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Avatar f tn I would be careful taking Advil PM as it has an antihistamine in it and might make RLS worse. I mistakenly took Nyquil with an antihistamine in it and had the shakes real bad. So be cautious..
Avatar m tn I took 2 Advil fir back pain, then took NyQuil right after, forgetting that there is acetaminophen in the NyQuil. How serious is this?
Avatar f tn My doctor told me any sinus meds are fine except for those which contain aspirin, Advil, motrin or ibuphrofen. With that being said dayquil is on the "okay" list... Does anyone know if nyquil is okay as well?
Avatar f tn Headaches suck, but usually with wd they only last about 5 days and advil helps a bunch. Keep posting, more will be along and hopefully have exp with nyquil.
Avatar f tn I recently have been sick with the influenza. I've taken Nyquil cold/flu and Advil alternating with Tylenol. The morning of 12/23 and 12/24 I woke up with green strobe lighting to the sides of my vision. This only lasted a short time but is worrisome to me. Can you help?
1496626 tn?1296139181 Took some night time cold medicine with pseudo-ephedrine in it, so not sure if that interferes with body temp. been feeling under the weather for the past couple days.
Avatar n tn hi there, when i got sick about 3 weeks ago i thought they where my fall allergeries where acting up but that was not the case i begin blowing out caylora cayon clored green snot and my left burst with infection with that and then i went in my doc and got antibiotics for 10 days and pain meds too. i know iam all better and i feel wonderfull.
Avatar f tn Talked to my pharmacist, she said advil and tylenol are ok. Nyquil needs to be spaced out from the clonazepam because of the antihistamines. She didn't seem too knowledgeable though. Does that sound right to you?
1711722 tn?1356487554 Knowing that Flu like symptoms were a side effect, I did get a Flu shot in August, prior to tx. Today, right now, I really feel like I am fighting off a cold or Flu. Can I take something like Nyquil but without alcohol??? Thanks. Just took the day off sick yesterday, and don't want to be out tomorrow.
Avatar f tn You can try nasal sprays, they are locally acting with minimal systemic absorption and effects and they will help with your symptoms. Regards.
Avatar m tn hello im experiencing weird feeling i went to the pool on tuesday in the afternoon i saw i was spotting wednesday start my period it usually last four days the five is very light anywho yesterday i start having feeling my throat feels weird and this heat coming from my throat going up back in my neck and coming no pain tho i start feeling weak i start feeling like this right after i had my coffee then i start going to bathroom cause i had diareah was also peeing(sorry for the grafic) i thought i
1351870 tn?1277732421 if you have epsom salts, the magnessium will help your muscles ) some help to sleep like melatonin or/and valerian root , this one can help you with the anxiety too. I read here that some people talk about ¿ Nyquil ? ( without the descongestionant stuff ) a good B's complex... a magnessium+calcium suplemment, potasssium ( this mineral i took it by eating potassium rich foods ),vitamin C, a vitamin complex... some people don't tolerate so many vitamins..
778877 tn?1246295477 Had really bad allergies yesterday, and took some NyQuil to sleep. Had nightmares of being hunted, of my car being stolen from the mechanic's shop, of other things I don't remember. Long, continuous dreams, too, not fragmented.
Avatar m tn Still taking Nyquil. Very hard to get going in AM. Felt better after class last night. Struggled in PM. May have been excess candy.
Avatar f tn Hey great accomplishment!!! Just keep positive. No, Advil is NOT using. It does help especially with the muscle aches and pains. We all have them and had them before using other forms of pain meds. Its okay to take over the counter meds as long as you are not dependant on them. Such as Cold meds and others that have alcohol in them, just to get high on. But, if you feel achy... take a hot bath and 400mg of Advil. I'm not sure about the Dramamine.
Avatar f tn When babies are ill, they normally only want to be with the person that they are familiar with. The more often your sister comes round and plays with the baby, the baby will form a bond with your sister, so in the future should you start to trust your sister again, the baby will be more comfortable with your sister. There are lots of reasons why a baby cries and it may have been wind, a wet or soiled nappy, being overtired, being ill, or feeling not secure with your sister. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn The other thing is to keep up your intake of Vitamin C, Pepcid does nothing for colds, it is a stomach acid inhibitor and treats Acid Reflux, Gerd or heartburn, has nothing to do with Colds or Flu, You can take Advil for muscle aches due to colds, it is an anti-inflamatory for muscles.
Avatar f tn I really dislike getting sick on the weekend because I can't call the DR. Can I safely take nyquil? There is liver warning on back but that's also on tylenol. Hoping to get some help with sleeping and fight this cold. Liver stage 1-2 and not yet on triple treatment. I haven't taken any meds at all today, if that matters. Thanks everyone!
Avatar n tn I have a question about the continued used of nyquil once a day at night time only for an exstended time.I have sinusitas,nasal polyps,COPD.Emphysema,and asyma. I keep the sinusitas at bay with nasal flushes of saline solution 2 cups with 2 drops of grape fruit seed exstract,weekley(sence doing the grapefruit seed I have not had any antibiotics or predizone for 3 years, was every three month for 3 years)I do inhalers every 4 hours or so for weezing.inhales steroids once daily.
Avatar m tn I am trying to figure out why a CVS Multi-Symptom Nighttime cold formula (generic NyQuil) is having a stimulant effect for me. First time using this medication. I took the regular recommended dose at 11pm. I was out by 11:30 and slept soundly. I woke up wired at 6:30am. This wired effect continued all day until around 7pm (20 hours). I recognized the feeling as the same hard to describe feeling I got when I took Ritalin as a very young boy, 35 years ago.
Avatar n tn my wife took nyquil while she was taking coumadin. she took nyquil for four nights but stopped two nights ago. should she get an inr?
Avatar n tn I had a nasty reaction to it. I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest, my pupils dialated to the fullest, and my body was racing for hours. It was very scary. I no longer take any type of over the counter meds.
Avatar f tn I tried so hard to stay away from taking anything tonite to sleep but my legs got the best of me. I took 2 nyquil and hopefully they kick in soon. This is the end of day 8 for me. Not to shabby but I could feel better.