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Avatar n tn For starters go to the Vitamin Shoppe and find a total body cleanser and detox to get rid of all the junk clogged in your liver, gallbladder, colon, kidneys, lymph channnels/nodes, etc. The folks that work there can guide you to the right product for you. (I am in no way affiliated with The Vitamin Shoppe-I am just a good customer of theirs.
Avatar n tn Not sure if I'm going to continue but I'll keep you posted. The stuff actually didnt cost that much at The Vitamin Shoppe but the 1st herbals I took did. It was 7 different products together as a wellness program. That's how I did the colon cleanse. I "do" believe that helped my other organs breathe. But.........everything in it's place and I believe it was partly that "preying" on a sick person for money. I will keep you all in my prayers and please do the same for me.
Avatar m tn You should know that the whole colon cleanse thing is controversial. BTW you mentioned you got your test results, did you get your VL tests back? I'm assuming you're non-detectible or you'd probably be freakin' out. LOL.
Avatar m tn Oxy powder is ok.We have to make effective liver flushes and colon cleanses first.For the colon cleanse you know oxy powder is ok.Liver flush is with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.Read more about liver flush.It's important.You may need digestive enzymes when you have heavy meals.Also coenzyme q10 is ok.And because I have parasites-I saw it in my stool- I'm still on a antiparasite program wormwood+clove+walnut tincture which also helps.So we need probiotics,not antibiotics.
Avatar n tn In order to achieve the best of health, it's important to find out where the imbalance lies and correct it at cellular level. I do saliva testing and hair analysis, which you can do at home, to determine all the hormone levels in the Endocrine System, find out where the imbalance is and correct it with the use of whole food supplements, herbs and bioidentical hormones. Check out my website for more information: www.****.com Yours in Health, Dr.
948349 tn?1294383837 It is working really well, but we have learned that to absorb D, you must have co-factors --- magnesium, zinc, leafy greens, and seeds or nuts (sunflower, walnuts, etc.) Also, don't take vitamin A with it! Vitamin A is said to interfere with D at the receptor sites on the cells - A wins and D doesn't get absorbed.
Avatar f tn For that reason I also introduced the Coconut now up to 5 tablespoons a day - to do a parasite cleanse and to feed the liver - I also take Colon cleanse the powder that I drink twice a day as this eliminates from your colon the parasites that have died off so that you do not feel all sick and crappy from die off symptoms - if I notice the symptoms I take a dose of Epsom salts in the evening as late as possible and then rest the following day at home - the next day I feel much better.
Avatar n tn You guys should try a gentle colon cleanse. Its worth a try, it will promote bowel movements and eventual clearing of the digestive tract, unless youre allergic to fibre, it shouldnt have any adverse affects on you. Even if it doesnt cure your problem completely, i recommend starting wiht that and im prettys ure you should see an improvement. Its all natural anyway.
Avatar f tn So the last step is the colon cleanse. There are lots of colon cleanse products out there, like MetaCleanse or Ultimate Cleanse, they clean your bowels thoroghly and make sure those little bastards don't have a hiding place in your intestines. They are made from natural ingredients and safe to use. Good luck!
Avatar n tn could you also give us the brand names for all that you've tried and it worked?
Avatar n tn Also, can we continue the cleanses (candida, heavy metal, colon cleanse during the injection phase 2 period?
Avatar n tn I take Vitamin C with Ester. I have recently started taking Resveratrol of which I bought at Walgreens. If this stuff (resveratrol) helps from everything I have read about it, I am going to go to a high grade type that does cost a bit more. Everyone should read up on it. I also will say is to let the do's know what you are taking, maybe they will get hip to this.
Avatar n tn -I went to the local Vitamin Shoppe and purchased SAMe 400 mg. It helps with mood and lessens the symptoms and make you smile a bit more and also give you a punch of sustained energy. -When you start to really feel tired, 5 hour energy. As advertised, good energy punch and no crash. -I also purchased l-Tyrosol (sp). Take one in the a.m. on a empty or semi-empty stomach. It is an amino acid that gives you a really good energy punch. Note: the loss of energy is the worst thing for me.
Avatar n tn You read my post and know I like you are still a work in progress in this atrial fib/ digestive track disorder association. I did a colon/parasite cleanse. Also did a liver/gall bladder flush. I followed this up with a continual supplentation of acidophillus liquid probiotic, mastic gum, papaya enzyme blend after meals or twice a day, lactaid enzyme when I eat dairy and beano when I eat gassy foods.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago, I purchased Olive Leaf, Probiotics (refrigerated kind), Thisilyn, Bromelain, Adrenal Caps, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Pau D'Arco and Yeast Cleanse from my local Vitamin Shoppe. I have been taking everything in 2 capsules, 3 times a day and am feeling SO much better. The olive leaf, yeast cleanse and Pau D'Arco I take 30 minutes before a meal and everything else I take with my meal. I am also getting about 20-30 minutes of sun every day to help with my Vitamin D levels.
251922 tn?1193786078 Simeons states that he recommend 125 IU as the best, stating more is not always better, so at first that was my goal, but I also could never find the correct recipe for it, he gives the recipe for 1500 for 10 days but when it comes to this stuff I am not the math wizard, and was afraid I would calculate incorrectly and screw up the cc's or IU or whatever.
Avatar n tn There is no itch or burning just this annoying pasty discharge, it doesnt smell foul, it sort of smells like salt and vinegar chips (thats the best i can associate it to) its not fishy at all, the consistency of thick white sorbolene cream almost toothpaste, it is there every day of the month even when i ovulate i dont get that thin egg white stuff anymore.
Avatar f tn Syntol can be purchased online and in select health stores like The Vitamin Shoppe). Oddly enough, the product I found to work BEST topically is a nasal wash I found at Walgreens called ALKALOL. It contains essential oils known for their antimicrobial  properties so i decided to apply it to my skin by saturating cotton rounds and applying it like you would a facial toner. This magical liquid did more for my skin in one day than the typical OTC antifungals had done in months (yes, MONTHS).
Avatar n tn B12 sublingual methlycobalimin (Jarrow brand best) Vitamin D3 Zinc Folic Acid Other basic vitamins like B1, Vitamin C My Naturopath had a special vitamin formula compounded for me that has no B6 in it. For me, this has been like miracle drink! It did take awhile to be able to tolerate it and I just slowly added more in as I felt that I could. Taking no vitamins is not a good idea. These other vitamins do not cause toxicity the way B6 can.
Avatar n tn there are many yeast cleansers at vitamin shoppe or GNC..then for topical the best relief I have found besides Ivarest Poison Ivy Max strength has antihistamines and analgesics which brought instant relief....please guys try to watch what you eat and try the diflucan if you can get it...I have been at my wits end...cant sleep...cant work,,all I want is a little relief and finally am getting it...I wish you all relief...please try this worked for me so far....
Avatar n tn Then he felt in my mouth VERY roughly, kind of quickly felt for swollen lymph nodes, although not AT ALL thoroughly. He felt my tongue, then sprayed something up my nose without even telling me what it was, it was numbing stuff so he could stick a camera up there down to my throat. He did that, said everything looked fine and that was it. He said if my doc told me I had an oral fungus, then that's what it was, period!
Avatar n tn With a pill cutter, I made a group of halves and quarters. I did a week at 7.75mg starting June 20th, a week at 5mg and now I'm doing a quarter dose at 2.25mg. The withdrawl symptoms that I've had have been very brief versions of the withdrawl I've experienced in the past when I've forgotten my dose, or forgotten to refill. I joined Weight Watchers May 23rd, at a whopping 224 and I've only lost 2.4 pounds.
Avatar n tn For the last 6 months I have been getting tearing (look like paper cuts) in my vaginal area (1/4 to 1/2 inch long). I get the tears at least once or twice a week and they last from 2-4 days, go away for a few days and then come back. They continue to occur in the same locations; 1. Inside the vaginal lips on the sides almost always in the crease (between the labia minora and majora?) 2. Between the anus and vaginal opening (perineum) 3. Above the clitoris in the "hood" area.
Avatar f tn I am also in the midst of menopause. Not sure if there is any connection ....
Avatar f tn I thought that only happened in the movies, but mine got that bad. Its a mechanical default in my case, not due to bodyweight. At best I'm 6 or 7 pounds over my ideal weight but this started being a problem ages ago when I was 10 or so pounds under my prime weight. Even moving the jaw several millimeters is apparently enough to open the airway to eliminate apnea. I did talk to a CPAP specialist and she said CPAP helps, but the surgery is the cure.