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173119 tn?1297003336 I had the exact same thing going on with me this past October. I started feeling bad in September, and because I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant 8 years ago, I've always been concerned about getting type 2 diabetes. I have my own blood sugar monitor, so I started checking my fasting sugar & also sugar during the day. My fasting sugar was always high at 125 - 135. However, during the day my sugars were fine. Normal fasting blood sugar should be under 100.
Avatar m tn - C-peptide and Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) - if c-peptide is low and FBS is high would indicate possible lack of insulin production. Further testing for antibodies should be done (to determine type 1 or 2 diabetes). - if c-peptide is high and FBS is high would tend to indicate type 2 diabetes.
Avatar f tn i am not diabetic but for some reason, for the.oast couple weeks i have been monitoring my blood sugar and its all over the place. the highest ive noticed was 281 after a big dinner and 2 minutes later it drops down to 113. any other ones are like, 232, 158 but i dont feel anything weird in my body at all. but my blood sugar when i woke up yesterday morning was 97 that was before breakfast. pls if u know anything about this, give an advice on wut to do.
Avatar n tn The Symogi effect is the tendency of the blood sugar to rise as a result of low blood sugar. Low blood sugar can trigger release of hormones such as glucagon that raise blood sugar. The liver would normally respond to declining blood sugar by increasing glycogenolysis, as I discussed above. But insulin inhibits glycogenolysis, and as you may have observed, low blood sugar occurs most often near an insulin peak.
Avatar m tn Recently (few months back) she experienced her sugar level in around 230 (Fasting) and had to take new medicine. After that now the fasting blood sugar is somewhat OK. but the random blood sugar level still goes around 200 occasionally. The worse thing is now once in a week or two, her blood sugar level drops to around 50. When such a drop happens, she feels fainted and lot of sweat comes out. Today when we checked the sugar level it was 44 and then she took some sweets.
Avatar m tn ( Not Fasting) The next time when i was giving Blood Test i had blood sugar 95. ( not fasting) But i tested 1 time my blood sugar as fasting: The first time was 89 Right know i tested my blood sugar 2-3 hours after light meal ( vegetables) my sugar was 80. The reason why i`m checking my blood sugar is that i had a stress some period of time and after i started to feel sweaty palms and legs symptoms.
973741 tn?1342346373 I think the reason they call it -- intermittent-- fasting is that the doctor prescribes it for specific periods of time and it can be as long as 16 hours. They do that for those who have issues with things like diabetes that I mentioned to give the pancreas a rest and they see improvement in those people with the condition. Weight loss is an aside. I would use it more of the 12 hour time frame. But yes, I have heard many people in life say they don't eat after say 7 pm at night.
Avatar n tn If your dad doesn't have a meter you may either buy one of your own, else go see your dr and ask for checkup. They will likely test Hba1c (average 3 month blood sugar) and fasting blood sugar. Hope this helps. Come back and let us know.
Avatar m tn [I'm assuming fasting blood sugar] indicates prediabetes. This can be corrected with proper diabetes nutrition, maintaining proper weight and daily physical exercise. Does "pp" stand for postprandial? Without knowing when, or how the 256 mg/dl test results came about your wife should ask the next doctor, preferably an Endocrinologist - a diabetes specialist - for 1. A1c test [HgBA1c, HbA1c] - gives a more reasonable view of the glucose [blood sugar] over the past 3 months.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry that I led you astray by saying you were over the line to be diagnosed. For fasting blood sugar the standards are: Under 100-non-diabetic, 100-125 pre-diabetes and 126+ diabetes. Since your number 6.9 is equivalent to 124 (multiply by 18) you are just under the line. As your doctor will tell you it will be very important for you to change your eating patterns, exercise and lose any excess weight to slow down or prevent the progression to diabetes.
Avatar n tn Insulin does not effect blood pressure. fasting is fasting no food or drink (except water) for 6 to 8 hours sometimes MDs want to see 12 hours no food or drink except water. If correct levimir dosage is when your fasting BG is between 3.8 and 5.5 7 is too high so is 9 test before you eat dinner COUNT THE CARBS YOU WILL EAT!! take your fast insulin. eat dinner, test 2 hours after you eat your BG should be the same as before dinner.
5538989 tn?1514402053 I was off meds for a month after my the delivery of my daughter and was still so under control that my PCP decided not to refill my Rx. After 3 months of Copaxone my morning fasting sugar is still high anywhere from 120-150. They have always been in the 70's and during my pregnancy, my highest reading was 99. I feel like I'm treating the MS at the expense of something else. I have spoken with Shared Solutions who have agreed they have heard this complaint before but it's in less than 1%.
798555 tn?1292791151 They also protect every tissue in the body, including the brain. Alternatives for Lowering Blood Sugar alpha-lipoic acid is very effective in lowering blood sugar and preventing diabetic complications — especially cardiovascular and neurological problems. It also strengthens immunity, improves energy in cells, protects brain cells against excitotoxicity and removes excess iron and other toxic metals.
Avatar n tn I've never been overweighth, not a drinker, all blood stuff (other than liver) in good shape. Blood sugar just real high. Went on daily insulin ( I called my HCV diabetes 'adding insulin to injury'. Started tx and continued the insulin. After about week 12 went to the endocrine guy who said that glucose level (AIC and other related) were all in normal range and to discontinue the insulin. At the same time the 12 wk pcr came as non-detect.
Avatar n tn My 15 year old son just tested 109 on a home blood sugar test. He had not eaten for 3 hours.
Avatar n tn Yes high blood sugar can cause itchy skin at least that's what I learned from several searches! I've had itchy skin for over 2 years, not every day thank goodness, but now looking back it seems like the itching was worse when my blood sugar was high.
Avatar n tn It's really not always possible to predict what your blood sugar will do without having observed your own patterns for a period of time, but yes, for some people they are a bit higher when they first get up and it comes down a tad. All these variations are the reason why fasting blood sugar is no longer considered the test of choice for diagnosis but an A1C is, because it is an average of all the blood sugars for 3 months.
Avatar m tn When you say you have frequent urination, do you mean you urinate excessive amounts of urine each time or you just need to make frequent trips to the bathroom, maybe only urinating smaller amounts each time? Your blood sugars sound pretty good to me. Blood sugar in the 80's is perfect - so you were in the 70's and low 90's - it doesn't scream diabetes. And you said you are "somewhat thirsty". Another question: How long have you been in this country?
Avatar n tn Two days ago, after 10 days in intensive care he was moved to the regular pediatric floor however his ketones are still at 2000 and the doctors are puzzled why they keep going down then up for no apparent reason. His blood sugar levels vary (400 down to 150) based on what he eats and how much insulin he is given. Still working our the kinks in getting him stablized. Does anyone have any idea what else may be going on to cause all this?
748618 tn?1233134501 A low blood sugar when you are not on diabetes medication does not indicate diabetes. In untreated diabetes the blood sugar level is high. The cholesterol could be high due to a metabolic disorder or due to your eating habits. You need to eat a balanced diet with right proportion of all ingredients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. Also the meals need to be taken at regular intervals.
Avatar n tn i have also been diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency----and i learned that cortisol is what regulates your blood sugar. i've had my blood sugar drop on me when i went from sitting to standing off and on for years--but it hasn't been an issue in a while for me---it is a symptom of adrenal problems, though.
Avatar n tn What your brother is experiencing is called hyperglucemia, it is in fact HIGH blood sugar, not low. If he drank a bottle of water in one gulp, this is a sign of high blood sugar since he is probably very dehydrated to be able to drink it so quickly. Usually people with extremely high blood sugar become slightly delluded/lose touch with reality.
Avatar n tn I was just really surprised that it was even that high because I always thought that I typically had low blood sugar. I feel like it's just another reason to avoid sugar and other unhealthy foods - something I've been trying to do anyway - and make sure that I eat good foods often enough. But it doesn't seem like an urgent situation to me. I don't feel like it warrants more tests or my doctor would have ordered them (he's very conscientious). What do you guys think?
Avatar m tn You are prediabetic. Ideally fasting blood sugar will be in the 80s (normal range 70 - 95) If you want to try to get it lower (ideal), then you could ask your doctor about starting metformin.
Avatar f tn I was tested again after properly fasting and my numbers were still a bit high, so a statin was ordered in addition to the Tricor. I will be tested again to see what effect the combination of meds has.
Avatar n tn star queen, you really need a class in exercise physiology churchlady1, your blood sugar will vary, sometimes changing by 10-15 points, just based on normal human metabolism (stress, temperature, etc). Generally, low intensity exercise will decrease blood sugar. Higher intensity exercise (which sometimes can even be walking for some individuals who are deconditioned) can have a tendancy to increase blood sugar.
Avatar n tn So just measuring plasma sugar is all you can do while on tx. My sugar is on the high side now but not high enough to need a drug. I'm SVR. Way to go flguy. You paid the dues and I hope you get the payoff.
Avatar f tn I am unable to understand the reason behind getting fasting glucose levels at borderline that ususally comes 5.2. After breakfast it is toally controlled (<6.2-6.8) though 1h after lunch I ususally get readings <7.2-7.8. Another thing I also notice if the blood drop flows freely results are good as well as when you work little hard to get a big drop it fails with erratic and high readings.