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Also, near my vaginal opening I scratched myself too hard so there's scratches and it burns like a mother when I pee and the urine flows downward onto it. I am on the larger side of the body size scale (about 5'6 and over 300lbs). I was trying to lose weight before this started, but I can't even walk right. I'm only itchy at night and as soon as I wake up, but I also wake up literally every 3 hours scratching.
doctor told me it was yeast infection on my upper leg thigh area in the groin. I don't get them, but I wondered if my boyfriend who gave me the STI could have given me this too with his recent affair. I have a strong feeling he sees strippers and I know they table dance and rub themselves on men in the champagne room. I was told anything goes...and they are nude, so I am really worried.
It started out in an oval, egg-sized area of my upper thigh and lower part of my stomach where the skin folds when I sit down, near the groin area but not on or too near. I am normal weight, have good hygeine, don't play sports/sweat abnormally, etc. It started as a red, scaly, slightly hot patch that looked like a patch of severely dry skin. It then calmed into an area containing some slightly itchy bumps.
the symptoms you describe sound atypical for herpes but possible. (The bunched bumps under the adhesive part of the bandaid suggests an allergic reaction to the adhesive, or perhaps a yeast or bacterial infection.) Genital area HSV1 infections usually don't recur more than a couple of times (many people have no recurrent outbreaks at all). But a few have recurrent episodes, just like HSV-1.
Well, I was recently diagnosed with HSV-1 by blood test (I had three IGG specific blood tests done, first one negative, last two positive). I have been tested for all STDS 5x in the last 6 months due to my symptoms. I went to my regular OB first, then to my primary care doctor for my annual, and then a second OB for a second opinion.
Well, I found out today that the rash on her diaper area is yeast but the spreading one on her leg is not. They gave me some nystatin, I hope it clears up!! My neighbor recommended the monistat, that's my next step, thanks!
I have noticed a weird dark ivy looking spots that starts on my hip and seems to only be noticable when I am in the sun. In the winter you can hardly see it. It also seems to be going further down my leg every year. It has been 3 years and it started at my hip and now it is all the way to the back of my knee. It looks like ivy. what could this be????
Much worse on the left leg. Has not spread to my scrotum. I've tried everything, even ice. Nothing works. It does not itch, but is like a mild sunburn as you say. Please email me if you get a cure.
This forum is a community of people with some information on HPV, but most of us have no formal medical training. I don't know much about yeast infections, but HPV does not cause the symptoms you describe. You may want to search for free or low cost sexual health clinics so you can see a doctor.
Croup, respitory infections, bladder infections. She has had multiple viral infections your only suppose to get one time like hand foot and mouth (3 times) Rosiloa (5 times) she had a hospitilization for a severe case of Cdiff and has had pnemonia twice and staph. She has sever vision issues if her eyes were any worse she would be leagally blind. she wears glasses that help. She does not sleep she complains of leg and feet pain at night and since birth has been a non sleeper.
I have been prone to yeast infections in the past fairly often. I have also had one that spread to the skin of my groin in the past. I had not slept with anyone in about 3 months, but I can't remember if I used a condom, irresponsible I know, I'm allergic to latex and haven't found a good solution except abstinence, but I'm hoping it's not too late. All summer, even before I slept with this person I had something like a cut on my inner labia, as well as symptoms of a yeast infection.
My wife has had many yeast infections and we never gave it another thought when it came to sex. She has gone to the doctor, received medication and inevitably it goes away. I on the other hand have had discomfort in the perennial region just behind the scrotum. I get relief by standing and when going to sleep. The discomfort seems to flair every now and then and the urethra seems irritated only after ejaculation not urinating. I am uncircumcised.
For the past several months I have had yeast infections on and off. When I get rid of one it comes back in a couple of weeks. Sometimes they only last a day or two, then it goes away and 2 weeks later it is back. It does not itch all the time sometime it just burns.The area down there gets really chapped so to speak. I dont know what to do. I have used over the counter treatments but they do not keep them away. I started researching online and people want to charge you an arm and leg for a book.
Sore was present maybe October 6th, I know it was on the 6th, because that was the day we broke up. I visited my primary care doctor on the 8th. so possible exposure: sept 25 sore was def. present - October 6th, test date: sometime after the 8th, a week or almost 2? I want to say it took 30 days for the i maybe got them back the 30th of November?
I then read that crabs can affect all hairy areas so I repeated the RID treatement on the lower half of my body. I did RID the second time, because the sores on my penis seemed to be very agitated by the elimite and swelled up and became red. There also appeared to be more of them - (one right above, another right below my urethra opening... and two on the left side of my penis head.
I have also had some yeast infections as well. At the moment I am itching and burning with a thick white vaginal discharge and I have sort of rubbed with a towel and bled a bhai it I also noticed the other day my underwears elastic was cutting my leg on my thighs which I jow have a rash there. And I am also tender in the right side in the joint of my vaginal area into my thigh. I am wondering if this is due to geast or if it could be a yeast infection. Doctor isn't in until monday.
in all honesty, i missed a day taking my new medication for the prostatitis. my family GP says that i need to finish taking the meds just as you said. is prostatitis normal to hurt on one side, say the left one day, maybe the right the next & or the pain appears and disappear randomly? i am concerned about the skin. as i have said, there is a red spots.
I have thought I was losing my mind and all this pain was in my head. I was just about to post a question on the forum on whether the pain could be related until I read this post and it was like reading word for word how I felt. Thanks so much for answering my question by sharing your experience, and Grace you are a God send for all of your knowledge and willingness to help!
Here is the rest: A little over a wk later (26th of March), the area showed no sign of healing, so I got a walk-in appointment. The sores had kind of crusted over & were scabbing. They were never filled with puss & they never ruptured. They also never hurt or looked like the herpes pictures I found online... still I thought it could just be a milder case. I requested my results and told the female doctor the whole story.
I'm 19 years old, I've never had sex before besides one year ago with the same guy I am still with. In the last year I've had yeast infections on a clockwise basis and its horrible. I especially get it after my partner and I have had sex. After sex I always try to wipe everything out just in case and put on a new pair of underwear. The day after I also usually shower and I'm a pretty clean groomed person. I don't understand why this is happening to me.
It had been over a year since I had an outbreak and I was hoping it would last, but it did not. Last week I got another OB, but experienced pain down the back part of my leg all the way to my heel for the first time. It made sense since I get OBs on my left side of my vagina. Anyway, I went and got a prescription of Valtrex, twice a day for 10 days.
I'm not going to go through all the things you should do to prevent yeast infections because you seem to have the handle on that. Here are some other things to prevent yeast: *For oral sex use a dental dam. It's like flavored saran wrap. It creates a barrier between your vagina and his/her ;mouth fluids. *Treatment for men include prescription Diflucan. This medication cures yeast infections in most men. Get both you and your partner treated so you don't play yeast ping pong.
My baby has white spot on the leg. what is the cause and symptom for this skin problem. can you explain . It will increase in the body or it could be body mark.
Croup, respitory infections, bladder infections. She has had multiple viral infections your only suppose to get one time like hand foot and mouth (3 times) Rosiloa (5 times) she had a hospitilization for a severe case of Cdiff and has had pnemonia twice and staph. She has sever vision issues if her eyes were any worse she would be leagally blind. she wears glasses that help. She does not sleep she complains of leg and feet pain at night and since birth has been a non sleeper.
If you had a + herpes lesion culture, then you have herpes. the way they do the test you won't be + on the culture for non-herpes infections. yes you can have herpes on the lower back. it's pretty common actually. typically fungal infections don't trigger herpes infections to reoccur like things like bv do but they can. yes, if you had a lesion culture repeated 2 days later and it was negative that is not to be unexpected.
This is also the reason why the mainstream medical community does not really recognize systemic candida infections as a real illness. We are all on some version of the standard american diet... over processed foods with too much refined sugar>> candida's best friend! I am not sure if this is a definitive answer, but don't be surprised if your GYN blows it off. Most of them will not accept this as an answer but I am going to look into it more...
I was diagnosed with Type II in February 2012, but I've had the Underarm and leg crease rash problems since November of 2011. I didn't tie the two togetther until Feb. My Dermatologist and Family Doctor have tried at least 6 different creams and oitments and I've tried at least 4 OTC or homeopathic treatments. Still have the problem. I'm looking for some practical help from those that have had the same problem.
Can boys get yeast infections? He also recently had a weird bumpy rash that was itchy on his butt cheeks and inside his leg but that has gone away we thought it was a reaction to the chicken pox vaccine and treated it with calamine lotion and oatmeal bathes. If anyone has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated.
Have you tried Niastatin? A doctor put me on this, for several months, back in the early 90's. It worked wonderful. All my symptons disappeard, much like yours along with panic attacks, ear infections, sinus problems. The problem today is that most doctors will not prescribe this for even a short period of time, partly because it works to well for the Pharmacutical Companies to be happy.
my symptoms might be due to yeast, as i tend to have a lot of yeast infections, but the timing of all this is really scaring me. can you help? here's the timeline: september 21-24: i had unprotected sex with a new guy september 25-30: i was away, had no sex, got food poisoning, so my immune system was not in the best shape. october 1-3: i had unprotected sex with the same guy again october 5: a fever of 102 comes on, lasts for three days.
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