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Avatar f tn i had multiple infections and multiple courses of antibiotics early in treatment. Bactrim once, z pack three times and darn it, i can't remember the one i had first. This was also during the time where i dropped my hemoglobin around 5 points in six weeks. Hemoglobin is still hoovering around 12. I have not taken Procrit. I do take B12 and that helps with overall feeling of well being.
Avatar f tn I don't think they have antibiotics in liquid form only supplement and vitamins. I believe if it is a fluid they have to give it thru an I'V.
Avatar n tn how long did Sandy Grace live after being diagnosed? Was she in any pain? Honey does not seem to be in any pain. I am really glad about that. It has been hard not having her here at home with me. especially since she always lays on the floor beside my bed every night.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Mercola The featured video is a fascinating visual demonstration of how bacteria develop resistance to increasingly high doses of antibiotics. In this experiment, E. coli bacteria develop increasing resistance, ultimately surviving antibiotics at a dose 1,000 times higher than they could initially survive, and they do so in a matter of 11 days! Tami Lieberman, Ph.D.
Avatar n tn As the rash has become worse, my upper lip is now covered in crustrations, some of which are honey coloured. The rash has died down in itchiness but is swollen especially over my eyes. I have been to over five doctors now and am waiting to see a dermatologist.. no one seems to know what it is, while some are sure it is an allergic reaction, and that it may be impetigo.
Avatar n tn Greetings from Australia Glad to hear the honey is helping. I saw a doco on raising calves in New Zealand and they are adding honey to their 'milk bottles' at feeding time to eliminate using antibiotics for gut infections!! Also I worked for a vascular surgeon who introduced using raw honey (not heat treated and no extra additives)for treating leg ulcers into hospitals first in Brisbane, and then Australia wide. He has fabulous success as honey is natural antibiotic and healing agent.
486038 tn?1300066967 I hope that these meds work but please make sure that your Mom is dilligent in any changes in your symptoms honey...I am worried about you!
17213106 tn?1456529591 On my way to the pharmacy to pick up these dreaded antibiotics, I decided to swing by a local health store. The rep told me about Manuka Honey(12+ medical grade), Mastic gum(500 mg) and DGL (457 mg). If I'm going the natural route what are your dosing recommendations for this stuff? Do I take all 3 or a combination, or just one? Please help, if you have tried any of these items for H Pylori and Hiatal Hernia, please respond with your method and let me know if it was successful.
Avatar m tn it is yellowish and also called honey comb. It also attacks the root of the hair, and in that case stops it from growing entirely! Mom has cancer, obviously, or i would not write here, and the course of antibiotics she had had to take due to infections does not exactly make a good point from which to take antimyotics /antifungal antibiotics--they damage her liver even more.
471737 tn?1327256051 Warm compresses, lid cleaning with Occusoft lid cleaner or TheraTears SteriLid eyelid cleaner. Of what you have on hand I would use the non steroid containing terramycin. Oral antibiotics are not useful. Use the search feature to read previous posts.
Avatar n tn Kids are often snotty nosed, and that in itself isn't an indication for antibiotics, as most coughs and colds are viral. Ear infections are also viral in about 90% of cases, but doctors continue to be very keen to prescribe antibiotics for them. Usually, they get better by themselves after 5-7 days, which coincides with the length of the course of the antibiotics, and people think the antibiotics have helped. Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox lol.
Avatar n tn For a start to help the cough make up this mixture( olive oil, honey with a squirt of lemon juice) mix in blender till thick, bottle and give morning and night, will ease the cough, safe as houses good for man or beast. As for antibiotics they are exactly the same as we take but make sure they are broad spectrum.250 strength not 500.... too strong. But only if you have enough for a full course otherwise NO.
Avatar n tn From what I understand, once there is antibiotics in your system strep. test is useless. However, Penicillin has usually been used for strep. Also, if what you have is viral then of course antibiotics won't work. Plus, if what you have is viral, since you started antibiotics you need to finish them.
3166043 tn?1514263618 So I'm not one to take antibiotics unless needed and my doctor told me I have broncitis on Thursday and gave me a prescription. I haven't gotten it yet cause I wanna see if I can tough it out. If I don't get the meds what's the worst that will happen!? I read that broncitis can go away on its own and most doctors don't give a prescription cause its a virus? Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn I'm 31/male. I'm having semi dry cough and fever as well as having pain in the lower right edge of my abdomen. Doctor checked my breathing through stethoscope as well as touched my front abdomen for a few moments. After that, he prescribe antibiotics for 7 days @ 3x/day. Not that I am questioning his methods but is it perfectly fine to prescribe antibiotics even without blood-test to confirm?
Avatar f tn What started as a sore throat has affected my lungs, difficulty breathing,(mainly exhaling)(raspy sound in throat when exhaling) coughing up rust, white and yellow mucus. I start to feel better, and then bam it gets worse. now it feels like there is gross mucus trapped in my lungs, & i dont know how to get it out. Sometimes after i cough, the phlegm is so bad it makes me sick to my stomach. I dont want to go to Dr. to be told its just a virus.
279234 tn?1363108849 So anyways I'm getting things look at, and getting things done, and putting hubby to work doing things he's promised to do for years and never had the time. He calls it his honey-do-list (honey do this, honey do that).
Avatar f tn I went to the emergency room exactly 3 weeks ago on a Thursday for a rash on the side of my neck that had started to drain a honey colored fluid. They prescribed an antibiotic and told me to keep the area clean and apply triple antibiotic ointment. I was told that I had impetigo. I did everything they advised me of by changing my washrag after every shower changed the pillow case every day etc etc. My symptoms got worst and I had to return to the er on that Saturday.
Avatar n tn I was given meds from the institution and again told to wait 2 weeks but I could not wait and I got the same results, this happened about 10 times in all. last year I begain seeing a Urologist he prescribed me Cipro and the same thing happened, Id wait a week and resume protected sex and my symptoms would return. My urologist and I have tried different medications Ofloxin, Flagy, Zintro with the same results.
Avatar m tn The coughing is severe. Today I noticed when I cough I hace a pain in the right groin area. Did I possibly strain a muscle.? I did not have this pain prior to this illness.
Avatar n tn After taking another steroid pill after I ate lunch, I started having some stomach pain in the upper part of the stomach. I went back to the Emergency Walk-in clinic the same day on a Fri night, and they prescribed me another antibiotic, instead of the one I had. This one was AZITHROMYCIN- 250 mg for 5 days. I was told not to take this antibiotic the next day, on Sat, and just take a steroid pack on Sat, and start taking Antibiotic with the steroid on a Sunday.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the antibiotics CAN kill too much of the good bacteria in the gut, but I am not familiar with pine nut oil OR Manuka honey, so be sure to talk to your vet before giving them to your dog since I don't know about their safety, and sometimes things that are perfectly safe for us to eat can be deadly for a dog or cat to eat. You can also talk to your vet about feeding your dog acidophilus yogurt or a product called BeneBac.
7765842 tn?1406966824 Also stir a spoon of it into boiled water and breath in put a towel over your head to keep steam in xx
Avatar f tn But today i started running fever, and having coughing spells where i can hardly catch my breath....I went into a walk in clinic, because my doctor is out today, and booked for the rest of the week...the doctor said i have broncitis, that i need to watch, so it doesn't turn into pneumonia s/p? He gave me prednisone, antibiotics, and some kind of pump for me to inhale, and a Darn presription for Tussinex...WELL , I have no idea why i didn't tell him I am a fricken Addict...
Avatar f tn Probiotics will replace the good bacteria that was killed off by the antibiotics. Basically, honey, you seem to be suffering from a post viral syndrome, which needs time to work out of your system. Getting the proper rest, remaining positive and avoiding stress are better than ANY medicine you can take. Please, please do not worry about being sick this young. You have the world at your feet!!
Avatar m tn He prescribed me some antibiotics, a tablet to stop bleeding and some alkeline powder to solve in water and drink. Next night also I found that I ahve ejaculated during sleep, but i didnt find the strange substance which i found in previous day. Third night again this happened and i found 1-2 drops of the bloodish colured semen. But, i dont have any pain and my urine is very clear and i can pee without any pain. So, i understood that it is related to semen ejaculation.
Avatar n tn You NEVER use antibiotics to kill fungus. In fact, patients who've had alot of antibiotics are at GREATER risk of getting fungus and parasite overgrowth. It was a mix of anti-inflammatories and antibiotics that pushed my body over the edge. I ended up septic and on the verge of menengitis within a few months of my whole body feeling sick. Check out coconut oil...Extra Virgin, Unrefined. Look it up on the internet. It's helped me alot.
Avatar m tn Take a little raw honey. A teaspoon several times a day. NOT processed honey. Raw honey contains bactricidal substances. A zinc lozenge, also bactricidal, will help. Good luck.
506791 tn?1439846583 We really do think it is a digestive problem rather than any more grave illness. Just in case, Doc put her on 2 courses of antibiotics, which we accompanied with bio-active treats and yogurt within a day or so of the first dosing. Kessie doesn't hide, she doesn't react with any pain behavior when I pet her and lightly rub her belly, she grooms, she plays, though (understandably) she is sleeping a little more.
1378381 tn?1444869615 Not to mention the fowl smell in my mouth. It stops me in my tracks. I use sinus relief and ibruprofen. It helps. Really need something. Ive been trying to get a doctors appointment but no luck yet..