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Avatar n tn Finally found a site with someone that can identify with my problems. I have the exact same symptoms as you. The violent sneezing episodes last all day and nothing seems to stop it. It is impossible to work or function on those days. I know people think I am "stretching" the truth when I have to call in sick to work on those days. I teach and it is impossible to be productive on a day when you can't stop sneezing.
Avatar n tn I was sick to my stomach from my face hurting. None of the nasal sprays or meds helped me. The only thing that helped is Prednisone (steroid) which they only give you for a limited time because they are dangerous and your immune system can't find colds and other things when you're on it. So I felt normal for a week or so...and now I've been off of them for a week and getting back to feeling bad and the facial pain and pressure.
Avatar f tn (close windows) I can understand better how to live but some times if i need help i use AQUEOUS NASAL SPRAY once a day, FLUTICASONEPROPIONATE 50 mcg/spray ; OR LORATADINE 10mg tablets once a day. stop when im ok. hope to help; sorry my english.
Avatar n tn Hi girls, I am a 26 yr old who is looking to get pregnant in about 4 months and i have chronic hives, ive had them for about 4 or 5 years, but they never used to bother me much because it would only be the odd two or three mosquito bite size hives, although about 18 months ago they suddenly got heaps worse, covering my upper arms, chest and face cheeks. I see an immunologist every 3 months who helped me get a combination of antihistamines that would keep the hives at bay.