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Avatar m tn Hello, Anal fissure and hemorrhoids are the most common causes of anal pain and bleeding from the anus.Depending on their location,they can be internal(rectum) or external(near anus) hemorrhoids.Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless.It seems that you are having external hemorrhoids. Diagnosed by clinical examination,Per rectal examination and anoscopy. Get it evaluated from a surgeon to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Hi and thanks for using the forum. You are doing the right thing based on your symptoms. The colonoscopy and endoscopy would be the next step based on your symptoms and the tests you have already done. I cannot really know (therefore I can't comment) on what the cause could be (as you note, there are many possibilities) but you are doing the right things to get a diagnosis. Good luck.
Avatar m tn t observe any lesion in my partner mouth. 2 weeks later I developed a pain on my anus and and I observed what seems to be swollen veins (but I am not a doctor). Those are very big (external). I really have recurrent hemorrhoid crisis, but this is the worst one, very painful. But I was wondering: it is much coincidence. Would it be a syphilis (or gonorrhea) instead of hemorrhoids?
Avatar n tn First had more mucus, now more blood. I have had external hemorrhoids in the past but have not had a flare for a yr and half but have never experienced bleeding, only inflammation. I've read that bleeding hemorrhoids usually lasts a few days at a time, not wks. I've been taking Citrucel to help bulk up the stool, but I seem to either pass small balls or none at all.
Avatar f tn My father has been on antibiotics for rather a long period of times (90 different types of antibiotics in about 2 months in succession for a flu that led both to sinus infections and laryngitis that didn't easily go away. He's now off antibiotics and feels generally OK except for bloating, heartburn and fresh bright blood in his stool :( Can that be serious considering the huge number of antibiotics he has taken?
Avatar f tn Cream or leave them...
Avatar n tn it is on the inside and is there anything to try befor the doctors i was looking at hemorrhoids and it looks possible can i try some sort antibiotis at home or anything els...
Avatar f tn A hemorrhoid is not an STI, and hemorrhoids are never a sign of one. Are they sure it was a hemorrhoid? It's not impossible for that to become infected, but it's considered rare for that to happen. Perhaps the fingering caused a cut and that got infected? Hemorrhoids can need to be lanced, but being infected is rare. In any case, fingering does not transmit STIs, and while unprotected oral can transmit them, none would cause anything that needs to be lanced.
Avatar m tn ori received treatment for one week and finished anti biotics on the 13th of June, felt ok for a couple of weeks and noticed belching came back and was told about possibility of candida overgrowth of which I had symptoms. Been eating a whole lots of greens and chicken and other veggies, Basically just protien and vegetables and no fruit or sugar of any sort. No other symptoms.
Avatar m tn Avoid sitting for prolonged durations and develop an exercise routine as these will take care of the hemorrhoids and the prostate problems. Most of your problems seem to be in the pelvic region, so strengthening your pelvic region through exercises such as brisk walking and kegel's exercises would help.
Avatar f tn Last week there was an sti walk in clinic and I got tested and came back positive for gonorrhea. They treated was a shot of antibiotics and also four pills. I can’t remember the names but it was standard treatment. With two days the hemmorroid symptoms are now mostly gone, but there is still the small external one, but it’s no longer causing pain. More like a skin tag. So my question is, was it ever hemmorroids or was it likely that I had a rectal gonorrhea infection? Or both?
476888 tn?1248629016 I went for a colonoscopy and the results were clean, they just found a few small hemorrhoids. But, sometimes my head feels weird and now it seems that i can't feel my heart beating in my chest. Appreciate any help?
Avatar m tn I was given more IV and oral antibiotics. About a week out of hospital my anus became very itchy for weeks until finally it became swollen and very painful just inside the rectum and on anus. There was no pain on BM but swelling and pain an hour or so afterwards and this swelling continues for the rest of the day. Probiotics has helped the inside but the outside is still very aggravated. It is never normal but is much worse when sitting and walking, much better after sleeping.
365250 tn?1246223454 I had this crazy pain a week ago, like glass when I have a bowel movement, constant pain, sensitive to touch, ect and was told my a doctor that is was an external hemmorrhoid...the kind that is a blood clot on the outside of the anal opening. I was told if the problem consisted surgery to remove it would be needed. The past few days I have been sitting in warm baths a couple times a day, using cream on the area, and taking pain medication.
Avatar f tn well this slit doesn’t hurt , there’s no blood or smell coming from it , it’s like a smooth red line just down the crack .. there is some dark discoloration around it and I’ve been putting everything on it and still no change!
Avatar f tn C diff is a bacteria that can often invade your bowels after antibiotics and cause diarrheah and bloody stools . Most of the time it comes after antibiotic use but this is not always the case. The antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria which usually can keep this in check so the cdiff takes over. Thats why its a good idea to always take probiotics when you are on an antibiotics and never take antibiotics unless you are sure an infection is bacterial.
634590 tn?1293774093 My guess though, is that the antibiotics killed off all your good and bad bacteria, which allows things like yeast to run wild in your gut, which leads to constipation, which leads to hemorrhoids, which leads to blood in stool. Id really say to go see a dr. but in the mean time start taking a strong probiotic.
Avatar n tn The symptoms could be due to prostatitis and it’s one of the difficult diseases to treat and usually needs long courses of antibiotics. One has to wait patiently for the infection to get eradicated. It’s a good thing that the tests of STD’s have come out to be negative. Please be assured everything should be okay and it only needs sometime. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar m tn I went back to the doctor and took another test and received a dose of antibiotics for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea but not after already having sex with my partner. That test came back inconclusive (whatever that means). Three weeks later (like May 20th) I got tested again and the test came back negative (I did receive antibiotics but also had sex with my partner again) Pain comes and goes periodically. Also I have had pain in my Anus (not sure if thats related).
Avatar n tn t usually subside until antibiotics. I have had PSA work done and the doctors do not think it has anything to do with my prostate (which is normal). Please, if you have any information on this please pass it along. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Navel bleeding is normally from infection, and is easily treated with antibiotics. Call your GI doctor and make him aware of this new symptom, he may not want to do a colonoscopy with an infection brewing. Keep us posted on how you're doing.
Avatar m tn Itchy anus can also be due to undigested food like citrus fruits, grapes, certain spices, tomatoes, certain medicines like antibiotics and laxatives and certain drinks like beer, milk, tea, or coffee. IBS, Crohn’s and food intolerance should also be looked into. Anal fissures, hemorrhoids all cause anal itch. So yes an anoscope or proctoscope can be used to diagnose this. Itch can also be due to irritants like synthetic fiber, toiletries or fungal infection.
Avatar f tn Isn't it too soon to have hemorrhoids??? I eat so healthy and still don't poop everyday!
Avatar f tn First I thought it was chlamydia and I started taking antibiotics for it. It stopped only to come back few days after I finished taking the antibiotics.. I then decided to go for checkup last week and the doctor said Staphylococcus SPP was found in my urine sample moderately after 24hrs incubation. I was then placed on injection. I've taken the injection twice but there seems to be no improvement.
Avatar f tn / my mom gets hemorrhoids could these bumps be hemorrhoids? The bumps are around my tho... Or could the itchy bum be from herpes? No bumps on my bum.. Please help!
Avatar m tn this is so mess up, after stressing badly for 8weeks barely eating, barely sleeping and dumb enough i decided to take antibiotics i have develope some serious anal bleeding that has being going for 2weeks now. i knew something was going to happen after the really bad treatment i gave to my body. now when i go to the loop there is a pain when i am passing stool as if it was really tight then there is blood all over the place on the stool on the paper.
Avatar f tn I am pretty nervous although I know it can be anything from hemorrhoids to cancer. My colonoscopy 2 years ago also showed a few diverticula and 2nd degree hemorrhoids. At that time my reason for the scope was anemia. There was no bleeding at that time. I did have gastric bypass surgery in Jan 04. That was determined to be the cause of the anemia, an inability to absorb iron, I had iron infusions and have not had anemia since. Any advice or input is appreciated.
Avatar m tn Hello, Causes of such an anal rash include moisture(due to sweating or frequent washing), the abrasion caused by clothing, the pressure of sitting, chemical irritants like laundry soaps, colognes and scented toilet paper, certain food irritants, medicines like some antibiotics and laxatives, infections like STD’s and pinworms, anal abrasions and fissures and skin problems such as psoriasis, seborrhea and eczema. Sometimes hemorrhoids will start off as red rash and anal itching.
Avatar f tn LOTS of drooling!! Took him to othe vet and they treated him for ulcer... Week of antibiotics , no change. Still pooping tary black stool and vomitting every 24 hrs , well 2 days ago now because he hasn't eaten a THING in now 5 days .... We are beyond frustrated and feel absolutely helpless for our love!!!