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Avatar n tn Help, I have had a sore throat for about 4 months now, have been to 4 doctors all thought i had allegies, gave me nasonex and allegra, nothing helped. Then, went to ENT, he told me "maybe" it was GERD becuase he saw my throat looking a little red. I took prilosec,did not help. I went back to the ENT who now said he didnt know what i could possibly have so to try a "swiss and swallow" mouth wash and then if that didnt help to take Avelox antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Hi, I performed an unprotected cunnilingus to CSW for 1-2 minutes while i have cracked lips due to accutane. 24 hours after the incident, i had a sore throat (For three days now). and then, few hours later i felt dizzy with mild high temperature that went down with paracetamol. I went to ENT doctor and he gave me Avelox (moxifloxacin). Can this be an STD? What STD should i consider testing for and when?
Avatar f tn Ciprofloxacin, Avelox, Levaquin, norefloxacin, etc) cause, instead of choosing to diagnose each symptom individually?
Avatar n tn Can anyone help me? I have been suffering with sever sore throat. They occur about once a month. Or a later. Symptons are throat ulcers, high fever, and headaches. Also stomach problems. Feels like I have no taste in my mouth. This has been happening since last september. I went to my doctor and he prescribed antibiotics to help me. They work a little, the ulcers go away but they come back a about a month later.
Avatar n tn After about 3-4 days of being together with a lady i got a throat problem, I did not have a sore throat, it was more like swelling around neck, neck glands were swollen and I had a really bad case of swollen uvula and some redness around it with some small white patches. I am typically non-drinker and do not smoke. But on holidays, I did have around 5-7 tonics each night going out.
Avatar f tn 4 days after Amoxicillin, pain came back. Started same way, sore Left side throat, red swollen gum around the tooth, hard white bump, ? Fistula - maybe a piece of bone, painful. Made appt w/ Oral Surg, Rx'd more Amoxicillin, which eventually helped swelling go down. At appt., did x-ray, not catscan. He did not see anything wrong. But, on physical exam of the wisdom tooth, thought he found crack in tooth, below gumline.
Avatar m tn It began in 1976 and re occurs every 5 to 6 years. I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out.
Avatar f tn Before having the surgery I had sore throat pain, like a dry throat in the morning on the right side, and pain in the right ear for months but ear was always clear. After this horrific surgery, the ENT said I've recoved... but I still have the throat pain and the ear still hurts. He insists there is no infection or swelling in the ear. I am beyond frustrated! I'm tired of being sick and tired, literally, and I'm sure people are tired of hearing me complain too! What could this be?
Avatar n tn It took me 3 one week antibiotics to get rid of it then two months later, i started having a pain in the center of the skull above my throat... behind my palate and having bad taste and smell coming from there.... also sore throat and ear pain... i also had a mild headache on the top of my head. I went to another doctor and she said it was sinusitis..
1330489 tn?1275245504 Hello, I am searching for help on a headache I have had for 8 months. I don't know what to do, and my ENT doesn't seem to know what either. The headache began in November 2009. I went to an ENT because I had a deviated septum which was operated on in 2004, but I thought I never really got much airflow, and I wanted to see if there was more we could do.
Avatar n tn have had ragweed allergy for years and has never done anything like this previously. from sept. thru december, i have had 2 rounds of avelox and rxs for humibid, benzonatate, iophen syrup, albuterol inhaler and then an advair diskus plus the 6 day dose pak of prednisolone steroidal for the dx of acute bronchitis/reactive airways. now i am taking advair diskus, trikof-d and hv tussive syrrup, prednisone and astelin nasal inhaler for a reactive airways/asthma.
Avatar m tn 6wks, some itching on penis glans (ignored). At 2mo, 2 days of fever sore throat(pcp gave zithro). At 3mo left testicular pain(pcp gave levoquine 10days then ok). At 5mo, both wife and I had itching and burning (tried monstat). At 6mo- burning 2cm inside urethra afr passing urine. Uro did urine culture –ve, urine NAA for NG/CT, mcoplasm/UreaPlasma and hsv, -ve. tried 1 month doxy then ok. 12mo-acute lowerback and extended to hip joint, CT done, no urinal stones, prostate normal size.
Avatar m tn I'll try to keep this short. I've had an irritated throat for the past 12 weeks. Started out as just a couple of enlarged veins at the back of my throat, then progressed to redness, and a "lump" in my throat feeling. It's hasn't really very sore, just a big annoyance. It has given me some ear discomfort, but not any swelling. Had strep throat tests 3 times during the first 4 weeks, and all came back neg. Was prescribed Amoxicillin first, then Avelox, then Omnicef with steriods.
Avatar n tn The only two people I have had intercourse with in the past year are currently HIV negative, and they both vehemently report no other possible exposures for well over 6 months.
Avatar f tn I took two Z packs and I'm 5 days into my Doxycycline and I still feel bad. I have no energy and my throat still hurts. I can't take Avelox or anything in that family because I am allergic to them. How long does it normally take to start feeling better on Doxy? Maybe I just haven't been taking it long enough? When do you think I'll start to feel normal again?
Avatar m tn I had fever, muscle ache, sore throat, stiff neck, diarrhea, loss of appetite. Then I started experiencing Post Nasal Drip. Every day, I've noticed I had mucus on the back of my throat, a nasty bitter metalic taste, dry mouth, low grade fever, when I swallowed my ears popped like pressure in my ears and some ringing noice, stuffy nose, and the worst, the back of my throat looks like is peeling or cracking and red, and one side sore throat that hurted a lot.
Avatar m tn Went to see a couple of doctors and they think it is sinus infection - so went on two anti-biotic treatments (Augmentin 10 days - which did not work, then Avelox 14 days). Just finished the Avelox course, but still having some post nasal drip and sore throat. But generally feeling better. Question: How would you assess the risk of this encounter for STD's and HIV in particular? Does female ejaculate fluid contain the HIV virus? What about other STD's?
Avatar n tn I can feel afterwards some pain in my nose and the smell remains in my head for a couple of minutes. Avelox cleared the problem up for about 2 months. It waxes and wanes, and I can't tell what triggers it. I'm at college and thanks to my insurance, have to get referrals before I can go to a local doctor. Thanks!
Avatar n tn After about 3-4 days of being together with a lady i got a throat problem, I did not have a sore throat, it was more like swelling around neck, neck glands were swollen and I had a really bad case of swollen uvula and some redness around it with some small white patches. I am typically non-drinker and do not smoke. But on holidays, I did have around 5-7 tonics each night going out.
Avatar m tn May 17th developed swollen lymph glands in neck and sore throat. Sore throat got progressively worse over the next 3 days. No fever, no headaches. 4. May 18th noticed a white spot on back-center of roof of mouth. White spot turned to a red spot the next day. Red spot continues to expand on roof of mouth. Currently the size of a dime. 5. May 21st took an HIV-1 DNA PCR. Result was negative. 6. May 23rd, went to doctor for sore throat.
Avatar n tn After about 3-4 days of being together with a lady i got a throat problem, I did not have a sore throat, it was more like swelling around neck, neck glands were swollen and I had a really bad case of swollen uvula and some redness around it with some small white patches. I am typically non-drinker and do not smoke. But on holidays, I did have around 5-7 tonics each night going out.
Avatar n tn I went to sleep early and woke up very early. I then developed a sore throat and my lymph glands were swollen. I went to the doctor and he told my to take avelox and allegra. Its been exactly a week and i cant seem to sleep. i wake up in the middle of the night. My feet stay having this cold feeling. I got tested with a rapid testing for hiv but came out negitive.
Avatar n tn 1. Few adults require tonsillectomy. Get a second opinion about the need for this procedure. This opinion should come from someone who does not have a vested interest, such as your primary doctor. Be convinced that the surgery needs to be done. 2. Risk and recovery time are more closely related to the skill and experience of the surgeon rather than the technique.
Avatar m tn The sore throat was gone but in return I felt like I was underwater. By Friday night I was in bed with mega pain I haven't felt in a long time. Finally as the pain increased, so did this constant "swooshing" in both ears, obviously fluid, and after a few hours the levy broke and the fluid started to drain from both ears. At about 6am Saturday morning my dad convinced me to go to the ER.
Avatar n tn for the last three months, throat is itchy, coughing several times a day, =but when i cough i blank out momentarily, it actually created scary situations few times when i was driving= the itching is quiet annoying on the throat near the back of the tongue, (it triggers the cough, the cough is productive), and i feel post nasal drip my chest x-ray is normal, dr.
Avatar m tn Dizziness. Blood lab. 5. April 2nd. Emergency room for dizziness, tiredness, and irritated throat. ER did strep test. neg. mono test. neg. blood lab. CT scan. neg. Chest xray. neg. 6. April 7. PP blood labs came back neg HIV, and other standard testing. Vit-D defiecient. Given perscription for it. started feeling soreness in neck, left arm above elbow, groin, and behind and slightly below right knee. Lump feeling in throat when swallowing. 7. Aprill 28.
Avatar n tn I had to take Avelox for another 10 days and my symptoms seemed to return. Again, just redness and irritation. Treated again for a yeast infection and symptoms got a little better but never went away until this week...the symptoms are a lot better but still there a little bit. I finally saw my doctor again yesterday for my yearly check up. Told her everything and she looked at what I was talking about but said it all looked normal to her.
Avatar n tn On November 27th, 2007, I came down with some sort of virus that included sinus drainage, fever and a raging bad sore throat with swollen glands in my neck. I had to take antibiotics due to a sinus infection and after that, I was sure that I came down with a yeast infection. Treated it with Monistat and got some relief but a week later, it seemed to be back. I saw a doctor who did cultures for yeast, chlamydia and gonnoreah, all of them came back negative,even the yeast.
Avatar n tn There is typically no diagnositic tests for SJS - diagnosis is typically made by looking at the characteristic lesions. If there is still confusion, a biopsy can be made. As for the bumps in your throat - there are several possibilities. Obvious tests that should be done are a Strep test and monospot test (for mononucleosis). There are a variety of viruses that present with bumps in the throat. Coxsackieviruses and echoviruses come to mind.
Avatar f tn The headaches have been for months I just thought they were migraines and my throat was sore do to the on and off sinus probs and colds. I had to get a new pcp and I can't see him till Monday and the zpac helped some but I took the last one yesterday and I am still pretty bad with my lymph nodes. I called a nurse thru my insurance and she wants me to go to a urgent care today to maybe get more antibiotics and get reevalutated but I will not go back to the ER i was seen in.