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Avatar m tn Has anyone been told that you have high ammonia levels from Hep-C? If so, please tell me the common side effects and if you use Lactulose for treatment. I am interested in hearing about headaches that you may have from the disease or treatment.
Avatar m tn I just started experiecing a smell like gas fumes. No one else around me can smell it and it the smell is everywhere I go. I do have some sinus problems but have never considered it to be serious. It is very annoying. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn - If it 's from mold, mite, ammonia, C02... we should cough ourself but I never coughed. - I accidentally came near the trash truck, dead animals but I never coughed so the odor should not be the reason for coughing - When I feel the gas moving in my stomach to the rectum, I heard ppl cough even it din't come out yet I still couldn't understand the reason behind ppl coughing while I couldn't detect anything.
Avatar m tn His body was really restless and they had to sedate him to stop his body from moving so much so they can medicate him. His ammonia level at the highest was 75. He also had esophogeal varicies, and was vomiting up blood. They put a shunt in his liver to stop the bleeding. So far that has helped to stop the bleeding and his ammonia level went down to 48. He is still unconscious, though, and on a respirator. He also has MRSA and is running a fever. They have him in isolation.
774736 tn?1311334985 I have been posting a lot within the past couple months but I cant seem to shake my health anxiety...Ive been to the ER twice had two ekgs, chest xrays, blood tests etc...Im scared of having a heart attack, cancer, lung problems, and colon problems... It doesn't end and its driving me crazy do I have to seek counseling or will it get better with time? As far as I know Im a healthy 21 year old with my whole life ahead of me but I cant help myself when the physical symptoms come on...
1134500 tn?1260879457 hi there i am a chronic cluster headache sufferer and i worked on a electro chemical machine for 8 years,after 4 years i started getting very painfull headaches,i went to a neurologist and he diagnosed me with cluster headaches.after reaserch on my machine i was exposed to ammonia gas given off from sodium nitrate in the water,the ph level was 12 when i found out after ph of 7 ammonia gas is given off,i was not protected by any ppe.
Avatar f tn It is also possible that, if the concentration of ammonia is high enough, chlorine gas will form. If it starts to give off a strong odour and your eyes are burning, flush it and open a window or turn on the ventilation fan immediately, then get out of the room. Chlorine gas is highly toxic.
4043517 tn?1374010173 First get my bowels working and my ammonia down. I'm out for a few weeks right before Xmas, that figures.
144586 tn?1284669764 This is something to be checked on. Many aides are extremely careless regarding both bleach and ammonia. If bleach is mixed with ammonia a deadly gas develops. Many aides have problems with english and do not understand this. Aides and cleaning ladies should not be permitted to use either of these fluids without supervision in the room of an elderly debilitated immobile patient.
Avatar n tn I really don't have any training, but do know that if you mix household bleach with cleaning ammonia, it will cause a toxic gas. When I was in the Army studying chemical agents I was told this was very similar to a choking agent, that causes the lungs to fill with blood and cause dryland drowning.
325086 tn?1217974780 Lactulose may be given to prevent intestinal bacteria from creating ammonia, and as a laxative to evacuate blood from the intestines. Neomycin may also be used to reduce ammonia production by intestinal bacteria. Rifaximin, a new antibiotic, is also effective in hepatic encephalopathy.
315996 tn?1429057829 Went to the dentist earlier in the day and told the hygenist when she asked me if there were any changes in my health (hell yes). She was really accepting and went to ask the dentist and the dentist just said, "active TB is the only one we can't do work on". It wasn't even a yes/no about me. They made me feel really good about myself. I wasn't going to tell them I was so worried.
Avatar n tn bleach kills mold so put some in a spray bottle and spray before u leave for the day as u don't want to breath the bleach AND NEVER MIX BLEACH WITH AMMONIA as the gas can harm or kill u
29837 tn?1414538248 Was thinking the other day how nice it would be to visit your city. Maybe after tx when I have the requiste energy. Don't know much, have read little, about ammonia levels. But if you read the post in a thread started by Pluggin Away yesterday he makes reference to ammonia levels, brain scatter (great term) and lactuose. Just a few threads down. Take care.
Avatar f tn i would think my mood wouldn't be to pleasant at times also. she is lactose intolerant and has severe gas pain from lactulose. it's continuous and she doesn't want to live with this much pain....this along with recurrent fever, fluid, aches, a spinal problem, and severe pain in the groin area. we need a doctor. i am at a loss as to the best specialist to take her to. is there anyone who can tell me where to start? and she is on medicare with access plus.
Avatar n tn My stomach seems to be heavy all the time, after a meal my stomach enlarges filled with gas and I start sweating, I could not work. I am always sleepy and when I wake up I feel sad and tired. I have recently visited a gastro he gave me medicine for swollen liver. I don’t drink. Even when I walk a small distance I feel pain in my lower jaw. I have had constant pain in my chest, it’s a kind of pricking pain, it is always there. My heart beat is always above 100 beats per minute.
Avatar f tn The only treatment I've taken is lactalose for my high ammonia levels. I don't have insurance or the money to go to doctors. I have for the past year belched uncontrollably and loudly. It's got worse and more frequently to have become a consistent part of everyday whether I've eaten or drank anything including water. Please help!!! The pressure is so great I have to open my mouth to burp sometimes to the point of having to stand up with arms raised over head.
428003 tn?1204691968 everything checked out, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, etc....the only thing was the amount of gas i have in my abdomen.....i have to go back to the dr tomorrow, if im not feeling better hes going to send me to a gi.... I guess my question is does any of this sound familliar.....someone being extremely bloated for a week straight, regardless off eating or BM that is not much and is really soft and in small pieces like the width of a pencil....also smelling like ammonia...
Avatar n tn A. hasn't done an ammonia level test per se... They're just aware that her ammonia level is elevated and the cirrhosis is fairly advanced. Everyone except my wife and I gave up hope about 3 years ago and they didn't expect her to live past about 9 months so we're ahead of the game in that respect. I try to watch her diet but it's so frustrating because she sleeps all day and then gets up when I go to sleep at night and junk-foods out.
Avatar m tn Celery also works to removes excess uric acid from the blood, a further aid to kidney function. INTESTINAL HEALTH AND AMMONIA DETOXIFICATION As mentioned above, small amounts of ammonia are produced as a byproduct of the normal digestion of proteins, and the body is prepared to handle this quantity. However, parasites, bad bacteria, and candida yeast overgrowth in the intestinal tract, can produce more ammonia than the body is equipped to deal with, leading to a compromised immune system.
Avatar m tn To make the meat safer, they typically puts the beef through an ammonia gas bath. That sounds good! The USDA said the gross process is safe, and allows the meat to be sold without any indication that it received the gas treatment. (The process is banned in meats earning organic certification.) Evidence suggests that blasting beef with it might not even be fully effective at killing germs. Artificial food dyes found in everyday foods are made from petroleum derived materials.
144210 tn?1273092382 A prebiotic is a substance that will selectively foster/enhance/give a growth advantage to those bacteria in the intestinal mix that do not produce ammonia amd other toxins, but rather live of the offered prebiotics - mostly undigestable carbohydrates- and produce actually substances, like certain fatty acids that nourish the intestinal epithelial cells/ improving the intactness/functionality of that critical layer.. You could call them the good cows of the intestines.
Avatar f tn Windex Glass Cleaner, other glass cleaners, febreze an other types air fresheners, scented candles (not natural ones like lemon, orange, vanilla. Some like Cedar, Sandalwood bother me, wisteria.. etc.), WD 40 an petroleum; as well as gas smells bother me. Etc etc etc.. Know boy in bubble/John Travolta movie.. Mines nto that bad; btu i cannto be around a lot of public for what they wear on them; or what stores clean with, or have in them. Fertilizers i cannot smell.
1855970 tn?1325827213 Leave still holding your breath. Don't get any in your eyes. Never EVER use bleach and ammonia together. The two create poison gas. When you return a few hours later the mold will be killed. Do this every time you leave for work. Work your way around the room, starting at the highest point. A second spraying may be necessary. A simple mask will not help prevent lung damage from either chlorox or ammonia.
Avatar f tn I found this for you. (Read below!) You will read that the "bloating and gas" can come from anxiety. You will also read at the bottom about "frequent urination" due to anxiety. When are you seing your counselor? I remember you said that you have a counselor. Hopefully he/she can help you until your appointment with the gastroenologist.
1855970 tn?1325827213 A ‘tinny’, ‘metallic’ or ‘ammonia’, or unusual smell or taste Aerophagia (swallowing too much air, stomach distention, belching) Burning mouth, feeling like the inside of your mouth is burning, or tingling, or like pins and needles, or all of these together or at different times Burning tongue, feeling like your tongue is burning, or tingling, or like pins and needles, or all of these, or all of these together or at different times Choking Constant craving for sugar or
428003 tn?1204691968 my BM changed to really soft stools, but only about a nyquil cup full, not much at all...and they smell like pain localized to my upper ride quadrant, so my dr sent me to have an ultra sound....everything checked out, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, etc....the only thing was the amount of gas i have in my abdomen.....i have to go back to the dr tomorrow, if im not feeling better hes going to send me to a gi.... I guess my question is does any of this sound familliar.....
Avatar f tn CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10), for instance, plays a role in the mitochondrial health of cells that has (I think) something to do with gas transfer. It's something that we absorb naturally from a healthy diet until we hit our 40s. I took this for many years pre-tx, also during tx, and still take 300mg/day. I also take n-acetylcysteine (NAC) for very specific reasons. This is a glutathione precursor that HepatitisResearcher suggested when I asked him what I could do about occupational exposure to toxins.
Avatar f tn I don't remember a time in my life, when I didn't have gas. Apparently, as a child of 3 years I had a very bad form of diarrhea. God knows, how that was taken care of/ cured, but I have had cramps, bloating, gas, nausea all my life. Recently however - with an enormous amount of on-going stress - it has gotten so much worse. All kinds of demands and expectations on me have grown, but it seems I do not/ cannot cope with stress as well as I used to.