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Avatar f tn Help...had major toothache 10 days ago..x-ray revealed minor decay. Dentist said it should not have caused major tooth ache but set aug 2 for repair. woke up monday 6/25 with gum below tooth swollen..called dentist. I apparently had told them funny reaction to amoxicillian but could take they ordered augmentin.(I should write 72 memory loss) One Augmentin pill & I threw up for 12 hours finishing at 3 AM this morning! Suppositories Fam Dr called in helped...
Avatar n tn I have a prescription for augmentin xr that I have not yet begun, but don't know if that is appropriate for a tooth infection? I also now have a strange itching on lower arms and all along my jaw line that is spreading each day. Not red, except when I itch. More like a goosebump feeling that doesn't go away. Is that possibly from the tooth problem? Afraid my doc is tired of me calling...and there solution seems to be to just prescribe stronger antibiotics each time which I oppose.
1099361 tn?1258665857 its only $4 generic RX for that and it will help alot as its the infection that causes the pain). good luck and dont dawdle around with it cuz tooth pain can get VERRRRRRRRRRRRY BAD quickly, trust me i know!!! This last round has had me in agony for days and nights on end with virtually no sleep as it throbs all the way up behind my right eye and up into the right half of my skull. feels like my head is splitting in half from it! it suckkks! good luck to you.
Avatar n tn Now today it feels as if the infection is coming back my tooth hurting and I have a fever again. What do you recommend?
Avatar f tn I have already been thru panic mode once and I am still scared because of all the antibiotics I have been given and I still feel like I have an infection and do not want to take more antibiotics and I am scared I am already resistant. Please advise....
Avatar f tn Tonight is the first time in almost one month that the tooth has quieted down. I was on levaquin and then Augmentin and no help. Amoxicillan 500 seems to be doing soemthing. I am glad to learn how improtant ^7 is. Thank You for the link. I am going there now. I need to talk with your father. This is my 5th implant. Hubby says no more. Thank you so much.
Avatar m tn I had 2 doses of augmentin yesterday to help clear the infection. And the soft tissue of the gum that was really swollen has seemed like it went down a little.
Avatar n tn The pain was better but si ce 2 days i have severe pain radiating to jaw, in front of ear and temporal fossa.i have to take lots of pain killers and i am also taking Augmentin and flagyl. Is it normal or i am developing trigeminal neuralgia? PLEASE HELP.
Avatar f tn I've been struggling a chronic infection for the last 5 months as result of a failed root canal (the infected root wasn't completely removed in the original procedure, and caused a MAJOR infection). Because it was not properly diagnosed, I now have a bit of bone infection under that tooth. Luckily, I've found the right oral surgeon (who showed me the problem on xray) and am having the tooth removed next week, and he is going to clean out the area underneath.
Avatar f tn A month ago we went in and the dentist did a whole new filling, after the procedure he warned me that baby teeth can be funny and to watch the tooth because he get very close to the nerves. Sure enough later that day my son is in agony over the tooth. The dentist gave us a prescription for amox and said that he would now need to do a root canal (pulpatomy ?sp?). So on thursday we went to the dentist to have this procedure done. Several things went awry!
Avatar f tn I made a dentist appt for the next day. That led me to an oral surgeon two days later and I had that tooth and two upper wisdom teeth removed~! The oral surgeon said he cleaned out the abcess and stitched it up, and put me on penicillin. So, here I am 4 days after the oral surgery and these headaches are still as prevalent as day one! Could this indeed be a sinus infection caused by the abcess? Could I have ruptured a sinus during that coughing spell?
Avatar f tn If I were your treating dentist, I would look for other potential source of infection. In the mean time, if augmentin and clindamycin are not effective, I would try erythromycin family drug, such as azithromycin or clarithromycin , paired with metronidazole(flagyl). If itis possible, antibiotic sensitivity test can be done in the lab to determine which antibiotic is most effective for the cultured bacteria. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn it didnt clear it up swelling went down fever went away but it didnt 100% clear it up the Dentist said to take him to the pediatrician that he was having too big of an infection and wanted to know if he had immune system problems.No he doesnt but I took him & she started him on augmentin he had an allergic reaction and had to be switched to omnicef and has just finished 10 days of that.
Avatar n tn Yesterday morning I finished a 10-day dose of clindamycin for a tooth infection and that seems to have done the trick. I had used Zithromax for 5 days a month ago for a sore throat but that didn't affect the dizziness. The allergist's interpretation for this is that either Zithromax was not the right type of antibiotic or the 5-day treatment was not enough. Depending on the result of the CT scan, I might have to continue taking antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I was at work on Saturday night and a customer worked in Dentistry- he told me I needed a course of Augmentin 875 for 10 days. I went to a Pharmacy and explained the situation and they sold me the course. I started on Saturday Night and today (Monday) i've woken up with the swelling right up to under my eye. Am I expecting the antibiotics to work too fast and will it go away over the ten days? I feel fine otherwise- just very concerned and a little scared...
Avatar f tn It was an osteomyelitis he said, and said he felt even better about removing that tooth. Now that both sources of infection have been removed, all doctors involved think I have a real chance finally with the antibiotics. But finding the right antibiotics that 1, treat the infection and 2, I don't have a bad reaction to has been difficult. I've tried Augmentin twice now and both times swelled up really bad all over, and my usually normal blood pressure (130) went up to 185.
Avatar n tn I have suffered with anxiety also over the fear of death, and today this chest pressure and tight feeling in my throat and shoulders could come from anxiety, but it truly feels like I will stop breathing at any minute and this is awful. I chew lots of gum due to my breath sometimes being bad and am worried this has spread infection through my whole body.
Avatar n tn There is no relation between the sinus and a lower tooth. It is possible that there is an infection that has not cleared up and the antibiotics that your MD gave you has helped the tooth.
Avatar n tn since this has started also got ibs ,urine infection,tooth infection ,sinus promlems .of to see a immune doctor in a month .
Avatar m tn If you have a fever you may be getting the dizziness and tiredness from that and/or fighting off the infection and/or from the antibiotics. Some species of E. coli and E. faecalis can be resistant too but usually they can find antibiotics to treat both of these at this point. I can't answer the question about what is the risk of not getting treatment as I don't know if you have a wound or urinary tract infection or if it is just found on the surface of the penis.
Avatar n tn I am in horrible pain ~ My question is should I try to get an emergency extraction of the tooth that is black and hurting? Can the tooth be the cause of the ear infection? Please help, any advice is GREATLY appreciated...I am scheduled for the root-canal re-do in 6 days but I don't think I can make it.
Avatar f tn I am in the midst of phase I of a reconstruction of my teeth due to bruxism and/or TMJ. After the 4 hr. appt to prepare my upper teeth for the impressions, my dentist decided to fix a problematic tooth not specified in the phase I project. He found I needed a root canal, which he did. During the procedure, he said my "devital" tooth had abscessed and he worked on that.
Avatar n tn I have taken all the antibiotics and still have the cut (a little infected) and the teeth sensitivity and still the sinus infection. But now I have cloudy urine and have been having night sweats and a pain in my right side just under my ribs. Not sure if any of these symptoms go together or if I have separate things going on. Do I need stronger antibiotics, wait and see or what? Any suggestions????
Avatar f tn Called Oral Surg -said it sounds like throat and tooth infection are 2 seperate issues - but I do not think so - I do not have any cold symp, only the Left Side throat is sore, within inch of infected gum. Rx'd Augmentin & Diflucan. Today is 3rd day on Augmentin, starting to work - still sore, red.
Avatar f tn An initial root canal had been too shallow, had left some of the infected root in the tooth, and allowed the infection to progress into a nearby tooth, into my jaw, and all over my head. I became extremely ill for months (bedridden with the most severe flu-like illness). Both affected teeth have now been removed - under one the oral surgeon found a bone infection, he said the bone was mushy and he had to remove some of it.
Avatar f tn It wasn't until my PCP took a culture from one of my sores that it was determined to be gram positive bacilli (nasty bacterial infection). I was prescribed Augmentin and it was gone after a few days when it had been around for almost 2 weeks. I was in agonizing pain & couldn't wear underwear. The sores spread to my rectal area and up both sides of my labia. If you don't kill the infection, it could cause blood sepsis & you can get real sick & possibly die.
Avatar n tn It's getting unbearable, and i've called my oral surgeon only to be told that i probably just have a sinus infection and to use a nasal spray. This seems to have only made things worse and the smell has become stronger. I had never had anything remotely like this until after the teeth extraction, so i am thinking they're related. Please help me out, I work in a sales environment and this stink is putting both the customers and co-workers off.
Avatar m tn 1. May 10: Penicillin VK 500mg tab (6 days) and Metronidazole 250mg tab (7 days) 4x per day for both 2. Jun 6: Amoxicillin 500mg; 4 tablets immediately then 1 pill 3x per day (2 weeks) 3. Jun 21: Augmentin 875mg + 125mg additives, 2x per day (3 weeks) 4. Sep 16: Clindamycin 300 mg, 3x per day (16 days) I am concerned by the number and duration of these antibiotics courses. I was on 5 weeks of continuous antibiotics in June/July.
Avatar f tn My sinuses seem to always feel congested when sitting or lying down followed (Sometimes) by sneezing and my eyes watering. And when I stand up after sitting for a while and most importantly during cardio exercises (whether outside or indoors but worse in the cold) though my nose runs a lot and sometimes I have "sneezing fits". All mucus is always clear though (no blood either) Tried: decongestants, cold pills, prescription Augmentin 875mg tab, prescription flonase 0.