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Avatar f tn After taking adder all generic fo approx. 7-8 weeks is it possible to all of a sudden develop rash and hives that covers most of body? Can adder all cause sun sensitivity like this? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Child-Behavior/Adderall-and-hives/show/276904">Adderall and hives</a>.
Avatar n tn I am 24 years old, and have been on adderall for 11 years, since the time I was diagnosed with ADD. As an adult how the drug affects me has changed greatly, and I have now formed both a mental and physical addiction to it. I have formed my life around taking this drug by pursuing a high pressure education, a college degree in a field not right for me at all, and an intensely demanding career. I am a naturally creative, laid back, and happy person, but the adderall truly changed all of that.
948319 tn?1268418526 I usually take it to calm any anxiety or panic I have while on the Adderall. Then I take it when the Adderall is gone to just zone out or numb out. It's a real mess, I will admit. I am just very very scared. I know I can lead a clean life, but it's not going to be a cakewalk. There is a lot of past reckage. My mom has done all she can do. I am fully capable of working. I have a Bachelor's degree for crying out loud. It's getting the motivation and the ability to GET TO WORK that is the problem.
Avatar f tn The acne and rash are not from an adderall allergy. Although, some peoples skin may get more oily when taking adderall (thus causing increased acne). She's obviously abusing adderall. People who abuse adderall make those of us who legitimately need it look bad. It also makes parents hesitant to put their kids on it (even though they could benefit greatly from it). I hate it when kids come on here and ask silly questions. It's disrespectful to the entire ADHD community.
956253 tn?1247621591 i have been on adderall for over one year.i have had a bad rash comes and very sick went to er found out that i am allergic to sulfa.that is one the ingriedients in that drug.when i do take adderall it cause holes in my skin they itch and get infected and hurt like hell. the pain is not worth it i willtry to get on another drug for add without sufa.not sure which one yet,i am going to counseling now.
Avatar n tn For those who have kicked adderall use or abuse a good decussion about the period of time from stopping the adderall to a period in your life where you can funtion properly again with a smile.
Avatar f tn Thanks all for your answer but i have called pharmists all over the statesa nd they say 2 beers with these meds is ok....the dr put me on adderall for refractory depression,and prozac for depression and i have had anxiety for 20 years and beeen on the benzos xanax for 17,then either klonooin or ativan the last two years...
Avatar m tn the only thing i think it could possibly be is from a generic adderall. I have taken 30mg adderall XR capsule for about 4-5 years on and off, the past month and a half have been more frequent than usual. However, I took a generic 20mg tablet one night, and the following night 20mg XR capsule. both of which i have never taken. could it be possible i had a reaction to one of those pills? i got the rash only a day or two after.
Avatar f tn I have had a rash with small bruises in the area of the rash for almost two months. Most of it is confined to my legs, esp my inner thighs and behind my knees. The rash presents as horseshoe- shaped with a small bruise right near it.
Avatar m tn I'm on 1 other medication that I'm questioning also and its adderall. But, I was on the adderall when I was taking Armour. So, that's why I leaning torward the Synthroid.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if anyone has had experience with Adderall XR or Wellbutrin XL and Reflux symptoms? I started Wellbutrin about 6 months ago, and Adderall XR about 3-4 months ago. I finally feel like I have the side effects under control for the most part.
Avatar n tn For a few years now, I've been getting a red blotchy chest/neck rash in circumstances where I - am drinking alcohol, anxious, nervous, excited, upset - really feeling just about any emotion. It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can. I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement.
Avatar m tn I just started taking 75mg two days ago and I noticed the rash just now because its starting to itch and feels a little rough/kind of painful when my armpit rubs against it. Its pretty itchy and I am starting to get itchy spots on my body (top of feet/ankles). I can not get into see my pdoc until atleast monday because it is the weekend. Should I stop taking my lamotrigine until then or reduce my dose to 50mg? Should I go to the emergency room?
Avatar f tn I also have had discoid lupus for the same amount of time, which I have kept under control with a combination of staying out of the sun, covering up and factor 50 sun cream. I am now 50 and perimenopausal. About 4 weeks ago I noticed a rash on my the back hands and fingers, at the same time as I had symptoms of cystitis. Within a day or two the rash spread to my palms and my feet, and it was very itchy, almost burning.
Avatar f tn The slight bit of heat would cause my hands to feel like they were on fire! Days later it began to look more like a rash (it was red, swollen and very itchy - still sensitive to heat). I saw a doctor and he told me it was a dermatitis and prescribed me a steriod cream (he did not think it was related to the sunburn). It appears to be working, but my hands and feet are still swollen. I also get a blotchy vein look all over my arms and legs.
Avatar f tn 27 SYMPTOMS Chronic Urticaria (June 2009 - present) - consistent hives and/or rash, all over body - only some relief here and there - seems to get worse before period - almost always itchy and have dry areas - seems to get better when I watch my diet but never goes away completely Angioedema - During the worst flare-ups I have severe swelling of eyes and/or lips. Sometimes an eye will be almost swollen shut.
456995 tn?1206593107 I was Dx with Hashimotos about two months ago, but I am worrying about Lymes Disease. I have had no rash. Anyway, here are my symptoms.
Avatar f tn missed breakfast one morning and threw up at school. Hope you find a medication, I know it was hard for me.
Avatar f tn This problem has been going on over the past three weeks and it comes and goes. He also has a very small rash on the tip of his penis. It's not very inflamed but it burns there when he urinates. He is not sexually active. Our family doctor has kind of blown us off, but it's causing my son a lot of distress and I am really out of my element here. My son takes Focalin XR 20 mg once a day and half of a 5mg tablet of Adderall every afternoon for ADHD (in case this is related to his medications.
2211548 tn?1517715964 we started lamictal and adderall , he told me to start adderall days later but i need it now, cant focus, cant relax...and now here i am at work focused and relaxed. so im on the cocktail that he we agreed upon. only 25 mg lamictal for 2 weeks and then double up for 2 weeks and then quadruple for two weeks. i should be at 100 by the end of 6 weeks. my next appointment. ive got high the same time im paranoid of this drug for some reason. its not just the rash...
Avatar n tn My daughter's boyfriend is 26 years old and has been on Adderall for ADD since age 13. He has never had problems with taken it. His dosage is 10mg at 9:00 a.m. and 5mg at 1:00 p.m. Yesterday he took 10mg at 3:00 p.m. and 5mg at 7:00 p.m. He is also a "habitual" sleep walker. Last night (3:00 in the morning) he said the house door was open (my daughter confirmed the door was open). He was adament he did not open the door. He did not sleep the remainder of the night. At 8:30 a.m.
Avatar m tn This only happened once since it was a Friday and I do not do Adderall over the weekend. Everything went back to normal, until Monday I finished the Adderall I had and it happened again, I know the obvious answer is stop taking the Adderall, but can Adderall even have this side effect and cause this to happen? I do not have health insurance and going to a Doctor is more of a life or death situation so any information will be helpful!
1450308 tn?1284885087 Could this be related to stress and an overly high dose of Adderall? I was on 120 mgs, and dropped the Adderall XR after three days, and it has been In the meantime, how can I get rid of this ugly mess? It has changed. It was very waxy after a severe sinus allergy type attack in June; this week I was hospitalized for some kind of duodenal thing, and now it is dry and flaky.
Avatar n tn I've read in clincial literature that dopaminergic agents can affect T-hormone tests. Is it possible that the longtime medications I've taken, Wellbutrin and Adderall, both of which affect dopamine, might be skewing my tests numbers? ***PATIENT INFO*** Female, 41 History of depression (10+ years); Dx w/Adult ADD (~5 years); carpal tunnel (surgery, both hands); past history of anemia. Daily Rx meds: Wellbutrin-XL 30 mg; Adderall-XR 20 mg.
Avatar n tn Lately I have had a severe itching around my left elbow/arm and then last night I had the same sensation in the shoulder area. There is no rash, discoloration, bumps, nothing in these areas. The sensation comes stays awhile, as long as an hour then goes away. I can scatch and scratch, rub on Lanacane for numbing, have use Aloe with Lidocaine, nothing helps and this is starting to drive me nuts..
5153554 tn?1365434305 he took them until he got a rash. He'd been pushing for Adderall. I wasn't against it, as long as it was coupled with a mood stabilizer. So he goes to his Psychiatrist & is prescribed Trileptal (I heard good things about that med) and Adderall. My son is 17 - turns 18 on May first. I trusted him this time & kept asking if he was taking his meds. Yes, was always the answer. The day before yesterday he told me he was only taking one Trileptal a day because it made him too sleepy.
Avatar m tn A lot of your symptoms are consistent with taking Adderall, especially on 80mg. I took Adderall and after two weeks I was paranoid, thought people were talking about me, police following me, depressed and anxious to the max!! After I stopped it the symptoms slowing got better. Come to find out all those thoughts were crazy and not true. I thank God I stopped that med. I still have anxiety but with a low dose of a benzo and Zoloft I had my life back!! You said that some benzo doped you up.
Avatar f tn Also about a month after I had a mild fever and a sore throat but my room mate also had a sore throat at this time. Now I have noticed a rash on my face and legs, it looks kinda red and blotchy underneath my skin, but no bumbs and it doesn't itch, I also started taking adderall for adhd recently though so it may be from that. Could this rash be a sign of hiv even if I don't have any other symptoms currently.
Avatar f tn I recently had a reaction to something that resulted in a rash specifically located on my neck and upper chest (it was itchy, inflamed, generally uncomfortable). I thought it was a reaction to drying my clothes with a dryer sheet for the first time (it has been at least 4 years). Here are all of the opinions I have received: -My general doctor thought it might be related to taking low-dose aspirin (prescribed by the neurologist) -My neurologist does not think it's related to the aspirin.