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Avatar n tn I do not feel drunk at all during this experience, which occurs from as littleLittle noses decongestant Little tummys as 1/2 a bottle of alcohol. I am a male from india, Have i developed a violent allergy to alcohol? Am i now intolerant of this substanceDrug abuse? Is there any way for treatment of such an allergy/intolerance? Could it be something else?
Avatar n tn I just read a submission, and your response, to a 10/24/99 question about alcohol allergy. It was the second time I have seen a reference to Asian intolerance to alcohol... I am not Asian, but am 1/2 Italian. My dad was adopted, but lineage tracing appears to reveal mostly Irish and some French heritage - no Asian. However, after the birth of my first child in 1991, I too have developed a severe reaction to alcohol. Sometimes just touching a drink to my lips causes it.
Avatar m tn No weight loss, loose stool, feaver etc etc or other more obvious symptoms. She cannot drink alcohol because we have noticed immediate bone pains when she consumes even 1 glass and bruising on various places in the body similar to being punched by someone after a day or 2. I am guessing that my wife my be allergic to a few things thus the post. Aside form the alcohol related reactions all other symtoms hit her hardest during the colder and windy months in Fiji which is from May to September.
Avatar n tn The rash is a cluster of red bumps and most concentrations of them are about 3-5 inches in diameter. The rash itches all over very intensely when I drink alcohol. After half a beer it starts and it is unbearable. This rash is very unsightly and I feel like a freak. I am single and I am never going to find a woman with this ailment. This started 2 months ago and has gotten progressively worse. QUESTIONS: What is causing this?
681148 tn?1437665191 It's not really a medication, of course, but they need to be aware of this allergy nevertheless. When I was asking what this stuff was called, the male nurse I was talking to asked me what it looked like. He confirmed that this is an allergy. I am not really surprised that I developed this allergy, because I am allergic to band-aids. I have been for many years now. I also have a chemical burn from the cloth first aid tape that they used on my other arm when they drew blood.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I believe I have an allergy to Quinine. Last time I drank tonic water, my nose and lips swelled up and a rash formed on my back. At first, I though it was the Gin that may have done this, but I recently drank tonic water and whiskey (dont ask me why...) and these allergies occured once again. Once the swelling came down, my mouth became littered with cankersores which causes eating and drinking to be very painful.
Avatar n tn I asked my doctor the other day and he said he never heard of such a thing but to go home, get rubbing alcohol and put it on my forearm. If a rash appeared, then I am allergic to alcohol. So I did, and nothing happened.. It seems to be only when I ingest alcohol internally. So I'm guessing something in liquor? I have no clue. So, I was wondering if anyone knows what it may be? Oh, also, if I take 2 benadryl it does seem to help. I don't know!!!
Avatar n tn I have a very low tolerance to alcohol, sometimes have the urge to vomit after just one shot of (40%) vodka, and have allergy-like symptoms the day after I consume alcohol (usually hard alcohol). Of the symptoms, the most dominant is an itchy rash that develops all over my body. Recently I believe I have developed atopic eczema, little clear bumps all over the palm of my hands and near the crease of my elbow.
Avatar m tn The possible allergens in alcohol can be contaminants with alcohol, hapten carrier responses, alcohol or metabolite conjugates. One more important thing is agents like alcohol are believed to increase the rate of allergen absorption. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn You could read more about the condition at the following link - It would help to take a vitamin B complex and also consult your doctor for your symptoms if they persist. Post us if you have any other doubts and let us know about how you are doing. Regards.
Avatar n tn Hi, It appears that you have alcohol intolerance. Alcohol allergy can be diagnosed based on the type of reaction generated by consuming alcohol. Swelling and hives are indicators that the reaction is mediated by the immune system and is due to reaction against a particular component of the beverage that the body recognizes as an antigen.
Avatar f tn my question is could he get an allergy now? his symptoms are as soon as he gets a taste of beer he is instantly drunk. he staggers and slurs his words. also his eyes open all the way, as wide as they can. he starts to grind his teeth like hes on a drug too. he doesn't believe this happens to him but i am very worried he may be causing some major damage. i realize being an alcoholic this long has done damage but this is scary. i have never seen anyone like this before.
Avatar n tn The allergist he saw said it would be almost impossible, very time consuming and costly to try and track down an allergy unless he could see him when he was actually having the "attack". He has the Enephrine (sp?) pen which was prescribed by the Emergency Room physician, and is to keep this with him at all times.
Avatar m tn A few hours later my boyfriend complained of having a burning penile rash, which I assumed was from an allergy to the Metronidizale. He went to the hospital and got a cream for it. Now, several days later, he says its "better" but still complains of being raw. He also did bizarre stuff like apply alcohol to his penis. Have you heard of such an allergic reaction. What can we do now?
Avatar m tn a week ago, I felt something ichy below my lips, and it feels like theres something inside it started out small and after a few hours it multiplies then it gets bigger, im eating my usual food, im not putting anything on my face, and i always took a bath and wash my face before i sleep, it gets at least .5 of a centimeter and it has water inside, i popped it out then put a cotton alcohol on it.
Avatar f tn About a year ago I developed this red rash across my cheeks and forehead. I did not change my laundry detergent(free and clear, no perfumes, ect.) I did not change my lotion (aveeno) I did not change my diet. My GP doesn't know what it is, but gave me Prednisone tapers 4 times this year.
Avatar f tn The strange thing is that I wasn't having very bad GERD symptoms until I had the iv contrast allergy. I should mention that I had a CT angiogram because of chest pain symptom and family history, the results show that my heart is fine. Otherwise I thought I was a healthy 37yr old. The allergist prescribed 40mg of Nexium (which I've never taken) until I could see the gastro doctor.
363682 tn?1299492962 from the yeast dying, which is described by flu-like symptoms and most notable a headache. Not sure how the alcohol comes into play, although alcohol does further lower blood sugar. When I drink more sugary drinks I don't get much of the headache. Have you been on lots of antibiotics? Those folks are at higher risk for more yeast issues.
Avatar n tn Hi, Caffeine Allergy Symptoms Caffeine allergy symptoms range from a minor rash to life threatening seizures. The severity of the reaction depends on what the person is actually allergic to and to what extent a person is allergic. Some of the reactions associated with caffeine allergies include difficulty breathing, shock, tongue, and facial swelling.
Avatar n tn Steroids and Pepcid stopped the symptoms. This is a scary situation because last summer, had allergy food reaction which caused raised bumps over entire body. No one wants to look like they have a disease. After finishing the steroids Rx, bumps started to come back. Pepcid alone stopped it. Thank goodness. Now, for the dentist part, though. Trying to find out the composition of resin. Has it changed over the past 10-15 years? Do all dentists use the same type?
Avatar f tn You should continue with the antihistamine medications and consult your doctor immediately for your symptoms. You should stop using the dye , till you have consulted your doctor and also talk to him/her if you need steroid medications and need to carry an epi-pen. Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Regards.
Avatar f tn Food allergies like to gluten and alcohol too should be looked into. You may need to consult an allergy specialist. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn Gastritis with H pylori infection can cause pain in upper abdomen, nausea, and rash or itching. Stopping alcohol will usually reduce the inflammation. Also eating regular small meals will help reduce acidity. You also will need to avoid oily and spicy food, smoking, alcohol, and fuzzy drinks like cola. H pylori infection can be diagnosed through blood tests, carbon urea breath tests or through endoscopy.
Avatar n tn Cold and sweaty palm -When i am uneasy i will suffer cold palm , and my palm will sweat a lot. Allergy to alcohol -I will get terrible hives for few days whole body with extreme itchiness once i drink alcohol stuff *Is all symptom of mine caused by individual reason or is it interrelated ? Could it cause by Candida or my deviated septum that leads to all my allergy? please help~~ i really suffer a lot.
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Avatar f tn Hello. I've been suffering what appear to be allergic symptoms for several years, but now they are becoming intolerable. Does anyone know what this could be? The symptoms are: Sudden, severe joint and muscle pain from the hips down, particularly in the ankles and knees - lasts several hours; Itching skin everywhere, including arms, legs, feet, in the ears, scalp, hands, face, etc.
Avatar m tn I will wait a few more days and seek testing, perhaps for a yeast issue if symptoms persist, or if symptoms change. I have one follow-up question. If a mild, occasional fever persists in additional to slight pain at tip of penis, could this be potentially suggestive of a bacterial issue, or perhaps a response to yeast in the blood stream? I suppose the very mild fever is the unsettling thing, although I commonly have them when associated with allergy and sinus issues.
Avatar n tn I have been getting the following symptoms in the fall for three years in a row now. They go away after three to six months. The symptoms seem to be triggered by a stressful situation. It starts off with a rash that is on my thighs, arms, even sometimes my face. It usually comes in the afternoon and gets worse as the night goes on, but after some sleep the rash seems to go away and is barely there in the morning.