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Avatar f tn I have suffered from severe fatigue and muscle weakness for quite a while (I am a healthy weight and went from previously feeling perfectly fine to feeling very weak and tired all the time.) Recently it was discovered that my vitamin D levels are very low, so I was put on 50000 iu Vitamin D once weekly for eight weeks. I began this treatment about two weeks after I got on the pill, Sprintec.
Avatar m tn I told him how long I had been taking adderall and how I felt about it. He diagnosed me with adult adhd and started me on 70mg vyvanse once a day. The vyvanse works alright but my brain feels foggy, I don't think it is for me. I am going back for my follow up visit on Monday and I think I am going to see if he can put me on 20mg adderall twice a day. Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn If you are really having bad WD's from the pain meds and the Adderall helps I would take it though. I only had real WD's from Adderall one time, and I had taken about 200mg/day for about a week straight, and then I ran out. I don't know how bad the WD's from pain meds are because I have never really liked pain meds, but normally when you come off of adderall you will just be really tired and unmotivated for a few days. Lots of exercise helps with that.
Avatar m tn For a long time my drugs of choice were adderall and oxycontin, then adderall and heroin. I liked that they balanced eachother out and got super addicted to the combo of them. But yes, when I came off of them, I had severe depression. However, each day i stayed off of it got better. The thing is, I had to go to rehab or 12 step meetings for the support and teh community and so I was around other addicts who understood and so i made myself accountable to them.
Avatar m tn Vitamin D deficient, Can Taking Adderall or Adderall XR deplete the "D"???? I have been taking a very strong dose of Adderall XR for a little over a year 60mg twice a day (2 - 30mg tablets twice a day). Apparently that would keep most people rocking around the clock. Nurses eyes bug out of their head when they see the prescription. In the past 2 years have gotten to enjoy going through a BK7, Divorce, and some family issues.
Avatar f tn But this ointment is used for babies burns and has retinol, zinc and vitamin d. It´s all, i REALLY HOPE HELP SOMEONE WITH THIS COMMENT.
Avatar f tn It helped VERY MUCH compared to previous attempts at quitting and suffering through w/d. I bought a multi-vitamin, L-Theanine, and SAMe that i take first thing in the morning. Then at night, to help sleep - it take 2 Melatonin and 1 5-htp (all of which i bought at a HEB down the street from my house in vitamin section). It works, i PROMISE.
182493 tn?1348056515 For the last 4 years I’ve been using nutrition—Intravenous and oral—to rebuild and repair the biochemistry pathways in the body and mind. Over four years experience —this includes heroin, and all other street drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications--has taught me that natural detox works 100 times better than detox formulated and predicated by the use of other mind altering chemicals.
Avatar f tn and all the rest of your bloods show ok(especially HGB.) and your B12 and D are in range,sleep is adequate,you get proper exercise and there is no depression issues...well sometimes the body just wants to act the way it acts :) Hope it all works out..
Avatar f tn However, for at least a year now, I've been sleeping 12 to 14 hours on days when I don't have to be somewhere and can take a nap if I sleep 10 hours or less (sometimes more). I'm at my wit's end and have had lab tests for my thyroid, iron, B12 and Vitamin D and all came out normal (except the B12 was elevated). I also take thyroid medication and vitamin/mineral supplements daily.
Avatar n tn • heat intolerance and out of control sweating (actually seems like general temperature control problems but it is hot now) • swelling in lower legs/ankles and hands (tightness in hot weather especially) • increased acne - including carbuncles/boils/cysts on the face • difficulty concentrating (I have been diagnosed AD/HD and have been on Adderall for a year and a half) • dry dry dry and papery/peeling skin (with acne!
Avatar m tn I am sorry the tests do not include units. I figured the range would provide sufficient relativity to interpret. Testosterone, Serum: 265 (348-1197) This was concerning, so another more extensive test followed. TSH: 2.360 (0.450-4.500) LH: 4.2 (1.7-8.6) FSH: 1.1 (1.5-12.4) Testosterone, Serum: 330 (348-1197) Prolactin: 8.5 (4.0-15.2) The next test was issued by my first endocrinologist. Free Testosterone (Direct): 9.4 (9.3-26.5) Testosterone, Total, Lc/Ms: 253.9 (348-1197) LH: 4.1 (1.
Avatar f tn Hi KS - Here's what I've learned - Tsh is acronym for thyroid stimulating hormone - if your tsh is high number it means your pituitary gland is putting out alot more tsh to make up for your low t4 & t3 - so you want a lower tsh - I don't recall the exact numbers on the range but it's less than 1.0 to 4.5 or 5.
5676461 tn?1372190997 Further, since hypo patients are frequently too low in the ranges for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin, I would also suggest testing for those. Then when test results are available, please get a copy and post results and their ranges shown on the lab report and members will be glad to help interpret and advise further.
1171003 tn?1267075703 If you have not had it checked have your B12, thyroid, and Vitamin D levels checked. We all need Vitamin D. I saw a doctor years ago who believe a low dose thyroid medication improved energy and helped pain in FM people. I've taken a low dose thyroid medication since. Most recently I switched to an Iodine supplement. It's really helped me. With all of this check side effects of any supplements and I am not a doctor I just lived very much like you.
Avatar m tn ANA has come back negative for indicators, allergy tests negative, thrombocytopenia has persisted (lowest is 72 highest is 149, over the course of a year), AIHA is under control, liver and kidney functions are fine, MRI shows no irregularities, EKG shows no indicators, and CT is clean, no other irregularities in a CBC diff (which are done a bi-weekly basis). Current medications include Vitamin D, B12, Prozac( 40 mg daily. . .
Avatar m tn I tested for iron and vitamins (although not Vitamin D; I do take Vitamin D pills though). Anemia was also ruled out due to the blood test. Perhaps it is sleep apnea, since those symptoms also do crossover here.
Avatar n tn 96. I went and had more blood work done monday and still have not received a call from my doctor. I am just nervous and feel bad. I was just talking with guys at work and they never heard of men having thyroid problems, and then I check on line and it is rare. I was just wondering if anyone here knows of any men who have thyroid problems? And if my 16.96 TSH is something to be concerned about. THANKS!
Avatar f tn I think there might be a strong genetic component to your issues. You could have either a vitamin D deficiency** or a functional vitamin D deficiency - which would not show up as such, due to vitamin D resistance (VDR)- among other deficiencies.
Avatar n tn calcium and vitamin D, and evening primrose oil (still can't figure out what its effect is). I'm sending lots of warm wishes of happiness and health to you all! I admire everyone here for their strength and support of each other.
Avatar n tn I have experienced a lot of bloating and i have gone in cup size from a C to a full D. I eat a healthy and walk ad run a lot. I just went off of Yaz ysterday. How lnog does it take for the bloating to go away and will my cup size ever go back to a C? Also, how long does it take for spotting to stop?
Avatar n tn You still have to work extra hard to build back up the 'strength' and muscle, and take lots of extra vitamin supplements as well. By the way, I was only up to 100mg per day.
Avatar n tn Hi all I have had anxiety for 20 years and been on the benzos xanx for 17 years,then the last couple yearts between ativan and klonoopin..back on xanax and prozac and adderall now....i get pain on just the right side of my head face shoulder arm behind right breast,i look back and i have had this before like in the 90s...have no clue what it full of fear.and since being on the prozac my head im allergic..
Avatar n tn Hi - I need to lose about 60-70 lbs. I have an underactive thyroid and am on levoxyl (SP?) - Anyway I have been jogging 4 miles 3x/week + 1 hour of weights at the gym and have a trainer. - I can't lose any weight! I fluctuate between a loss of 1-2 lbs but thats it....The workouts have reduced my cholest. and my Thyroid is norm. - my mean blood glucose is 101.
3098104 tn?1401916185 I got off that horrible SSRI and Clonidine that nearly ended me and got back on buproprion SR and Adderall This has been a stable combo for years and years and no more horrible continual panic/terror stricken moments. I couldn't have lived on that BAD combinaton unless I was in a psych ward under 24 Hr observation! As mentioned to motye51, I nearly collapsed after just 20 steps a couple days ago and could only concentrate on getting back home to my bed.
Avatar n tn I also began taking three Omega3 capsules a day, a multi-vitamin and iron, and I drink about 80 ounces of water a day. I can't say for sure, but again, I think those have helped with the withdrawal as well. Lastly, I have been working out. It hasn't helped with weight, but psychologically, I think it has helped me deal with the withdrawal issues. I gained 40 pounds in the last 3 years (though I didn't know it was that much).
370801 tn?1264408618 It was a lot easier to work out when I was your age (according to your profile), that's for sure, but I do what I can. I take an omega-3, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, vitamin E, and a multi-vitamin. Went back yesterday; he's keeping on it for at least a little while more.
Avatar f tn If you think that you *need* a particular vitamin or supplement, have your doctor check the levels at your next blood test. Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 are two of the most overtaken vitamins, and there is no benefit to the body. Sunshine is not the only way for the body to absorb vitamin D. Taking a pill to get it should be done only if your doctor informs you it is needed. There are several reasons for a body not having a high enough B12 level.
Avatar m tn 75 mg melatonin and feel groggy again this morning ---- am sleeping, but once again are the side effects worth it I agree with you and I guess I was impatient for any type of relief so I started all the vitamins at once The ALA is supposed to help with fatigue B12 is essential for proper brain and nerve function Vitamin B12 is stored in the liver, and proper liver function is essential for proper vitamin D metabolism.
298579 tn?1192250448 You have no idea how glad I am I Finally figured out what exactly to google! I am 35 I have had the exact same thing for 5 years. 6 doctors, no sex (whats the point of crying and making him feel bad?) and waking up in my sleep. I am so tired of it all. I just started physical therapy but I am so much more leaning towards the partial. I don't want kids. but they won't do it, because i might change my mind. Trust me I have thought about this for a long 5 years and i am good with my decision.