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Avatar f tn “It’s unacceptable that Pres Obama intends to waste $20M on the taxpayer’s dime to sell U.S. on unpopular #ObamaCare” [Twitter, 5/22/2012] – SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): “$20M for marketing #ObamaCare? This is a wasteful & inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars.” [Twitter, 5/22/2012] (emphasis in original) For the record: fake news reports = propaganda; a "multimedia ad campaign" = advertising.
3060903 tn?1398568723 // Few health problems pose a greater threat to patients than obesity and its related ailments. Primary care physicians are on the front lines of the battle against obesity.
Avatar f tn To be honest i thought it was only me having these, i could never find a post about this in my life! If anyone wants to discuss this, my twitter is "Parislakee" it is pretty cool to see you all describing exactly what happens!
Avatar n tn Hi I m a 28 year old and suffer some degree of ED in recent. I start masturbated since I m 19 and usually use porn as a form of visual stimiulation. I have observed that I have lost the ability to maintain erect during intercource or I only get weak erection. My question is: does masturbation in association with porn will "exhaust" my interest towards sex and create a negative impact on my ability to get aroused in real sex?