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Avatar f tn it got up and went with the benicar and other meds for b.p. its best to ask your Doctor to take you off it, asap and switch to something that isnt so harsh on you ! You might even ask the Doctor , to test you first, when taking the new medication for problems.. if he has a heart, and time the doctor should do that.. it will help you in the long run , in finding something that works good with less side effects.. but beaware ! 99.9 % of all b.p meds all have side effects ! good luck !
Avatar n tn The chest pains seemed to get worse with Metoprolol so my doc switched me to Benicar 20 mg. This didn't seem to bring the pressure down far enough so he prescribed 40mg Benicar. I saw a cardiologist and went into the hospital overnight for observation, he removed Benicar and put me on Carvedilol and after a normal stress test I was released from the hospital. A couple of days later the chest pain got worse and my PCP removed the Carvedol and put me on Benicar HCT 40 mg.
Avatar n tn The two times I took too strong a dose I felt pretty awful, but the benicar helps to regulate the herx. So, in the even this is helpful, here is where I am now: last year at this time, I spent most of my time on the sofa other than when I absolutely had to do something. Taking a walk was a dream of a past life, I coughed constantly from the sarcoid in my lungs, my crohns was major and I lived with chronic diarrhea.
Avatar n tn (BP was 160/100 and now averages 125/75) for 18 months with good results except for fatigue, some diziness and slow pulse (50) My Dr, switched me to Benicar 20mg last week and now my heart races at 120+ and my anxiety level is through the roof. Should I have weaned slowly off the Toprol or stayed on that dosage despite the side effects? EKG is fine but this feeling in chest and arms scares the daylights out of me. I am on the Atkins diet at this time because I am still 70lbs overweight.
548642 tn?1266183252 Hopefully, my body is ready to take over on it’s on. If not, I will quit them when it is. One thing is for certain, our bodies do get dependant on them. Because of the muscle pains, quitting the Lortab will just have to wait for a while. Communicate and be Honest with your Dr. and try everything in your power to complete the battle. Remember to Communicate and be Honest with your Dr.
Avatar m tn Is Benicar safe to take when renal insufficiency is expected? I am 27 with no family history related to high blood pressure. After taking some antibiotics last year I believe they caused kidney damage because I get back pain often and when I eat foods with sodium my blood pressure goes way up. Yesterday it reached about 170/100. My doctor made me do a holter for blood pressure and saw how elevated my blood pressure was when I break my low sodium diet.
1205076 tn?1310613159 Every morning when I wake up I have a feeling that I cannot take a deep breath. I have to slowly and gradually breath until I feel like I can breath again or like I can open my lungs freely. My lungs feel like they are on fire, hot and very dry. I feel better after I take a shower and can breathe in moist air. I breathe very shallow at night and I have to prop up on a lot of pillows. I wake up several times during the night and I toss and turn a lot.
Avatar f tn So I split my refill pills in half and take a half in morning and a half at night because when I take a whole one in morning it just seems to make me kinda sluggish. Anyway instead of taking one 25 mg metoporal this morning I actually was taking one abd a half. I should have been taking one metoporal and a half of benicar but it wasnt the benicar that they refilled and I didnt realize it till this morning after I took the pills. Is it ok or did I jyst take too much.
Avatar n tn Bob how high was yuor BP before yuo started mediaction? and has it came down any? lisinopril is a good med for BP and i take it to prorect my kindeys becaue i ama dibetic.
Avatar f tn Your daughter needs to find a new doctor and kick this quack to the curb! I suffered from a severe cough, had to take Nyquil to get any sleep, for almost a year. Then while at my doctors office about this, the nurse told me that it may be my blood pressure medication. I asked the doctor, he didn't think it was but did switch me, and immediately the cough was gone! My husband was so angry at this doctor for not knowing this! He was his doctor also, so we immediately switched doctors.
Avatar n tn His doctor told him if he can pass to a certain level that he would release him to dive. When he is at a full out workout the treadmill stops and says “heart rate too low, test is stopping”. His heart rate only gets to about 120 at a full blown workout (i.e. 3.9 mph at a 4% incline). For a person that has a proven form of heart disease, that works out on a consistent basis, how concerning is it not to be able to achieve 80% of the target heart rate?
179332 tn?1273250959 scared to take next one prescribed!! I've been to an Allergist this past week for skin testing... but, does anyone else suffer from BP med allergies? I get itchy all over, cheeks swell, face puffs a bit and face and neck turns bright red...Help!
Avatar m tn Armed with this information, I went back to my doctor and asked to go back to the Benicar. He did not necessarily like being backed into a corner, but let's face it, he's there to take care of me and the Benicar always worked over the past several years. You have to be strong enough to question your doctor but also understand that they have nothing to gain by making you worse off than you were, it's a little give and take I suppose.
Avatar n tn I have been on Benicar for the past year or so for minimal HBP so it is instinct for me to feel my pulse. Upon doing so i noticed the beat,beat,beat,early beat,pause,beat,beat,early,pause pattern and the "lump" coming at the beat after the pause. This threw me right away into a full panic attack, i yelled for my wife and we drove the 5 min trip to the ER in about 2 min.
Avatar n tn Dr Ramsetty, My physician and I have considered a couple of combination therapy approaches to managing my blood pressure. One has been an Arb plus a diuretic (Benicar HCTZ), the other an ARB plus a beta blocker (Benicar and Coreg). I understand the current thinking is that HCTZ can increase insulin resistance due to its impact on lowering potassium. I also understand that the Beta Blocker Coreg actually increases insulin sensitivity?
Avatar n tn My husband was recently put on Benicar HCT for his bllod pressure it was running a little high 168/94. 176/104 and so on. Now with the medicine when he takes his blood pressure it drops to 106/72, 104/76 if it is this low in the morning should he take the high blood pressure medicine.
775732 tn?1246128744 Sorry to hear you have seizures also, sometimes headaches come bofore or after those also. Glad to hear from you and always feel free to check in or ask a question!
Avatar n tn I got my HTN dx 30 years ago and I take my meds (Benicar 40 mg) religiously, at night. When I'm home on the east coast, I go to the gym 4X/week, cardio & pumping iron. In Utah I ski quite energetically and go to the gym one day a week. Can anyone here make a guess as to why this happened?
Avatar n tn I live outside of Tyler, Texas and am willing to travel wherever I need to travel to get this fixed. I Any help will be very appreciated.
Avatar m tn For the past 2 months, I have had excessive stomach bloating, almost constant, and shortness of breath. The shortness of breath is worse when I bend over or lying down. I take 2 medications, Benicar HCT 20/12 and Kapidex DR-60mg. I have been on Benicar about 6 months and Kapidex about 4 months. I have read the Benicar can cause bloating as well as other problems. I am lactose intolerant but my bloating is constant regardless of what I consume.
613569 tn?1222054392 My b/p has been within normal ranges for the past week; anything over 130/70 and I take my Benicar, which has a diuretic in it. My problem has been inability to sleep, even after I took a Lunesta. I did find that when I lay on my back I have a sensation of not being able to breath well. I have Albuterol inhaler and Advair but taking that at night is not conducive for sleep. My Husband believes I may have to get checked for sleep disorder.
159619 tn?1499916784 I do have white coat syndrome so it tends to run above 120/80 at the doctors office so he is hesitant to take me off the Benicar. My question, is it reasonable to expect to be able to get off blood pressure meds? I was told when I went on Benicar that it would most likely be for life, but I would like to cut back if possible. I have to admit I have no side effects from the Benicar, it has been a great drug for me. You thoughts?
Avatar n tn because they have to take away your clothes to place all the leads and run the catheters up I was allowed to wear socks into the cath lab. A small item for my sense of modesty. I also bought the craziest socks I could find just to cheer me up. The staff got a kick out of it too. Afterwards I wore soft boxer shorts since the incision sites will be a bit bruised and tender. So do take comfy pants to wear home, maybe boxers and sweat pants.
Avatar f tn I got my BP down today all the way to 133/99 by taking 40 mg instead of 20 mg benicar. But when I take a deep breath I have pain in my left side under my rib cage. Im worried because I have never had this kind of pain before. I cant tell if my lungs hurt or its my chest...I have fibro.. so pain in my neck and jaw are pretty normal.. no fever.. I am 28 not obese. And I puzzle docs...could this be heart disease?
Avatar n tn I went 6 months with this, during this time I developed concerns about increased insulin resistance associated with the Thiazide diueritc. My doctor allowed me to reduce it to Benicar 40/12.5, and I continued to have good results with my BP. Two months ago, we agreed to try to stop the diuretic completely, and substituted a different drug- Tekturna- along with Benicar 40. This new combination therapy does not seem to be working well enough,as my BP is now up to around 155 / 85.
Avatar n tn Hi, When you have an allergic reaction to a substance, histamine and other chemicals are released into your bloodstream, causing itching, swelling, and other symptoms. Many substances can trigger hives: Medications Shellfish, fish, nuts, eggs, milk, and other foods Pollen If you have noticed these symptoms specifically after taking a particular drug then one of them could be the cause.
Avatar f tn I want to bring this up with the Chronic Pain Specialist that I am to see the end of this month. Please my girls need their mom, and I am no use to them when I am in pain all the time. What exercise do you recommend for people in my condition? Any advise will be of a great help. Be Blessed.
Avatar m tn Since my last visit to the urologist, i was told i have prostadynia. I was told to take advil everyday. About a month ago my second symptom appeared. I have a very difficult time having and keeping an erection. I do have hypertension that has been controlled by benicar 20 mg. All of my test are clean for std's. What is causing this and how can i get my mojo back?
Avatar n tn I took the test to see if we can find a away to control my high blood pressure because I get ever increasing doses over the years even when I drop some pounds and are more active. I am maxed on most meds I take, so if we fix the apnea what is the likely hood my pressure will be better controled with lower doses of the drugs I am taking. Hydrochloridiocide Toprol 200 or 250 Tizac 420 Benicar 60 Clonidine 25 (only at night) So as you can see I am running out of options.
1090984 tn?1463773450 I have been on 10mg plus a water pill for 4 months and felt normal, now all the sudden I have this out of breath and heaviness in my chest feeling. My blod pressure did take a dip into to 97/70 but I am pretty sure that's not causing me to feel this way since it also happens when my pressure is higher. I am just getting so frustrated and tired of not feeling well and nobody has any answers!