Are concerta and ritalin the same thing

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Avatar f tn I've been on methylphenidate for about three years. (I take the brand Ritalin, but I'm pretty sure Ritalin and Concerta are about the same thing.) I started off on 5 mg, three times a day (of the non extended release) and I got a lot of benefit from it. It helped a lot with my sleepiness, although it did tend to make me sleepier in the evenings (once it'd worn off), and then sometimes there would be days where it just wouldn't help at all. But overall, it helped.
Avatar f tn com/concerta-getting-the-right-dose/#b6e48 Just keep in mind that all kids are different and react differently, so one person's experiences may not be the same as the next. Please feel free to post if you have any more questions.
Avatar n tn Can i ask what would the standard procedure be for a child like my son in the states? We are in the UK and some of the approaches here are different to the states. Also may i add that his dr and nis neuroligist did note that if he had ANY seizures on the Concerta he would have to come off it. Also why do children present with "tics", is this common with Autistic spectrum disorders?
Avatar n tn Concerta is methylphenidate, the same thing as Ritalin, except in a long-lasting 12hr capsule. Methylphenidate is a mild stimulant, stronger than caffeine but not so strong as amphetemines. It works by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter - ergo the pill works by letting the brain signals work faster and more efficiently. "Misfires" and "Clutter-thoughts" are negated.
1523516 tn?1330047857 Ask your doc about upping the Ritalin slightly or trying the related alternatives, Concerta (a slow-release form of Ritalin) or Adderall. These are both amphetamine-type drugs, like Ritalin. Or ask him to try some other drug for fatigue. Keep at it til you find something that works, and good luck! Nancy (P.S. I don't have MS per the doctors, but I still have a lot of symptoms and no diagnosis of anything else.
Avatar f tn There are many others who are looking for the same thing(coupon for a better price) and there just is not one right now. You can contact Concerta on their website and ask them if they will have any coupons for that dosage at another time.
Avatar n tn Oh, the Concerta/Ritalin products are normally used for ADD, and the Adderall/Vyvannse products are normally used for ADHD. Hope this helps. Please do let me know if it is a overdose of Concerta, it helps me - help others.
Avatar f tn Both my 7 year old and 10 year old daughters are on concerta. I like it. It is a gradual release form of ritalin and doesnt turn them into zombies. We make sure they have it every morning because if my 7 year old misses a day the first day back on it she doesnt eat hardly at all. But now that they have both been on it for some time they both eat regularly and are doing well. Their appetites are still a little bit curbed but at least they eat enough to be healthy and stay alive.
Avatar n tn I am an ADD patient myself and have used concerta and ritalin in small doses. I have had the same effects as you describe about your son. These strange fits were very rare to me, but I sometimes wrote down what I felt like at that moment. It really helped me to analyse at a later time what had been going on, since my mind didn't really function at the moment that I was feeling so strange.
Avatar n tn Hi justin, I've been on concerta for about 3 years now and my dr recently perscribe me with 5mg of ritalin. I take 2 18mg of concerta a day and 1-2 mg in the evening if I need an extra boost to do my hw. Ur story sound almost identical to what happened to me this past november. I took my 18mg like I usually do in the morning. that evening I planned to go to a friends house to get some hw done. Around 5pm I took 4 5mg of my ritlin. Big mistake.
Avatar m tn I've been prescribed 90mg of Adderall a day, Concerta 54mg (2 in AM and 2 after lunch), now Ritalin SR 20mg and take 2 tablets 3 times a day. And, I am addicted. I take 400 to 500mg of Ritalin a day and start having anxiety and panic attacks days before I run out, because I know how difficult the withdrawals are from not taking it. I've been to an addiction rehab center for it and spent 30 days there.
Avatar n tn I had to go through several doctors before I found one that would prescribe the Ritalin (a friend of a friend thing). I had the same problem in the beginning with doctors. No one could or would right the prescription. Perhaps find medical articles on the Internet concerning Ritalin and show it to your doctor. When I did that however, certain doctors became distaint. I assume it was because they felt I was learning too much. Never give up.
Avatar f tn My son has tried Ritalin, Dexodrine and Concerta. All have made him tic, but the concerta tics seem to last longer. He has been off for two weeks and although the neck jutting out has stopped, the clearing of the throat has not. I have removed him off all medication and am convinced the pros of the medicine DOES NOT out weigh the cons. Be careful parents! Make sure you do your research before placing your children on medication.
Avatar f tn I can see being on V and perhaps adderall in the late after noon. Or concerta and ritalin in the late afternoon. Since the Concerta/ritalin are the same type of meds. Same thing for Vyvannse and Adderall. Point being, why was the V not working for you? What symptoms did you have. I would think that the two could have been over dosing you. Did you ever try just V alone?
172715 tn?1285498090 I noticed that after I took my ritalin in the morning I had a spring to my step and felt the light at the end of the tunnel. I now take a ritalin in the evening as well and I've noticed a HUGE difference!!
334998 tn?1197948353 I take 150mg of Wellbutrin and 20mg of Ritalin first thing in the morning. Then around 1 or 2, I take the same thing over again. This lasts me the whole day. By the time it wears off in the evening, I sleep like a baby. BUT, if I take the second dosage much later than 3 or 4, I won't be going to bed till midnight or 1 easily. Ritalin wears off real quickly and my body crashes fast. That's why the Wellbutrin works great with it.
Avatar n tn But not only a week after he started his medication, they changed their snack to where they provide it for them and we dont send it in daily, we just have to send in one bulk thing like once a week or two, and they make the snack for them, and all the kids in his class, which are only six, but they are all expected to eat the same thing. Now me and his psychologist think that could cause his problems in school, because his blood sugar is low and he isnt getting the what he needs.
598237 tn?1225647072 No there are others , Adderall and Dexadrine are the amphetamine containing Drugs used for ADHD and the methylphenidates, such as Concerta and Ritalin. 2 years ago the FDA put a strong warning on the Lables of these Drugs , many experts say it is not strong enough. Concerns are aggressive and Hostile behavior and vision problems and seizures. and it is recommendedthat all children taking them should be monitored regularly ..
Avatar n tn I'm 42 and have just started taking adderall. I will happily trade some creativity for the **** in my life. Just try and remember you thought creatively for years. I really don't know if that has decreased considerably yet in me because I have only been taking the drug a couple weeks. I do know that the lack of focus for so many years had caused many struggles I would rather not have had.
Avatar n tn I am on concerta/ritalin as I have adult ADHD, I have stopped taking the pill and this seems to have made no difference. I am 42 and not peri-menopausal. This has been going on for about 8 months...any ideas, as I don't seem to be able to predict them either!
Avatar f tn Ritalin and Adderall are basically the same, one just stays in the bloodstream longer than the other. I only say this because my son had tried both, and there was no difference in the side effects, but everyone is different.
Avatar n tn Every one learns different and just because some don't learn the same doesn't mean they have ADD or ADHD.And some things look like ADD AND ADHD but really are other things. To me not worth losing your health and the side effects of these drugs. Know one has ever died from having ADD or ADHD. But they have died after using these drugs or have come up with other health problems after taken these drugs.
Avatar n tn you obviously don't have any kids because if you did you would want what is best for them, sometimes parents have to outway the benefit to the rist of use...and the benefits are numerous....yes there are side effects but there are also side effects with all medications you have to find the right one that shouldn't tell people what to do you are not living their lives and do not know the whole story!!
Avatar f tn He has also started having some vocal tics it is more like a grunting noise or like he is clearing his throat and he has started repeating words sometimes he says the same word like 5 times and he gets very frustrated when he does it and starts to cry just the other day he said he wanted to ride in his grandmas truck truck truck truck truck and he just put his head down and cried and said truck one more time it just makes me cry to know how frustrated he is.
Avatar n tn I get distracted easily so I can't quite finish what I'm reading and just move on. I have to read the same thing two or three times to get the meaning of it. I've tried having it read to me and tried other electronic equipment like scanning the book into the computer so the computer can read it to me but it hasn't worked. I use to love reading up until I started doing the high indexing to my glasses.
Avatar f tn However you will still get the same effect from the Ritalin just not in the same form or as easily from the other ones. If you ask your Psychiatrist for more information of the difference between the two, they may be able to explain it better then we can. I wish you the best of luck in finding a medication that works the best for you.
329950 tn?1194801117 In correct dosage Ritalin affects everyone the same, the dose that works for one person is not the dose for another in all cases, this is why Ritalin is a street drug now BTW because it works on non ADHD people, and yes higher doses slow people down - normally ADHD but non ADHD people as well, its a type of amphetamine to boot and its dangerous with side effects including heart attacks in children - its under review in a number of countries now who want to restrict its usage and its only being
Avatar n tn I'm new to this board and just read your thread and was wondering if you got switched over to the concerta? I too will be starting nursing school and I struggle with staying focused and the typical ADHD symptoms. I was going to go to the Dr. and ask for Ritalin. Do you have any suggestions? I really want to do good in school and I know I will need help.
941625 tn?1263585382 Dear ArmyGirl, You and your family give so much by living this career and lifestyle choice for all of us - thanks! The sacrifices go so much further than the service men and women - the families give up so much too. Thanks! Fatigue control? Yes, there are some drugs that can help, and perhaps its time to talk to the doctors about them One that jumps into my mind immediately is Provigil and its new sister drug Nuvigil (drug name: Modafinil).