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Avatar m tn Will taking FloMax (tamsulosin) for BPH limit or eliminate any IOL choices for cataract surgery? Would I be better off to just take Avodart or Proscar rather than my current prescription combination (Jalyn) of FloMax and Avodart?
Avatar m tn Urologist has over 40+ years experience. Prescribed Avodart (Dutasteride) to take for the rest of my life. Uroligist believes this will shrink the prostate and hopefully shrink and heal wherever the problem is. In his own words, “he does not know where it is coming from and is only guessing as to the solution”. I started taking the Avodart in August of 2010 and was abstaining form sex during the initial months.
Avatar m tn This can occur if a person is taking drugs used to treat BPH or other conditions like Proscar or Avodart, when a person is taking certain herbal medicines or supplements or in obesity. Men with very low PSA levels may need to be tested every two years.
Avatar m tn Upon ejaculation, I did hold my ejaculation/ Edging (the moment before you ejaculate you hold as if you're stopping your stream while urinating). Felt weird feeling but have been holding my ejaculation for months so I been use to feeling. Sat, Feb 11 Masturbated and again held my ejaculation. Couldn't hold all the way and small amount of semen came out as well as blood mixed in. Sun, Feb 12/ Feb 13 Mild UTI like irritation on tip of penis after I urinate, not during.
Avatar m tn If your aniety and depression are more rooted in chemical and neurological factors, then I think stopping your meds would be risky. In my case, I have had more Psychotherapy and Cognative therapy than anyone I know, and while I learned a lot about my past and myself, it did nothing to help the crushing symptoms of my depression and anxiety. Only meds offered that relief. You mentioned that one of the symptoms of your Depression was Vertigo?
Avatar n tn I've also been guilty of stopping an ejaculation several times before when I was younger - just didn't know the harm it could could cause down the road. I'm going to find a GI and get a prostate exam just for peace of mind. I have the insurance so I should use it for things like this and try to nip problems in the bud. WHAT is amazing and scary, is that the other major pain I've had in my life is an upward shooting pain in my left pectoral area. Started at around age 18-20.
Avatar n tn Many people swim in icy water, even in winter time, Scandinavians, Japanese, and thereby strenghten their immune system. Icy water will contract your veins and vessels, stopping short hemoragia and reparing broken vessels. It will also strenghten them for when you will have sexual intercourse again. Do it for a period of two to three weeks. As a whole, cold water will do good to your body, it will help your bodily energies and immune system focus on problem areas.
Avatar m tn During those six days i suffered with even greater frequency and urgency and urine flow being normal every time i would pee. After stopping levofloacin, i felt my symptoms getting better but again my problem still did not subside 100% . I kept my frequency of masturbation 3-4 times week and within 3 weeks of cysto , i again started to have frequent urination problem however this time with urine flow usually being normal every time i would pee .
Avatar m tn I will just bolt stright awake middle of the night absolutly sure that either i wasnt breathing, or that my heart is stopping. It makes bed time a very miserable thing. I usually have to do things right before bed to make myself exhausted enought to not care enough to worry. its almost one am for me as it is and i know im not even close to being comfortable enough to sleep. When my mom stays in the hospital because of the cancer, and i stay with her, is the only time i get a peaceful sleep.
Avatar m tn Was on meds for pain, bladder spasms and avodart for prostate. Now no blood never had stones but the pain in recurring. Some days better than others. My urologist is very nice guy, we are around the same age (39) and he said the pain may come and go for up to a year. Hang in there all. P.S. Still no answer as to what caused this issue..
Avatar n tn I have the same buzzing issue. Went to the Urologist, I have an enlarged prostate. He put me on Avodart. Go get checked out, it's a medical issue.