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Avatar m tn I am not sure what (clear) meant? Is the prostatitis coincidence? Given 2g of Flagyl over 2 days (4 pills each day) and 30 days of Levaquin 500 mg. Was told I probably had no std and the Flagyl would kill potential NGU / Clamydia if present and Levaquin would take care of Gonorrhea. Other risks he said were not valid with no apparent viral sores on mouth of partner. Took the Flagyl and 4 days of Levaquin and resumed contact with normal monogomous partner.
Avatar n tn when I returned I went on Avelox because I've had Prostatitis before and GP wanted to take care of it...I 've been on 2 weeks so far. I also was being put on Wellbutrin and being taken down on Paxil...when I got up to 300 of Wellbutrin after 4 weeks at 150 I began to have 3-4 nightly erections where I would get up to urinate and the erections would go away...I only remember rarely waking up with an erection?? I am going down on Wellbutrin because the nightly erections scare me...
Avatar m tn MG is only treatable (with eradication results) by Avelox (Moxifloxacin) or Arthiromyacin. It's a "no cell wall" bacterial infection and VERY difficult to catch without a DNA test with it. Most other antibiotics work by attacking the cell walls which is worse than useless against MG.
Avatar n tn At this time I would urge you not to worry further about STI and to work with your doctors to address what may be prostatitis. I hope this comment helps.
Avatar m tn penis skin discomfort and sensitivity, back pain, urgency to urinate but no testicle pain anymore, and after he examined all the evidence he diagnosed me with chronic prostatitis! It seemed that the unknown bacteria could find his way up to my prostate gland ! 4.
Avatar m tn I was then in port, got a digital rectal exam, (very painful) and was prescribed Avelox. I took it for 35 days, and things were well, more or less. Back in port, went to resupply on avelox, they didnt have it, doc put me on cipro/trinidazole combo. Now a week later and the pain is back in my urethra. Could this be episodes of Herpetic urethritis? I think the avelox worked, but perhaps it was just a good month?
Avatar m tn After this course of treatment, I was diagnosed with mild pneumonia, a urinalysis was negative and prescribed Avelox and flomax. Over the next week my pneumonia got better, but my prostate felt the same. My dr. then prescribed cipro for one month. I'm on the third week, I feel better if I don't sit for long periods or run around to much, but am paranoid of passing anything on to my wife.
Avatar n tn I took them but the itching and hair pulling sensations persisted. On March 17, he prescribed Avelox 400 mg to taken 1x/day for five days. It was ineffective as to these symptoms. It would seem that the antibiotics have killed off any bacterial diseases, and based on the lack of visual manifestations of the itching on my skin, I wonder if I don't have a fungal infection.
Avatar m tn I have had a good amount of tendon pain mostly in left achilles and in tendons on top and bottom of arch of foot as well as some heel and knee pain. Again, like I said primarily left side. The achilles pain has subsided some, most of the pain and discomfort now is in the foot. I have taken quinolones a few times in the past (Cipro) with either no pain or some pain that subsided quickly at or shortly after end of course (same with left leg/foot, I think).
Avatar n tn About a week ago, I started experiencing some occassional stinging / burning in my urethra, itching on anus, and pain/tenderness in the epididymis. It's possible that I was exposed to both gon. and chl. during an anonymous sexual encounter that I had. This was exclusively oral sex involving mouth, penis, and anus. No discharge, rashes, or sores that I can discern. I have been diagnosed in the past with chronic prostatitis, for which antibiotics sometimes help.
Avatar n tn I went back to the doctor, he gave me pain killers (Vicodin), and more antibiotics. Apparently, somehow I had gotten prostatitis. Some kind of infection in my prostate. They gave me 4 more weeks worth of doxy, which should have gotten rid of it, but it didn't, then four weeks of gatofloxacin, and there was some other antibiotic tossed in there somewhere that I don't remember the name of.
Avatar m tn having had prostatitis in the past I recognized these symptoms as prostatitis. I when to my dr and he did a urinalysis, and found no 'pus' his words, I assumed that meant no white blood cells indicating infection. He then prescribed ,4 flomax for 2 weeks. All the flomax did was make me almost pass out and dizzy. My symptoms continued to worsen. I then asked for a course of antibiotics. He gave me 1 month of Cipro.
Avatar f tn I have been on avelox for 5 days now it still burns when i pee, the tip of the penis is swollen and the hole is red and swollen. 2 days ago i went to the urgent care and got tested for my urine sample and that showed up clear and I called today and they stated the std of gon. and chlymadia were negative. He did give me 1 g zithromax which I took yesterday.
Avatar m tn From that point she got better with exception of 2 yeast infections which she insists are normal and she does have frequently... and I did not...which leads me to the prostatitis again. But the timing of the prostatitis really has be snagged. On a side note...I have never had burning during urination except for after the urethral swab...ouch.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Chlamydia in April, was given Azythromycin and after a few days things felt clear. A month later i had similar symptoms, went back, tested negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea. I was given a 10 day course of Doxycycline. still had symptoms after this so more doxy, metrodinazole was given. no true relief. I then went on avelox which seemed to help but my persciption ran out as I am at sea.
Avatar m tn I have had a good amount of tendon pain mostly in left achilles and in tendons on top and bottom of arch of foot as well as some heel and knee pain. Again, like I said primarily left side. The achilles pain has subsided some, most of the pain and discomfort now is in the foot. I have taken quinolones a few times in the past (Cipro) with either no pain or some pain that subsided quickly at or shortly after end of course (same with left leg/foot, I think).
Avatar n tn 1) Prostatitis has NOTHING to do with HIV 2) Are you sure you have bacterial prostatitis? Did they find Steph in your prostate again? 3) Nonbacterial prostatitis is hard to treat. Trust me, I still have it. 4) Were you ever infected with gonorrhea or chlamydia? 5) People have had prostatitis even thought they've never had sex. It's common.
Avatar n tn Unprotected oral sex for 10-20s with female before I caught myself and put a condom on. d 2 - redness around urethra and tip of penis, with slight burning on urination, small red spots 1-2 mm around urethra) d 5 - burning and pain along urethra to anal area, and painful and tender testicles ( no swollen lymphnodes, no fever, no vesicles or discharge d 8 - Negative test for clamydia and gonorhea at walk-in clinic, Doxycyline 7d Cipro 7d no change d 22 - IgM and IGG's through localstd.
Avatar m tn the first episode, before any treatment) is virtually always sexually acquired, the genesis of recurrnent or long-persisting NGU is not well understood. Some cases may be inflammation without infection. Also, there is overlap between NGU and prostatitis -- and this may still be primarily a prostate problem, entirely unrelated to STD. Your doctors are following the standard approach, i.e. re-treat with doxycycline, especially some time has passed since your previous episode (e.g.
Avatar n tn You also will see that CPPS and chronic, non-infectious prostatitis are closely related and often may be one in the same. Probably no ongoing infection explains your current symptoms. Persistent or recurrent NGU, nonbacterial prostatitis, and CPPS may be due to continuing non-infectious inflammation, without active infection. Although sometimes prolonged courses (e.g. 6 weeks) of antibiotics are tried, they usually make no difference.
Avatar m tn However, I would caution you against Avelox and use only as a last resort and you have confirmation that you're M Gen positive. It has nasty side effects. I'm sure the doc will have more insightful comments.
Avatar m tn Burning in urethra, clear discharge from penis, lower back and abdomen pain intermittently, my scrotum feels really warm and sweaty, my rectum every now and again will feel wet and a sweaty even when I'm standing around not doing anything, sometimes my scrotum feels like its being lightly pinched. These symptoms aren't always present at the same time. Nor do I always have these symptoms.
140029 tn?1393301742 Constant nausea, upper left flank pain (front and back wrapping around), vertical pain up and down my front and back near left center (uretur?) and pain on my left side of pelvic region which is probably from the prostate which is sometimes in the back. Pain on my left side affects my sleep, and i'm very tired 24/7 and get the chills easy. I've noticed if I drink soda it irritates the prostate (which I avoid now).
Avatar m tn Irrespective, you now have been treated repeatedly with antibiotics without any change in symptoms, making STDs and prostatitis still less likely (prostatitis might not be cured by the therapy you have had but it would have gotten better). Concerns about Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma genitalium are probably misplaced as well.
Avatar m tn He did the ole finger check and almost hit the floor and wanted to cry like little GURLLL! Dr. said acute prostatitis. Still going to get rechecked in a few weeks for all standard STD's and stay on Doxy and Cipro for a month. Thanks for your help Dr. Hook. I think we've found our culprit.
Avatar m tn Dr, I am wondering at what stage NSU is no longer a risk. I ask because I have recurring NSU for a number of yrs. My GUM clinic has reassured me there is no reason to be concerned at this stage. I attended them numerous occasions. Some times there has >5 WBCs, on other occasions there was no NSU (i.e. <5 WBCs). No Gon or Chl found in any tests. In summary: 1st visit: NSU - Took 1g zithromax - wasn't called back.
Avatar m tn and wk after BactrimDS finished, upon my req urologist took a swab and tested for herpes2 and urine for GC, Mplasma and Uplasma from urine that was emptied 1hr before and results are neg. and no medicine advised. Burning continued for around 2 months and at 8.5mon started feeling pain in urethra tip and mild occasional itch and urologist gave 2 wks of Doxycyclin100mg x2 for 3 weeks and Repaflo once a day.
Avatar m tn A zpack and 2 weeks doxy cleared up the discharge but had urethral opening redness (a small halo around the top of my urethral opening) and sensitivity around the head of my penis whenever it rubbed my underwear. Also, my glans was wrinkly and splottchy looking (small white discolorations, not sores/lesions). Was then given rocephin shot, 2 more weeks doxy and 1week flagyl.
Avatar m tn Seems to me it would be worth it to fly over for a week and take advantage of their socialized medicine to get a prescription, and check out the Mona Lisa and the Eiffel Tower while you are there. I have searched online and can't really find too much specific to M. Genitalium.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms fit exactly with an intoxication by a quinolone antibiotic, like cipro, levaquin, avelox and others. But could be something else obviously. First of all you should check what antibiotics did you take, and then set a diagnosing procedure. An extremely high percentage of people that take quinolones develop reactions due to their toxicity, not due to personal conditions. Nearly all reactions have their onset days to months after completing the treatment.