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Avatar n tn SHOULD NOT be taking antibiotics for a dental infection except under the supervision of a dentist or physician or, in special cases, if you really know what you are doing. First of all NEVER take "just a few". You will end up with what is called an anti-biotic resistant infection. Surprise. People die from such infections. Another surprise. Such infections from the teeth sometimes migrate to the bloodstream and settle on a heart valve.
Avatar f tn I have a dentist appointment tomorrow cause i have a tooth giving me pain if there happen to be an infection what can they give me to get rid of it so i can have it pulled and will it be harmful to the baby im 28 weeks pregnant
Avatar m tn I was prescribed antibiotics by the oral surgeon as a preventative measure for any post surgery infection. about two days later I had a lot of inflammation and pain and what felt like a large abscess. I have continued to rinse with salt water after each meal and have followed the guidelines my oral surgeon gave me, along with taking the antibiotics regularly. As of today, 4 days post surgery, the swelling has gone down and it is not as painful to touch, but I still have pain at the site.
Avatar f tn I just saw my primary care doctor for a sinus infection who said that amoxicillin should never be prescribed to someone with HepC. She didn't say why, but obviously there's a very negative connection between amoxicillin and HepC. I, too, am very sorry to hear about your relapse.
Avatar n tn Hi there, Amoxicillin in the preferred antibiotic in dental infections. The usual adult dosage is 500 mg given every 6-8 hrly.The dosage may be increased or decreased depending on the severity of infection. If you are having a dental infection or cavity it is best to get it treated by a root canal before the problem aggravates. See a dentist. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn My doctor gave me amoxicillin 500mg, for an infection he thought I had. And after taking it for a week I miscarried. I can't say it was due to taking the amoxicillin but was in the back of my head when it happened. I would call your OB and ask them first. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I have a slight dental infection starting, and I also have a lingering cough/cold that's been going on for about 10 days. I'm going to try to knock them both out at the same time with some 500mg Amoxicilling capsules. my question is which course of treatment would work best - 500mg 3 times a day for 10 days, or 4 times a day for 7 days?
Avatar n tn I have a ear infection caused by viral infection had sore throat N congestion which I now would trade for this awful ear infection which they put me on amoxicillin and claritin and told Me take tylenol for .. pink eye developed 2-3 days after started antibiotics which my doctor found strange I'm hoping it will clear fast BC didn't give me anything in addition for it and also got yeast infection from the antibiotics!!!!
Avatar n tn His doctor performed a CT scan and advised that his molar may be causing the infection and referred him back to his dentist for surgery, however the doctor advised that surgery may have to be performed by cutting into the face underneath his eye, not through the mouth. His doctor also prescribed antibiotics for the infection (amoxicillin/clavulanic acid 500 mg). Is this the correct protocol? Should he be referred to another specialist, oral/craniofacial doctor perhaps?
2093279 tn?1379551553 It can be diagnosed with the help of clinical examination, dental x-rays and other tests. Antibiotics are given for the infection. Warm salt-water rinses and over-the-counter pain relievers may relieve the toothache and fever. A root canal may be recommended in an attempt to save the tooth. In severe infection extraction may be necessary. Keep me posted with more queries. Best luck and regards!
12182312 tn?1427687556 Basically anything that risks bacteria entering the bloodstream would warrant you taking this antibiotic (usually Amoxicillin 2,000 mg) directly before and directly after a dental visit. Make sure that your dentist and oral surgeon know about this heart condition so that they can decide if premedication is necessary. Second, I am wondering if you have had a fever associated with these infections? Redness and pain alone don't necessitate antibiotics.
Avatar n tn Amoxicillin is fine if it's the correct antibiotic. Dental infections can be from either an aerobic bacteria or anaerobic bacteria. Having the correct antibiotic is VERY important. I urge you to at least call your dentist for approval before you treat a dental abscess yourself. Amoxicillin may be fine, but you may need something like clindamycin instead. Also, it's very important that a FULL dose is taken for dental infections.
Avatar n tn June 11th went to free clinic. Most of swelling besides a bumb in my jaw is gone. Was prescribed amoxicillin for 10 days. Doctor told me he wouldn't even take it until I know when I can get the tooth removed. The other dentist told me to take it so I'm confused. If I was prescribed penicillin and it didn't work would amoxicillin work?
Avatar n tn This was a horrible thing for you to have endured....I just can't imagine! A tooth infection can go to the brain and you're very lucky this didn't happen. But considering how bad this was/is I would talk to your dentist about a more affordable antibiotic as I feel you need another complete round to make sure all infection is gone. I feel so bad for you and hope this eases up quickly. Take care.
Avatar n tn Majority of dental schools and dental hygiene schools are ran with premedication required prior to treats with patients who fit certain criteria ( You may say no to taking medication, but than your dentist will have a right to refuse to treat you. To quote ADA. "Dentists are not obligated to render treatment that they deem not to be in the patient’s best interest, simply because the patient requests it.
1677549 tn?1304488565 I dont have dental or health insurance of any sort and very low income, so a trip to the dentist isnt really possible for me, however I did get a a bottle of 800 mg amoxicillin from a friend who had it left over I began taking it today, does anyone know if amoxicillin in usefull for an abcessed tooth, and if so about how long should I expect to start seing results, and also is there a way to tell if the infection has spread past the gum, possibly into jaw-bone etc etc.... .
Avatar f tn i have an absses in my top tooth it has become swollen and has made my cheek swell and is traveling up my face and my temple is now swollen. i am on amoxicillin for two days. im worried that it could be dangerous with the swelling on my face.
Avatar m tn Chronic sinus infection? I have gone for a dental implant about 2 months ago. The implant was done on the upper left side. Following the surgery I ended up with chronic sinus infection, for which I took a course of amoxicillin. That did not help and the oral specialist put me on augmentum. Upon completion of that, infection came back 3 days later. My dentist explained that inane a chronic sinus infection and would have to take implant out.
Avatar n tn I went to my regular general practice doctor and he doubted the connection but put me on Amoxicillin. The swelling went down significantly, but the day the new crown was put on the swelling got a bit worse and the dentist put me on Keflex for a week. Although again the swelling never completly went away, it was much better. Now two weeks after the finishing of Keflex the swelling has returned.
250084 tn?1303311035 It IS so expensive, isn't it!? Try a teaching hospital for Hep tx (and dental!) in your area. Assistance programs there. I see your 2b so 'only' 24 weeks tx and very good % of SVR. I just finished 24 weeks. you should get in and check out your liver damage, options, etc.
Avatar f tn 3 months later, same tooth started hurting terribly, and felt 'hot.' Endodontist said it was infected. With the infection I also developed low fever and malaise. After amoxicillin and endo retreating tooth, it felt better and fever gone, but 2 days after ending antibiotics, infection returned with intensity, spread along jawline into nearby tooth, causing that tooth to then also need a root canal.
Avatar n tn She gave me Amoxicillin 500 mg antibiotics but said she could not remove the bridge at the emergency appt because of the infection. We are trying to save the bridge for the remaining 2 teeth. The Dentist said she cut off the last bridge tooth and replace it if the bridge does not get damaged on removal - it is very firm not lose at all.
Avatar f tn and since I had open heart surgery in 2007 I have been required to take (4) 500 mg capsules Amoxicillin 1 hour before dental work, even just cleaning. This is an antibiotic. I have never noticed any heart reaction to a dental visit, including root canal, which I am happy to report I have had only one.
Avatar f tn So on the 19th, My wife was in a world of pain and really swollenafter 5 days of antibiotics. She’d taken amoxicillin and clindamycin and neither helped. She went to the surgeon and he did an I&D and extracted the tooth. He switched her to augmentin. By Monday the pain was worse, she couldn’t swallow, the cheek was bigger and she’d developed cellulitis so we went to the ED. They admitted her and on Tuesday they did another I&D and extracted 2 more teeth. They put a drain in as well.
Avatar f tn I went in for my doc appointment today and that's when I found out the doc said to do the 7 day treatment so that's what I got...
Avatar n tn When I worked at a MD's office we would get referrals atleast once a day for a patient to come in and get a "power shot" of amoxicillin so that they dentist could pull the tooth immediately or the next day. I am sure your dentist knows what to do. But you need to get that tooth out as soon as you can or you will have trouble with it for the rest of your life.