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Avatar m tn Hello, Could anyone tell me why my fasting blood sugar level is higher than post food sugar level, even though both are within normal limits? Is there any cause for worry here, since I have a history of palpitations and the cause for it has not been diagnosed. Could the palpitations be related to the odd sugar readings? Thanks very much.
1680047 tn?1468915429 Though technically 'fasting blood sugar levels' may be 'slightly' lower in children, using these minor differences have not been found to be of value in establishing a diagnostic criteria for DM.
Avatar f tn I am a type II diabetic and I would like to know what is considered a "good" blood sugar reading for me when I test at different times of the day....before meals, after meals, fasting in the morning, at bedtime and other random times during the day.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry that I led you astray by saying you were over the line to be diagnosed. For fasting blood sugar the standards are: Under 100-non-diabetic, 100-125 pre-diabetes and 126+ diabetes. Since your number 6.9 is equivalent to 124 (multiply by 18) you are just under the line. As your doctor will tell you it will be very important for you to change your eating patterns, exercise and lose any excess weight to slow down or prevent the progression to diabetes.
Avatar m tn I can understand your concern for your son, because there is a family history of diabetes/prediabetes. His blood sugar seems to be within the normal limits. The fasting sugar of 109 is on the higher end of that, but less than 110 is not considered elevated. The 116 after eating is well within normal limits. Rather than continuing to test your son's blood sugar at home (something a 12 year old boy is going to tire of quickly) I would recommend mentioning your concerns to the pediatrician.
Avatar n tn Hmm, sorry but I guess I do not understand. Your post says that the discussion is related to "fasting blood sugar levels high in the morning" but all of your information relates to testing blood after meals. Guess that for me it cannot be both. My Diabetes Nurse's instructions for morning fasting blood test are to test the blood "when you awake, before eating or any medication".
Avatar n tn I generally (but not always) wake up a tad lower than I go to bed, but some people also have something called Dawn Phenomenon (sp?) where their blood sugar will continue rising in the morning until they eat. Diabetes and blood sugar is a pretty complex thing and many things vary between people and even at different times for one person.
Avatar f tn Two and a half months ago I went to my dr for a routine check up and she did a CBC and also checked my blood sugar. My fasting sugar was 103 the first time and 110 the second visit. My hbA1c was 5.8 She said I have "pre-diabetes" and sent me to a nutrionist. The nutritonist gave me a glucose meter so I could check my bs after meals and fasting. After two months of excercise and diet change I have lost 15lbs.
Avatar n tn Your fasting blood sugar should be cloer to 100 and you want your post prandials under 140. Other factors you can control blood sugar with as a type 2 include exercise, lowering carb intake and weight loss if needed. Do you have lows that make your blood sugar average out to 6.2? There is a forumula that shows what average blood sugars are for each A1C but I can't find it at the moment. I would try the other things I mention before adding another med.
Avatar n tn what do you think about this lab result though...does it have any vaidity (either as a random and/or fasting blood sugar) or just throw it out and get it all done again. Know I am 25, but do have a family history and not in good shape past few years. Thanks to anyone who can offer substantial information on the blood glucose lab problem.
Avatar n tn 2% is well within the normal limits of all Diabetic association guidelines. Also Fasting Blood Sugar of 88mg/dL is normal. This is in case if he is not on any anti-diabetic medication. Otherwise I would call it well controlled Diabetes. Allthough an assessment if he has Pre-diabetes needs to be done by his body weight and OGTT test.
Avatar n tn I made some changes to my diet, started walking almost every day, made sure that I was drinking water more frequently and upon a friend's suggestion stopped taking the pill for diabetes. In the subsequent two blood test over a period of six months, my sugar levels were normal. During my next visit, I confessed to the doctor I stopped taking the diabetes pill. The doctor was not overly surprised and was happy that my sugar levels were under control.
Avatar m tn The best way to find out what is causing your symptoms is to get a fasting blood sugar. I would also recommend that you check your blood sugar when you are feeling any symptoms.
Avatar m tn 3 2Hr 5.5 I would have thought blood would rise higher than the fasting leveling then drop but I seem to do the opposite , Iam happy with the result just seem strange .
Avatar n tn blood sugar of 109 is within normal limits. fasting blood sugar of over 120 is indicative of diabetes. you can ask for a OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) where she will drink so super sugary drink wait 10 hours and they will test her blood sugar. her symptoms don't match up with diabetes. the big symptoms are that she is almost thristy, always going to the bathroom, always hungry and eating but losing weight. i hope this helps.
Avatar f tn By her "return to normal" comment, I take it Chess's lab has a reference range flagging fasting blood sugar as elevated.
Avatar m tn He also doesn't have results of a GENOTYPE or VIRAL LOAD (measures amount of virus). Has he had a fasting blood sugar done? That would also be important. So they did the ultrasound and biopsy in 07...and they didn't do a Hep C test until a year later? I wish I could have given you better news. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Avatar n tn 162 mg/dl BLOOD SUGAR(PP): 249mg/dl UREA :48.0 mg/dl CREATININE : 1.3mg/dl A/G RATIO TOTAL Protiens : 7.10 gm/dl Albumin : 4.00 gm/dl globulin : 3.10 gm/dl A/G Ratio : 1.30 SODIUM : 143.0 mEQ/l POTASSIUM :4.5 mEQ/l CHOLRIDE :106 mMol/l BICARBONATE :22 mMol/l URIC ACID : 4.
Avatar n tn You can also get an irregular heartbeat from low blood sugar. I don't know if a high pulse is part of this as well. So, I would get the fasting blood sugar drawn and they may have you eat or have a glucose solution and wait two hours and see if your blood sugar drops too low or they can check your hemoglobin A1C which can also determine if you have diabetes or low blood sugar. hemoglobin A1C is becoming more popular. I tend to like to stick to the well known blood sugar test.
Avatar f tn So I'm highly suspicious about the effects of this drink on blood sugar levels. My question is, those who got an abnormal reading, with dietary changes, did you have a reverse in the results and was your baby affected? Is the result I got worth having sleepless nights over?
Avatar n tn Hello, truely normal fasting blood sugar is in the low 80s. So your fasting number is truely a little high, and I think your doctor is being cautious and safe in wanting your to monitor. Hihg fasting blood sugar can precede high post eating numbers. I think getting a meter and monitroing your food and response of blood sugar toeating is a good idea. You can then make sure your numbers do stay good and take action early if they happen to rise. I am not a big fan of 'diabetic' diet.
Avatar f tn It is very important for your baby that your blood sugar be controlled. Some people can do this with just diet and exercise, some people need oral medication and some insulin for the duration of the pregnancy. Your doctor will advise you to get a glucose meter (or give you one free) and to test your blood sugar at specific times. He will tell you what your target blood sugars should be and what you need to do to achieve that.
183933 tn?1290220562 Actually, normal blood sugar levels are different for a pregnant woman (my sister had gestational diabetes that's how I know). Fasting 70-90 2 hours after any meal should be <120 Bedtime <120 It is very important that the blood sugar be kept within the normal limits. If her blood sugar remains high, the babies will be getting too much sugar, which will cause them to gain weight too quickly, and that increases the risk of premature labor.
254215 tn?1195096984 my glucose came back at 134 so the doc wanted to do a fasting test. Although, the blood was drawn approx 1hr after eating a huge meal of pizza and mountain dew. So the fasting test was done and came back at 104. Everything I read says this is pre-diabetic! Since then I've had a random test done (around 3:30pm) and it came back at 98. The other night I tested my sugar at work for the heck of it and it was 122, got worried and tested again 20 min later and it was 124.
Avatar m tn 2gm ESR=4mm/1st hr TLC =5300Cells SUGAR FASTING=77.80MG/DI TOTALcholestrol=175.3mg/dl HDL=24.25 MG/DL LDL=123.25MG/DL VLDL=27.
Avatar n tn if they are within the limits they let you continue that route and if not they implement medication. your fasting sugars ( first thing in the morning before food) are really important typically if those are high then they start meds pretty fast.
144210 tn?1273092382 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/12/09 Been feeling pretty good and had a very active weekend snow sledding with the kiddies! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1/15/09 New bloodwork shows ALT and AST continuing to rise. AST now out of limits at 41. I am worried. Glucose 77.
Avatar n tn There again, for a gestational diabetic, this could mean having to reduce carbohydrate intake, for without any kind of blood-sugar lowering medication, carbohydrate intake is the only thing she can actually control. As you and I both are aware of, the typical "diabetic diet" is built on a system that uses a fairly high percentage of carbohydrates.
5314819 tn?1371280997 Neuropathy is usually a symptom of blood sugar that has been running above the normal limits. You have not had any abnormal fasting blood sugars and your one time elevated A1C could have been attributed to the after effects of surgery. A1c results after surgery can be unreliable due to blood loss, blood transfusions, and anemia. If subsequent levels have been within normal limits, then I would think it is unlikely that you are experiencing neuropathy due to diabetes.