Appendicitis or an ovarian cyst

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272729 tn?1194280557 The other possible diagnosis is that its a ruptured ovarian cyst. So I decided to take an antibiotic for a week and see if it improves. If not, I'm getting an appendectomy next week. I'll have to spend the night in the hospital, I'll have to take a week off from work, and I'll have to get PAIN PILLS. I don't even want to FLIRT with this after the hell I caused myself (now 60 days clean). My question is- has anyone had appendicitis-- and what were your symptoms?
Avatar n tn I'm not vomiting now but the pain is so bad and it even hurts to breathe in or cough or this appendicitis or something serious..?? It didn't start around my naval it started in my sides/flank area and more intesified right side of abdominal area...
Avatar f tn My family doc is away for a few weeks, and I'm frustrated that I can't seem to get anything specific. I'm not prone to ovarian cysts, but I did have an ovarian pregnancy last summer on the right ovary. My ultrasound report shows Segment 7 of liver a 7mm hyperechoic lesion suggestive of a hemangioma. Small amount of fluid in pelvis. Appendix is thickened at 8mm with some increased echogenicity of adjacent fat. Right ovary contains a hemorrhagic cyst measuring 4.4 x 2.5 x 2.0 cm.
Avatar f tn HI, Acute pain on the right side can be due to appendicitis, colitis, torsion of ovarian cyst or rupture of cyst etc. Examination and CT scan will help make the diagnosis. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I had to go to the hospital, They said it could be kidney stones, appendicitis,or ovarian cyst. I have a history of abnormal paps and endometriosis, I am scared it is cancer. I dont have insurance if anyone can share some info I would realy appretiate it.
Avatar n tn 15th, I had symptoms of an appendicitis, and an ultrasound found the cyst instead. The cyst is on my right ovary. They think it is an endometrioma. 3 weeks ago, my ob/gyn scheduled surgery for 1/27/10, gave me strong pain meds, and said that I could have the surgery sooner, if the pain gets worse, but I want to get through the holidays.....However, I can't do anything!
Avatar f tn I've been doing some research and most doctors seem to be of the opinion that while cysts are commin, most women don't suffer any pain or even know they have them. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound in a few days, and I'm really worried that my situation may be more serious than my doctor thinks. This is not normal pain. Is it common for someone my age to have such severe pain? What is the chance that I might have to have surgery?
Avatar n tn If it were an appendicitis, then the pain would get worse,without letting up. Could it be something else? They almost removed my appendix once, and I thought I was dying with the pain, and the ER doc said I was classic appendix- even my whit blood cell count was high- with rebound tenderness in RLQ. Guess what? I refused the surgery when the surgeon came in and said he was 95% sure it was appendix.
Avatar f tn I had a ct scan done a couple days ago because I was having lower abdomen pain on my right side they ruled out appendicitis but they said they found a cyst on my right ovary that was 4.3 cm in diameter and they said on the papers it was possibly a prominent physiologic cyst and I have a small cyst on my left. They stated on the papers that I would need an ultrasound to confirm blood flow to my right ovary.
Avatar m tn The pain got slightly worse and a lot more frequent within the next 2 days so we decided not to risk it and go into the ER. Long story short, they did an Ultrasound and diagnosed it as an ovarian cyst that they said would go away. I still had this pain and sickness 2 days later so my mom called the hospital to let them know that I have not improved. They took another look at the scan and told us that they misdiagnosed the ovarian cyst and said that everything was fine with my ovaries.
1291547 tn?1272162206 In february I had an ovarian cyst removed and I went through almost a year of extreme pain. I was given countless ultrasounds because the cyst was 12 cm big and they couldn't se my appendix, and my pain was the same as an appendicitis, so I just had to wait it out to see if my pain went away on its own. It turned out that the pain was sometimes related to tearing in the cyst and sometimes the cyst would twist over itself cutting off blood circulation.
Avatar n tn I had an ovarian cyst at a very young age, I think I was 14 or 15 at the time, they did a laparoscopy(don't know if spelt right!) and drained it off through that. That one did not leak. But since then, (am 37 now) have had two others that have haemorrhaged and the hospital took that as quite serious, due to the fact that I was basically doubled over in pain!
Avatar n tn I just found out that I have an ovarian cyst. It is 6 cm. The doctors told me that if it ruptures that it could cause me to never have children again. Are there any precautions that I should take so it doesnt rupture?
Avatar n tn I have never been sexually active and have not taken birth control pills and after a week of pain in my right side I went back to the doctor because I wasn't sure if it was appendicitis or not. After an ultrasound it appears I have a 4cm (1.6 in) cyst on my right ovary. Everyone has continued to say if it keeps hurting in a few days come back and see us... it's been 2 weeks now! Still hurting. I also have missed two periods.
9068836 tn?1401935720 get this pain on my right side like right next to my bellybutton , kidney & gallstones where ruled out i had an ultrasound well 2 & a pelvic ultrasound i mostly get this pain when im constipated!
Avatar m tn This continued for months and the doctors couldn't find anything wrong and it wasn't my ovarian cysts. Well a month or so ago I wound up in the hospital with an exploded appendix lol. I recommend you go to your doctor and ask for an ultra sound on your ovaries, and get your blood drawn. Appendicitis is toxic and it's important the problem is resolved. I hope I helped you a little.
Avatar f tn It's not possible to put the blame on an ovarian cyst without more information. In any of the previous diagnostic tests that occurred, was a cyst found? Certainly a cyst can cause the type of pain you describe but so can other medical issues as well. If you do not know the answer, then an examination by a gynecologist, including ultrasound tests (preferably the transvaginal ultrasound), is the best way to diagnose an ovarian cyst.
Avatar f tn I went to out of hours dr at night and they sent me to hosp. No sign of appendicitis. They found an ovarian cyst but not on the side that is sore. Dr said it is random pain...still have the pain tonight. Any ideas what it could be. I have no other symptoms. Should i go to gp?
Avatar m tn How can you identify ovarian cyst pain?What is the usual size of the cyst need to undergo surgery? Describe the difference between appendicitis?
Avatar m tn the surgeon informed me that i show no signs of appendicitis so the surgury isnt an emergency..he said that I have a very large appendix and an enlarged right ovary as well..So basically not sure what is going on with me at all and ideas?????
Avatar n tn I've had the very same symptoms for about a week and a half. I went to the doctor Friday, he thinks it's an ovarian cyst. I wondered about appendicitis too, but I was told that with appendicitis the onset of symptoms is sudden and severe, and I wouldn't have waited a week before calling the doctor. I have an ultrasound this week to confirm the cyst. The pain for me has been a little scary, I've never felt anything like it - not that it's so severe, just the location and the type of pain.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old daughter was seen in the ER 8 days ago and was diagnosed with a ruptured ovarian cyst. She was in alot of pain and the pain has gradually been going away until last night when she started complaining of severe pain again. The Gyn will not be in until Weds and she suggested I call back. Why would her pain be coming back?
250155 tn?1485299539 A ruptured cyst does not have much feeling. An ovarian cyst, unruptured, is another story. Whenever I have had one (an unruptured ovarian cyst), boy I've known it. They hurt so much I couldn't even sit down, had to just pace up and down. Twice they took me to the ER, if I had still had my appendix I would have been certain it was appendicitis.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I have been lurking on these boards for a while, but didn't join until today. I am a young (20 year old) woman with a history of ovarian cysts. I was first diagnosed with a cyst 6 months ago and it was relatively small (3 or 4 cm). It went away eventually, without treatment. About 5 weeks ago, I started to feel the pain of a new cyst. I went to the ER because I was in severe pain and worried about appendicitis (I always get them on the right side).
Avatar n tn I need to seek another primary care physician for a 2nd opinion, but they all seem to think that I am simply too young (now 30) and dismiss the idea since they cannot see a cyst. Could it be that the cyst is shrinking by the time I get an appointment? The pains have not been that bad since the time I went to the emergency room. They are present at random days and times not related to my cycle. Thanks.
Avatar n tn This Sunday I went to the hospital w/incredible abdominal pain on the right side that the ER Doc at first thought was non-classic appendicitis. I agreed w/him as I've had ovarian cysts that were uncomfortable before but nothing like this. However a ct scan revealed normal appendix and an 8 cn fluid filled ovarian cyst. That would probably drain and go away but see my gyno when she gets back from India I then went home whacked out and happy w/morphine, I had minimal to no pain on Monday.
Avatar f tn I'm only 19 years old and I just had laparoscopic surgery to have my appendix removed along with a ruptured ovarian cyst. One night when I was laying in bed I started to feel a cramp in my abdomen, but I just assumed I was about to start my period. After a few hours the cramps became debilitating and I couldn't move a muscle. I tried to tough it out because I thought maybe if I went to bed when I woke up the pain would go away. That was not the case.