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Has anyone found out what is recommended for reduced protein for Hep C/Cirrhosis patients?
I don't understand why I have that much protein in my urine though or what might be causing it? Would my cortisone shots have anything to do with it? My doctor just sounded very concerned and somehow grim and I'm just scared now. Please help if you have any knowledge or advice on this topic.
Protein Excess protein in your urine can be a sign of a urinary tract infection (UTI), kidney damage, or certain other disorders. Later in your pregnancy, it can also be a sign of preeclampsia if it's accompanied by high blood pressure. If you have protein in your urine but your blood pressure is normal, your sample will be sent to the lab for a culture to see whether you have a UTI.
Vitamin B12 and B6 deficiency, as well as excess vitamin B6, can also cause neuropathy. Some toxins, such as lead, arsenic, and thalium can cause large fiber sensory neuropathy. Other causes include abnormalities of protein metabolism, as in a type called amyloidosis or monoclonal proteinemia. In many neuropathies, both the sensory and motor nerves (the nerves that supply the muscles) are involved, leading to sensory symptoms as well as weakness.
Weightlifters don't usually have a severe liver disease, so what applies to them doesn't necessarily apply to us. You can do the protein powder a once a week. I like low fat yogurt, I don't like milk but I do eat beans. Treatment is only for a year at maximum so any shortage can be made up when tx. is finished. It's not so easy to keep food down when you are on INF/RIBA. I lost 17 lbs. People who are heavy can lose a great deal more. Sometimes you have no appetite for anything.
Constantly losing blood in the urine can cause anemia, even if it is occult. Stones can sometimes cause kidney failure. Chronic kidney failure can cause anemia. This is due to a decreased secretion of the hormone erythropoietin. This hormone is a necessary stimulus for normal bone marrow to produce red blood cells. Just cautioning you. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
yes..anxiety can cause hand tremors. iv been on zoloft for 2 months and i still get hand tremors when im in a fearful situation.
I have been having so many problems with my voice effecting my work I don't know what to do anymore. One of the main problems was excess mucus in throat and getting to the point I can barely talk to someone on the phone. Usually this was after eating. So I have been watching the food I eat and don't eat foods like dairy or cheese especially before I work. It also got so bad that I refused to eat anything at work! I then started eating something small like an apple for supper.
But I have also read a few other claims suggesting since Acetone is highly toxic, it is harmful to the fetus. And can lead to miscarriage. I'm having trouble finding any conclusive answers. Can anyone offer some insight? Thank you.
I know that the ketones are probably from not enough carbohydrates, but the protein worries me. I don't know if it is recurring or what, but we did walk a good bit around the amusement parks here in Florida this past week. Plus I don't sit down much at work. I am a healthy person for the most part, I have a less-than-par immune system but I do exercise, though not recently. If anyone can offer me some advice or help, it would be greatly appreciated.
I realize it might be the weight but I would like to know how I can determine what is actually causing this problem. What specialty physician should I consult with to determine if there is an underlying problem? Any suggestions that I can get would be helpful when I consult with my primary care physician. I am going to ask for blood tests to be performed before going to a specialist.
In a word Yes. What is extreme? What are your blood sugar reading?
Because amino acid sequences in human body proteins are similar to those of the animal peptides, these antibodies can attach to and cause a reaction to one's own tissues. Excess protein in the diet creates a significant risk for the development of autoimmune disease because, by nature, we are designed like the other large primates to consume comparatively low amounts of protein.
Excess protein can be quite taxing for your liver and dealing with ammonia byproducts of said. Theres nothing wrong with a good diet - just the right "good diet". As for supplements, seems some docs are on the fence, - like "milk thistle" for example. My hepatologist said in pill form its basically useless and "biounavailable" - but in the IV form (legal outside the US) it can be lifesaving.
My mother has psoriasis and i was never taken to a dermatologist because our childrens clinic simply said that it was probably psoriasis and never examined it. I am curious to know if thats actually what it is, but for a lack of insurance I can't go to the doctor. They are on my arms and legs mostly, while i have also found some in my genital area. The bumps never itch , but sometimes they get rubbed by pants and hurt.
The fog in the brain is so bad that I can barely focus on anything. Allergies can do this. They can cause all of the symptoms that most of the people here are exhibiting. Strange but true. I'm not saying everyone has allergies that are causing their problems. By all means, make sure you see your doctor. Because other things can also cause our symptoms. From spinal meningitis to brain tumors to issues with your adrenal glands.
Also added in some eggs. Didn't realize too much protein may cause stones. Xray revealed no stones, trace amount of blood in urine. Anyway, while I'm at the office, I ask if she can check my potassium, magnesium and iron levels and reminded her of my pvcs. I get results today and K and Mg are normal, but iron is borderline high. My results: Iron = 126 (range 59-158) TIBC = 344 (range 250-450) 37% saturation I don't supplement with iron, but she notes my levels are high.
Genetic genie sent us a panel on our methylation profile as well as our detox profile. It helped us to understand a lot of what was going on for the past 10 yrs or so. We both have many defects including a defect in our CBS enzyme and this prevents us from braking down sulfur. It also causes us to produce to much ammonia along with histamine. All of the sulfur based supplements we were taking were slowly destroying us.
When you have a liver problem, your protein levels in the blood (albumin) becomes low. This protein is what holds the water inside the blood vessels and prevents it from retaining some place else (like the abdominal or chest cavity). Correcting this problem includes protein intake or in extreme cases (for those with frank liver failure) transplant. I suggest you discuss this with your doctor to pinpoint the real cause. What I have explained above is just one possibility.
I have had iron defiency anemia for about two years now, with ferriten 8.5 ug/DL. My doctor says that is the most sensitive test, not CBC or serum iron or TIBC, but ferriten level. Blood cell differential can determine what type of anemia you might have. I don't think I read that in your post. For me, it's suspected that heavy menstral flow is the cause, but even with supplementation I can't get my ferriten level much above 12ug/DL.
I was taking aspirin which was found to be the cause. I am not on it right now. My concern is what is the root cause of this, and is this really the reason for the neuropathy/and or other symptoms? 1. Based on my workup so far, what possibilities would you suggest as a root cause of the neuropathy, and do you think the B1 is really the cause? 2.
I was unable to locate a book by A. Schenk, MD... what is the title and do you know where you can find it? If what you are saying is true, I am so puzzled why the medical community isn't more motivated to look at things from a systemic perspective. Thanks again.
I think they caution pregnant women to take ANYTHING their first trimester, but I don't know if I can live without this relief right now. . . Good luck all - I'll let you know what I find out!
Physiologic stress that develops as a result of inefficient sleep causes hormonal changes that can cause you to gain weight. Any external stresses such as psychological, emotional, or physical stress can also aggravate internal physiological stress. When cortisol is increased due to stress, your appetite is increased for fatty and sugary foods, or "comfort" foods.
You don't have to have any oil at all to eat. Have you got a nutritionist you can sign up with? They can educate you on what's what with the food and all. One thing I forgot to mention last month when all this came up for you, was exercise and water. I hope you are moving around enough during the daytime and I hope you are drinking water a few times a day. Both those things keep the guts moving around better. Keep us posted on your testing progress!
A diet high in saturated fats and trans fats tends to raise the level of LDL cholesterol. For most people, an LDL score below 100 is healthy, but people with heart disease may need to aim even lower. "Good" Cholesterol Up to a third of blood cholesterol is carried by high-density lipoproteins or HDL.
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Tinea versicolor is caused by a fungus that lives in the skin of almost all adults. Factors that can cause the fungus to become more visible include high humidity and immune or hormone abnormalities.Treatment involves topical and oral antifungal medicines. It is not chicken skin which is due to keratosis pilaris which occurs when the human body produces excess keratin, a natural protein in the skin.
A splinter or a fragment of glass could penetrate the skin and get trapped inside, thereby leading to infection. Other vaginal boils causes include clogged sweat glands. An excess production of sebum or oil can cause a blockage of the pore openings. Bacteria and dirt may then become trapped inside the blocked pore. Clogged sweat glands can also be a result of poor hygiene as dirt and dead skin cells may get stuck inside the pores.
Also hormones will cause weight retention, water retention, but just the old menopause can do it too...try to exercise and eat low salt foods..protein to carb ratio, etc. Also, don't know how far youre into the disease, what are your stats? cause far into the disease, if anything you'll lose weight, but hopefully, that'll never be in the cards for you...
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