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Avatar n tn The less you can do the better for your brain so it can heal. Think of your brain as you would a broken leg, when your leg is broke you dont use it till it heals, since we cannot put our brains in a cast to let them heal we must limit our brain use as best we can. SInce we are always using our brains (even while we sleep) it takes a very long time for our brains to heal. My best advice to you is if you are able take a couple weeks off of work to literally do nothing.
Avatar n tn I also broke the cuboid and cuneiform. I was in a plaster cast for 12 weeks and a walking boot for 4 weeks. I have a limp still, it is very painful, and I'm attending physical therapy. I was just looking for a second opinion on 1. When I will be able to run 2. When I can play contact sports (rugby, because I know my doctor doesn't want me to play) 3. Ridiculously enough-when can I wear heels?!
Avatar n tn My doc told me everything has healed perfect and I can start putting weight onto my leg and hopefully be up and moving by the time I come back for my visit in 4 weeks. (its allready been two weeks) My question is how do I know if i'm putting two much weight onto it. It gives a little bit of pain when i put alot of weight on it but not unbearable. But i'm still afraid it's going to snap into.
1235186 tn?1339127464 I guess fear of getting caught with drugs or being an accomplice to their overdose. They put me in bed, elevated my leg, and put ice on it. Sunday morning a bit more swollen and discolored. I had pain with numbness and tingling in my toes. We had crutches here and I wrapped it with a ace bandage. Went to church and out to dinner with friends. As the day went on it got worse. Now this morning my whole foot was discolored and very swollen, like I could pop it with a pin. Off to the ER I went.
Avatar m tn They have put me off work until january, so this time will be great to give it the best possible time to heal, i also massage my foot and apply some heat at least once a day before i do simple movements with the ankle, it really seems to help. Thanks for the info!! hope you injury of the calcaneus heals well. How did you break it?
Avatar n tn i break my tibia fibula in may 21 i had no surgery and i have in cast know 5 weeks dr say me i have to take 3 moths ,after i take off cast since i play football how much time i have ti take to get back to play again
Avatar n tn What I found is that every time I cut down, I had the same w/d. I couldn't keep it up. Leg pain is normal. I have only read one post ever on this board from a person who did tapering/ct who did not have leg pain. Try a hot bath or hot shower. That seemed to help and many others.
Avatar n tn I was given the choice to do a cast or metal rod with pins through my leg for a speedy recovery in witch i choose. It was put through the lower part of my leg down to my ankle Big mistake! I can't even walk a mile without my leg killing me. Hurts from my Knee down to where there is a small bump (feels like bone) on top of my ankle. I need to know if the rod and pins can be removed? If so how fast is the recovery and will the pain go away?
Avatar f tn I did hours and hours of research on nerve damage, foot drop, and recovery when I first found out that my leg was damaged. There is a lot of mixed information. One thing I know, my nerves continue to the last few months, I've regained the ability to wiggle my toes. Its been 7 years and I'm still improving. So don't let the Dr tell you that there's a time limit or that you shouldn't expect much. Do whatever you can to get moving.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure how long recovery time is but I assume that it is atleast 6 weeks(the usual time people are in a cast for broken bones)You may have to go back to the doctor and get a note to keep you off work for a short time so you can do more ice and heat and rest. Does your work give paid disibillity for medical problems (not on the job injury)? Good luck with your healing process.
Avatar n tn But you can't rush the healing process - and some injuries need more time than others. My leg STILL bothers me, even after 4 (plus) years. I had it s-rayed some months ago and the radiologist said that it was still healing! My heart goes out to you and best wishes for your recovery! Stay in touch!
Avatar n tn If your surgery is elective, you can expect about half the recovery time of my trauma-induced surgery. This surgery has dramatically improved an already very fulfilling life. I have a new lease on life, and I didn't even need one!
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1910752 tn?1329493822 This surgery will be more involved and have a much longer recovery time than the Chiari surgery did. I will be non weight bearing for at least 8 weeks, then in a walking boot for another 8 weeks...or more. I dread this, perhaps moreso because I had to have my right ankle surgically repaired about 15 years ago and the recovery was pretty similar. So as positive as my experience was with the Chiari surgery, I can only hope this one will be as well.
Avatar f tn on the 1st I went to the ortho surgeon in the area and I was placed in a more permenant long leg cast, no reset and no xrays. I stayed in this cast for 3 weeks which most of the time my leg was so loose in this cast that I had to shove a towel in the top of it just to keep the weight from pulling down on my broken bone.
964879 tn?1247298276 You will have to keep the cast for 8-12 weeks based on the type of fracture and condition to condition, and you have commimuted complex fracture. The operation wound can take 4 -6 weeks to heal and the bone may take longer, after 12 weeks when your cast is removed the surgeon will assess your bone condition. You will be able to walk on crutches if everything goes according to plan and you would be put for Physiotherapy. The stiffeness due to immobilisation can be overcome by Physiotherapy.
Avatar n tn the doctor has given us options 1st option is to have a cast from him hip to his foot for 6 weeks then a short cast for 4 weeks then he will splint it with no weight bearing for the 1st 6 weeks. 2nd option is to have the metal rod put in his bones to help with the healing process no weight bearing for 6 weeks a removal cast... with lots of Physical Therapy. Total healing time possibly 6 months to a year.
441781 tn?1204844957 Doctor told me at the end of the two weeks I would get a walking cast. During that time the pain was terrible. I passed out because of the pain. At the two weeks, I visited my doctor and he said looks good see you in four weeks and I was still no weight bearing. No explanation. I had to stop him from running out of the room to remind him that my foot was still not in walking position.
Avatar m tn The Fibula is still broken and has no stability (no hard cast can be applied due to the open wound up the inner side of her leg). Is it normal for the fib not to be stabilized using a fixation or any other means? Also, the Tibia was a crushing fracture; there is a space of just over 2 inches where the bone was crushed. The Ortho Surgeon left the largest pieces of crushed bone in place and said that it would help the bone heal (a ΒΌ inch gap exist between the top and bottom portions of this bone.
Avatar n tn The orthopedist is pretty sure he broke his thumb by the growth plate. He is currently in a cast and is to be reevaluated next week to make sure it is broken and not sprained. Assuming that it is broken, what is the healing period for a boy his age? He plays travel team baseball and is a catcher primarily for the team. Should he be expected to be out the entire summer season? Thank you.