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Avatar f tn whenever i have discussed this is the past she has made jokes that i will need her there and i wont care when im in labour. but that annoys me more because i know shes right but Its not the point i want her to do as i ask and i agree with her that when im in labour all that will go out window. i'm really stressing because i want her there so bad but feel that because we are so close it will end up being about me and her and not a close intimate thing with my boyf.
279234 tn?1363108849 Most people in the ER aren't in the mood for stupid jokes, I would think. Some times ER doctors just aren't trained in the intricacies of female development... When I had severe abdominal pain (hard to dx case of appendicitis) the doctors tried to tell me the pain was from an ovarian cyst.
649926 tn?1297661380 I don't want PEOPLE PITY either. Just like you said I just want understanding. I know that the laughs and jokes aren't suppose to hurt but they do and not because I can't take a good joke but because it just reinforces that they don't get it and I don't know if they ever will unless I am in a wheel chair or worse. My neuropsychologist says that one of my brain problems is perception and that I shouldn't assume that I understand them I should ask them what they are thinking or feeling.
Avatar f tn Pneumonia, Urinary Track Infections (UTI), a skin infection called cellulitis, untreated appendicitis, and many other areas of the body can produce these microbes that can spread and lead to sepsis. Even an post-op infection can lead to Sepsis..... including something as simple as a wart removal. Sepsis can even result from something as seemingly harmless as a scraped knee or nicked cuticle during a manicure.
Avatar f tn Hello Im in tears reading your posts. I am so pleased to have found others who understand and have been through what I am currently going through. In September 2007 I went in for appendicitis and a couple of days later went back to surgery due to a "blockage". They had accidently cut my colon which resulted in peritonitis. They had to remove 50% of both my colon and small bowel. Its going on 10 mths and Im still going 10 times minimum a day...