Albuterol overdose symptoms

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Avatar f tn Ringing ears. Vision is unnaturally blurry. Chest and stomach symptoms worsen when laying down, head symptoms worsen when standing up. Symptoms quickly come and go except for vision, coldness, nausea and burning, which are constant. Zomig tasted so bad as it eventually dripped my neck that I hacked a few times and a little blood came up. I have asthma, adhd, insommnia and depression. Two months ago I experienced an overdose on excedrin, clonidine and benadryl and recovered.
Avatar f tn The chest pain felt very similar to pain I experienced earlier this year after using a faulty albuterol inhaler. I was taken to the ER for that, but nothing's happening with these new meds because they're "the same as the other ones". I know my mom should have some background knowledge on drug info like this, but she refuses to believe me that the brand name and generic drugs have different inactive ingredients. There's evidence to prove otherwise.
Avatar n tn You can take too much water. If you really go overboard, there may be a slight risk of hyponatremia (low blood sodium. Quote, "This condition can arise from several different physiological scenarios. For endurance athletes, it usually results from sweat-depleted sodium stores diluted by excess hypotonic (low electrolyte content) fluid intake. When blood sodium concentration becomes too dilute, you can develop severe cardiac symptoms leading to collapse.
Avatar n tn You know that your symptoms have a cause and the best treatment or management would be to avoid the substance. Do you have any allergic reactions in relation to other substances? Let us know if you have any other doubts and also about the symptomatic improvement on stopping smoking. Regards.
Avatar n tn My problem is I have allergies of dust and mold that make me cough till I am exhausted or sinus drainage from these allegies that cause sinus infections that settle in my chest and it starts all over again. I take it as a maintenance to keep from all my symptoms coming to the uncontrollable cough to the tickle in my throat that drives me nuts. I also have sleep apnea and acid reflux.
Avatar n tn You can also get it in an inj form. They did not schedule stadol ns, until a doctor's son died from an overdose. Many people who started on the stadol ns became addicts. It may take some time for the fog to lift. Sometimes, I think addicts are like square pegs when the world is full of round holes. We just do not fit into every catagory as others. There is a class action suit against stadol ns. You might check into it.
Avatar n tn Yesterday my doctor suggested I might have Laryngeal Spasms, and while I wait 2 months for the Throat specialist to get my appointment, she suggested I look online. But my symptoms don't seem to match all of voice problems or 'breathing' problems. I just get these violent coughing attacks that literally feel and behave as if I inhaled a bread crumb, and my body suddenly and violently is trying to cough it up.
Avatar n tn the with drawl symptoms i suffered the past few years,were almost non existent . and beleive me i am a wimp in that area.
Avatar n tn SEVERE FATIGUE, nerve pain, difficulty walking, intenstinal pain, blurred vision, depression, SEVERE NAUSEOUSNESS, headaches, muscle weakness, dizziness, vertigo, hopelessness, etc. etc. etc. I am using a special diet from a book called "Patient Heal Thyself", which includes a lot of fresh, organic, whole foods. And I have a lot of support from friends and family to walk me through this trying experience.
Avatar n tn I sometimes wonder if it has anything to do with weather or barometric changes; it seems like it rains or there's a temp. change the following day, and my symptoms are COMPLETELY gone. Any guesses or similarities out there?
Avatar n tn Whenever I start another treatment I have a short period of relief. It always comes back...longest time without symptoms 10 days. Like eveyone else, I have thrown all makeup, lotions, and soaps away. Washed sheets, pillow cases, and put pillow in the dryer. This has become debilitating and I am becoming depressed. I have a high profile job and don't want to be seen because I look like I have some awful disease. Can anyone suggest a next step?
Avatar n tn I have experienced very similar symptoms as everyone else. I will say, I too had taken Tylenol the day before as I had a Migraine from change in weather (we get a very wide range of temps this time of year - March) and it went from plus 15 to minus 8 in a day. I have low blood pressure and have had problems with cold extremeties, border line underactive Thyroid (they won't give me meds yet..), and was diagnosed with something called Reynaud's.