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Avatar n tn This suggests to me that an addiction phenomena may be involved, and would like to have your opinion. Thank you for your time, F.
Avatar n tn Nicely said Vicki, as we all know addiction is addiction, no matter how we came to be an addict we're addicted just the same. And you know very well trying to help someone that doesn't want help gets you nowhere. Someone here said " A mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open". I think IBKleen or Gnarly or maybe it was Dav125 said that and those 12 words have stuck with me probably more than anything.
Avatar m tn It was then that I realized I may be addicted to the Epinephrine. But I can't find anything about Epinephrine addiction, worst case scenarios, etc. I know I don't need the inhaler anymore (since I have safer, doctor prescribed inhalers to address my asthma), but I feel the constant need to take a puff.
995438 tn?1251761880 Another thing that's been making me sad is that my dad is in the hospital with phenomena and when I talked to him yesterday I cried so bad and prayed that he would get better, he told me it's okay, and that he is getting better but I missed out on having a father most of my life because of his addiction. So I don't want anything to happen to him. So that's taking an emotional toll on me. He is getting better. Thank goodness.
Avatar n tn Just be care not to take too much and do without if you can. Try not to feel guilt. The main worry is addiction for the baby at the end. Hopefully your headaches will lessen towards the end anyway.
Avatar n tn I would have mom set up an appointment with a physician and have you write a prescription for an emergency albuterol sulfate inhaler. They are kind of expensive. Unfortunately the best one (and most inexpensive) was just taken off the market because the propellant allegedly caused global warming. Most deaths from asthma take place amongst those who have no diagnosis. People with asthma always have the inhaler.
391274 tn?1210631465 But, on the bright side, they're actually trying to treat my symptoms. On the first visit, I was prescribed an Albuterol inhaler and Bioxcin for acute bronchitis. This surprisingly seemed to help a lot for the week I was on it. The constant pressure and ache in my chest and throat was still there, but I felt a definite change for the better after Day #2. However, that was about a 5-6 weeks ago and the symptoms were back in full swing after about 6-7 days after I started taking Bioxcin.
Avatar f tn Advair 500/50 twice a day, Singulair 10mg daily, currently on yet another prednisone taper and have been on it since the first of November this time being a 21 day taper and down to 20mg daily currently, protonix 40mg daily, buspar 10mg twice daily for anxiety, zoloft 50mg daily, and Ventolin HFA, Xopenex, Albuterol, and Atrovent PRN. I've also been on and off theophylline a few times since the hospitalist and pulmonologist can't seem to agree on it.
Avatar m tn A very good job that I like, and lost access to my supplier, and it ***** that my ability to handle my addiction was. Contingent on supply, but the gut punch of it all was that my wife has a neck problem and is on them for a legitimate reason, so rather face the impending doom of withdrawal. I stole from her, there is no better word for it than that. I hate myself for what I've done, and I'm in the throws of a build up to the peak of withdrawal wondering how I will survive this.
Avatar f tn It sounds like things are really rough ,,, I am sooooo sorry about your husband .This is just me but one of the major reasons I quit was my son had cancer some people might see this as a reason to take more for me it was an eye opener .....Somebody else needed me to be healthy because they were not .... How could I care for others if I was killing myself with pills .It was hard week or two in wd but I made it I have never regretted getting clean.
Avatar n tn i also have been recently diagnosed with asthma (now on singulair, allegra, flonase, and sometimes use albuterol inhaler) that i wonder if it is due to the opiate use. any thoughts on that?
230262 tn?1316649534 Just take care of one problem at a time is the best thing you can do for your self 1) your health (your asthma) 2) your problems with your husband 3) then your addiction. And I say 3 the addiction because there is nothing worse than to go through wd been sick and with out a clear mind. Please take care of your self I have asthma too and mine is under control but this allergy season has been really bad for me too.
230262 tn?1316649534 He also gave me like 12 boxes of albuterol inhaler solution for the nebulizer machine so i can do breathing treatments here at home daily for my asthma. He gave me antibiotics, NSAIDS, and even cough syrup for my kids!! I told him I was scared they would catch this cold of mine, so he wrote that out too in case they end up needing it. ANd then he said he got a letter from the pain clinic about me just the other day.
Avatar n tn Please keep posting here or in the addiction forum. People are here to help you. I've been through addiction (after I gave birth) and have since beat it and know that your thoughts are only clouded at this time. You probably don't remember how to actually LIVE without them. There is help!!
Avatar f tn it doesnt just cause ur baby to have low birth weight. smoking has been linked to an increase in child asthma, skin disorders, risks for developing diabetes and types of cancers in childhood!!!
885099 tn?1243550605 I'm a FOOL. But, it goes to show it is an ADDICTION and a powerful addiction. My Christmas present to myself is to try and quit. I don't want to die...but and I am also a pack and 1/2 smoker...with COPD and lung nodules. Foolish to keep smoking. One of my reasons was vanity..didn't want to gain too much weight....Well, what do I want? To be skinny for a casket?.....Gaining weight is starting to be a non issue to me as I read all of these stories....maybe we can all gain weight together.
Avatar n tn I am a nurse without a license because of my addiction to opiates. I live in a state where methadone is illegal for treatment. I travel across state line to obtain it. This time it saved my life. I do not misuse the xanax or whatever benzo I am taking at the time. I know one of the side effects is memory loss. I cannot function without it. I am home bound. I cannot work, take my child for outings, or drive.
Avatar n tn starvaing, (i didnt eat/drink anything for 6 days, and ended up reallly sick). but i have an addiction to coke zero (zero sugar) it contains: food acids338,331 sweeteners 951,950 preservatives 211 caffeine and phenylalanine i supliment that for food, i drink it when i get up, for breakfast, and then when i bgo to bed, but also all day, i was on 9-11 liters a day!. i dont drink water, and havnt drank it in the last 2 years, maby a glass or 2!!
389342 tn?1200703064 You didn't mention what type of doctor your going to is it an addiction doctor? If yes and he is a good addiction doctor you should go on a five day Suboxone maintenance and then be your good old self again. Personally I don't believe your addicted but your body has become physically dependent on them. Please excuse me if I sound insensitive but your axiety is normal. One thing though if this is a Methadone Clinic doctor your making a huge mistake!
334776 tn?1249972181 Not to say I was an angel but I had smoked too until I landed in the hospital unable to breathe and they wanted to intubate me and they couldnt figure out what was wrong with me and kept calling it asthma but the albuterol they gave me didnt due very much. it wasnt until I signed myself out that they gave me steriods and that's what did it. This happened in my 7th month of pregnancy with what is now my 3 1/2 yr old.
Avatar n tn But, she only occassionally takes Zanax (once a week maximum) and is in no way approaching abusive or addiction levels.
Avatar n tn It also contributed to high blood pressure, abnormal ECG, and excerbated my asthma to the point where I was going through a canister of albuterol per month. I have a very severe fear of death and dying and more specifically dropping dead or sudden death. I also fear getting hurt, disfigured, contracting a terrible disease like cancer or MS, or going blind and or deaf, just to name a few. I'm thinking of trying another SSRI maybe in tandem with a benzodiazepine?
Avatar n tn In truth I was saying my addiction is worse than yours ha ha. I am sorry for this. Since my first post I have gone to my doctor and told him about my oxycontin problem (not that I was snorting it) but I did abuse it and that I liked it to much. He decided to switch me to MS CONTIN 200mg every 12 hours. I have been on this dose since Tuesday without a whole lot of problems. I have used the same Doc for better than 6 years. He knows I am a recovering alcoholic and addict.
Avatar n tn due to my growing tolerance and addiction. I was going through mini-withdrawals 3 times a day...this was killing me. So I de-tox this past weekend. I bought everything from Thomas' receipe...and went to see a therapist, he gave me something for the anxiety. All I can tell you is that you begin to feel like your muscles are made of shoulder blades, ankles, thighs are so tight, it feels like I'm gonna break. I got chills, fever, hot flashes, nausea, the runs all at once.
Avatar n tn I started smoking again in a moment of desperation. Dumb! The old nicotene addiction was stronger then ever but the effects of smoking were poisonous. I managed to substitute nicotene gum 5 months later and started tx for 6 months. Pegasys Genotype 2B. Last shot Aug 1, 2003. 30 days after tx feeling better, SVR. 90 days post tx; ALT 145, viral load 1.7 million. Calcium low, fasting glucose 120. Doc says wait til after holidays & will look at treating again.
Avatar f tn I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I can't imagine how hard it was to quit smoking. Coffee is my addiction and switching to half decaf is hard enough.
Avatar n tn And even when I finally complete it, the urge to yawn again occurs. Sometimes albuterol inhaler (for asthma) seems to help. Other times it doesn't do anything. I've wondered if I was hyperventilating, so have tried breathing into a bag, which sometimes has helped. I do feel a tightness in my ribs, and wonder if it is an inflammation in the lining of the rib cage that gives that feeling of tightness and the urge to yawn, and or to take deep breaths. I've never thought about going to a dr.