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246236 tn?1275482502 But I was fighting the fog for a year and a half before the Aricept, and it took five months on Aricept to clear out the fog. We really need some clear research on cognitive problems and Aricept with MS. We don't have a good large study to point to, so all this evidence is unfortunately anecdotal.
Avatar m tn ARICEPT (donepezil hydrochloride) is mainly indicated for Alzheimer type mild, moderate, and severe dementia. It actually is not the drug of choice in TBI, but may ne given for specific cases under a neurologist's guidance, and at his discretion. Take care!
Avatar m tn Better half has type 2 diabetes, episodes of hypogylcemia and moderate dementia which is advancing with age. He tried Aricept for approx a year with no significant improvement.
Avatar n tn She has been in the health center now for 2 weeks - on 100 mg of zoloft, aricept, namenda, seraquil and can't walk, is more confused and very irritable to others. Not her normal personality. Her neurologist has just taken her off zoloft, aricept and namenda and increased her seraquil to 25 mg 3 times a day (was 25 mg once a day at night). I am hoping I am doing the right thing for her.
Avatar n tn 4 months ago, my mother's symptoms of forgetfulness had become so extreme that we scheduled a neurologist appointment for her. She has a family history of severe dementia (technically not Alzheimers). After running MRI's, doing memory tests and running other diagnistic procedures, her neurologist officially diagnised her with "Mild Cognitive Impairment.
Avatar n tn The general treatment approach to dementia is to provide supportive medical care(proper nutrition, exercise and supervision of daily activity), medications for specific symptoms, and emotional support for patients and their families. Dementia usually progresses slowly, or may improve if causes such as hydrocephalus, thyroid deficiency, or vitamin B12 deficiency are treated early. There are now medications such as Aricept that will help improve cognitive loss, especially in Alzheimer's Disease.
Avatar n tn Any conditions with low oxygen as a component Cerebrolysin can be used either for acute stroke or later for rehabilitation. When used for dementia/Alzheimer’s, it is able to stop the progression of the disease and also improve the current symptoms. Cerebrolysin is given via intravenous infusion, unless a very small dose is used. It is administered one time per day, five times per week, for a total of 20 treatments.
Avatar n tn It is used for treatment of Alzheimer’s, but is helpful for short term memory loss. Aricept is a drug of choice to treat Alzheimer's, but its use is not restricted. It has been observed that Aricept improves cognition and function, which includes effects on memory and performing everyday tasks, hence it would have been prescribed. The effect of memory is exerted through one such chemical called acetylcholine. This chemical helps carry messages from nerve cell to nerve cell in the brain.
Avatar n tn My Mom is 92 years old. Has been living on her own in Elderly housing for 20 years. Her dementia consisted of repeating and repeating, forgetting who visited, etc. but went throughout her normal activities w/some services very well and very happiy. Always knew us but was starting to forget other people but after prompting she would be ok. 3 weeks ago she developed a very severe resistant UTI and then got c-dift (not sure how to spell that). Anyway ended up dilusional, confused, etc.
Avatar n tn Since then we have found that Risperdal caused severe side effects before reaching a therapeutic (working) dose, and Zyprexa, the second med used in an attempt to deal with delusions and hallucinations, is not working yet (we are at 6.25 mg/day at this time). Because of the sensitivity to the anti psychotics (although we need to give the Zyprexa more time), the psychs are wondering whether my wife does not have some other sort of dementia, and the name Lewy Bodies was mentioned.
Avatar n tn It is estimated about 5 years (mean estimate) of life expectency after the onset of Alzheimer, a little longer with medication (aricept). For your mother, the danger of faster than a hopeful, slow progression from an end stage of life would be the unwillingness to take medication to lower the blood pressure.
Avatar n tn Dear Dlux1, Thank you for submitting your question. I will answer your concerns to the best of my abilities, but please be informed that I am unable to offer a diagnosis based on your history and list of symptoms. I am extremely limited in not having the opportunity to perform a full neurologic examination on you, nor am I able to review the pertinent imaging. This is solely for educational purposes and should in no way be a substitute for a formal evaluation by a certified physician.
Avatar n tn The most common is Alzheimer type dementia, but others including fronto-temporal dementia, Creutzfeld Jacob Disease (CJD), lewy body dementia etc can be tested for. A PET scan can show regions of the brain that are not metabolizing as well and is often used to differentiate alzhiemers from fronto-temporal dementia.
Avatar n tn What my medical records say now is that i have Presenile Dementia from Encephalopathy. I've been seeing a neurologist at a hospital for 8 years now who has helped me with some staying awake (out of bed) and some thinking problems. He has not focused on some of the other problems which effect my 24/7. Some of which are maddening. I take Aricept, Provigil, Bupropion, and some other medications. Basically, I take stimulants.
Avatar m tn I gave up taking treatment for depression before Christmas and was put on Aricept. I am told that I have the early sighs of dementia. I seen a neurologist in the summer and was told that the X ray that I had taken some 12 years ago showed some cerebral atrophy. This surprised me as I was told that everything was normal. I then had a MRI and EEG test done. The EEG was OK however the MRI scan showed that I had mini strokes.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry for the length of this letter. Thank you for your taking the time to read it. I am a 35 y.o. female who was diagnosed with RLS/PLM 5 years ago. My neurologist has pulled in a variety of consultants who have characterized my case as "severe and treatment refractory". On my last sleep study(fully medicated with Mirapex, Tegretol, Trazadone) I had over 300 PLM's largely accompanied by arousals.
Avatar f tn I can't imagine how she wouldn't be confused given her electrolyte status and I've been told that a severe UTI in the elderly also has that effect. It troubles me that she seems to be being treated for dementia when, as a family member, it seems more to me like depression or some sort of grief reaction that she isn't recognizing.
Avatar f tn The Nephrologist (of all people) looked at my eyes recently and said I still have extensive peripheral vision loss in both eyes after I explianed the AF dx. The only medication I take is Atenolol (mitral valve sclerosis,etc. Rx) and Aricept (dementia Rx). The doctors will not give me steroids because of the CNS version of Lupus and my autoimmune system is shot (I have tendendencies towards rare severe drug resistant infections).
Avatar f tn In April he had an MRI and went to see a Nuerologist, who put him on Aricept as a precaution, and starting running tests for Alzhiemer. He also went back to the NeuroPsyc for a second evalution which showed his memory had improved but his cognition was only at 30% now. Since then we have had a PET Scan which showed syptoms of Early Onset Alzhiemers. He lost 30 lbs. on the Aricept with no change in his mental state. He is having severe headaches, hand tremors.
Avatar f tn If someone used to ask me to bring my maths copy in the school the next day, I used to forget for many days unless I wrote it on my hand or something like that. 2. If someone tells me to bring something back while driving home, I forget, no matter how imporant that is. 3. I forget to take my important documents with me if I am going to apply for anything like visa, job or important things like that. 4. I forget to take my clinic keys if they are in a separate keyring other than the car keys'.
279234 tn?1363108849 Let peope/docs if you can know how successful Aricept may be for ms patients. I know only a few small studies have been done to date and other docs don't seem infromed of this. I feel like I have been give a whole new brain. I was functioning like someone much older with dementia would except that at my age, no one got it.
228463 tn?1216765121 This may be some of the disruption a person with Alzheimer's must feel, in the beginning of their disease process. (My father has Alzheimer's and has such severe dementia now, he doesn't remember that he doesn't remember...seriously) I wish I could reach out through the computer and give you a big hug and tell you that I feel what you are feeling and have been where you are. It's an awful feeling, isn't it? Just awful. You have friends here, that you see, totally understand Kristin.
147426 tn?1317269232 I lost my Father in law (who was like a father to me) and my step brother in an 12 month period of time. During that 12 month period of time, we cared for my mother who had Lewy Body Dementia 24/7, and she died 11 months after Dad. I have a daughter with Bi Polar disorder and she has a child who is Austic. My point- you can have terrible things happen in life, but you press on, one foot in front of the other.