic ovarian syndrome but the discharge is a new thing. I'm not having any period symptoms either. what could this mean?
Avatar f tn Now, a week and a half later, I have noticed a pinkish and brown blood in my discharge. When I wiped today, I slightly went up inside of myself with the TP just to kind of wipe out what was in there, and there was clear discharge with bright red blood streaks in it. Not like period blood though (no clot)...I finally went home and got in the shower and cleaned myself, and the discharge was pink. It's not a lot of if, but definitely there.
Avatar n tn The type of discharge, its color, and symptoms that accompany it provide an indication of the cause. For example, white discharge accompanied by itching in the vagina could signify a yeast infection. A clumpy, cottage cheese textured yellow or green discharge with a foul odor indicates infection. Clear and stretchy discharge is "fertile "mucus. Brown discharge occurs immediately after the completion of a menstruation period.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I had a spot of bright red blood and then a little brown mucus. This morning I had more brownish mucus and brown blood, and I am starting to see pink (not mucus, just like a stain on the toilet paper). I also saw some bright red mucus. I called the RN to see if that was the start of the 1st AF after surg. and she said to treat it as if it is, but since it is "old blood" because it is brown, and there is only a little pink, she can't be sure.
Avatar n tn I used to have normal periods but it must be over a year now that I have been getting brown spotting before my period. It's slight when I wipe and I need to wear a panty liner. I told my doctor and he said it's normal. Thing that drives me nuts is sometimes I could have this for 5-6 days before I even start to bleed. Every month when this starts I hope it might be implantation bleeding but they say that is pinkish. Going on my 4th month of clomid now along with progesterone and no luck yet.
Avatar n tn Hi, Well usually the brown discharge comes right before or after a period, usually not 2 weeks after although it's not that uncommon. Has your periods been changing in any other ways? I just turned 38 and have been noticing some changes and am concerned about pre-menopause so I'm scheduling a doctor appointment to see it that could be happening already. You mentioned you are 43 so I just wondered if there are any changes you may be having and if they are related to menopause.
Avatar f tn I checked the clot I used as a napkin, I saw spots of brown discharge. Around 9am, I felt something watery coming out of me. When I checked my undies, there's a discharge that was like sand. Seems black and white. And its watery. Before I wash the same undie a couple of hours after, the discharge dried and 'twas brown. Then, an hour ago, I check my undie again and theres only a spot of brown discharge and only a little of blood. Is it normal? Dunno if i inserted the med right.
Avatar f tn Last night was my third night on the treatment and since leaving the doctor's office I have had some bleeding and since starting this treatment I have noticed that large amount of brown discharge. The discharge looks like little blood clots leaving my body and they have not stopped. I'm getting concerned one because they haven't gone away and two because I was already two weeks late on my period. I'm not sure what I should do?!
Avatar f tn Hi. Two days ago I had this brown jelly/mucus-like discharge come out of my vagina. There was quite a lot actually but since I was in the shower, I did not need a pad. A few minutes later there was some liquid brown discharge (like what you get towards the end of the period) so I then used a liner. The next day, I had a much heavier flow and darker brown discharge. Still like the one towards the end of my period.
Avatar f tn I have been having DARK brown, sticky spotting/vaginal discharge w/lots of clots for about 3 weeks straight now. It is very light in flow but it is non-stop. I have NEVER taken/used any type of birth control in my life, other than condoms and have not used those in months. I have an appt scheduled for tomorrow w/a gynecologist. I am 35 years old and have been pregnant before and had a normal & successful vaginal birth.
Avatar n tn About the time for period to start i noticed some brown discharge then it went to red and now back to brown but very little. I also have sever pelvic/groin pain on my left side that comes and goes. I feel swollen on that side and have lower back pain. Yesterday I got dizzy but wasnt sure if it was coming from any of these problems.
Avatar n tn Last 2 month i have brown discharge for my menstruation period , last month my mens didnt came , now came in brown liquid again ! Help me ! im scare >< and i had sex before , but its last year , quite long ago alr . please reply !
Avatar n tn at the end of july i didnt get my period instead i experienced a light brown discharge for a few days,2 weeks later i started havin brown mucus discharge again, i then didnt get my period at all in august, its now september and im 2 days late and am now experiencing very light pink & brown discharge as well as many signs of pregnancy bloatin, nausea, headaches, sorebreats, light crampin...but when i took a test in august i think it came out neg...could i be pregnant..PLEASE HELP!!!!