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Do you still have the issues or symptoms with tri sprintec? Indeed, pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, stomach cramping, dizziness, vaginal discomfort, increased vaginal fluids, breast tenderness/enlargement, spotting or missed periods may occur with this OCP. Such symptoms may also be evident if OCP intake is continuous especially if the white pills are skipped. If these persists, it is recommended that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation.
The 8t i stop taking it! Bc i had nausea, anxiety, panic attacks! So 2 weeks after i was in the hospital because i was shaking, vomitting, and i cant even go out because everything scare me :( the people!! The doctor said it was my Mind and stress ! But idont think so!!! Everything start because of the pill :( i feel so miserable :( the first doctor said its normal ! The second one its my mind!! He gave me pills for the anxiety but still i cant go to work or out because it scare me !!
I have been taking Sprintec for almost a month now and its caused my breasts to swell and nausea so far, but those side effects have gone away. Now my vaginal area is itchy and uncomfortable and I think it might be the pills. Should I call my doctor and set up an appointment to check and make sure its the pills and nothing serious?
This question is for my girlfriend, she is 22 and has been having almost clockwork nightly fevers, body aches, and nausea. The current workaround is that I've been dampening a rag and compressing it on her to relieve the heat, she literally is a furnace. Ibuprofen has done some mild work for her. The issue is why is she having fevers, aches, and nausea every night.
Hi Kay, Here is something you may find intresting Tri-Sprintec contains female hormones and therefore alters your female gynecological symptoms. Tri-Sprintec typically causes nausea, bloating, stomach cramps, breast pain, vaginal discharge, menstrual irregularities and changes in your appetite and weight. Tri-Sprintec can affect your appearance and cause increased hair growth, loss of hair or freckling of your skin. It can cause nervousness, a headache and fatigue.
Breakthrough bleeding, nausea and bloating are few common side effects of Sprintec and in case of heavy vaginal bleeding between periods you should report to the doctor immediately. The bleeding you are having seems quite heavy and is affecting your work life. Pregnancy and miscarriage is a possibility but can be confirmed only after a thorough medical history and work up.
My Doctor switched me however From Tri-sprintec to Aviane on the next pack of pills and I had unprotected sex on the first day of starting those, but once again he pulled out and did not *** at all. Now it is 6 days after I started taking Aviane and I have cramping and nausea. I'm 15 and very worried that i may be pregnant. What do you think?
Hi, I am on generic Sprintec 28 birth control. I recently started my period today, it has a clear mucus mixed in. Is this normal?
Dear doc, I came off of my birth control in December it was Tri Sprintec. I didn't have no cycle in January. I had a cycle February 10th and March 6. since then I have not had a cycle. its been like 54 days. I'm starting to get a little worried. I have a OBGYN appointment May 7th. I'm wondering why my cycle hasn't started yet? I have two children already. and the last time when I was trying to conceive I was on birth control and I came off I was fine, my cycles were normal.
My Doctor switched me however From Tri-sprintec to Aviane on the next pack of pills and I had unprotected sex on the first day of starting those, but once again he pulled out and did not *** at all. Now it is 6 days after I started taking Aviane and I have cramping and nausea. I'm 15 and very worried that i may be pregnant. What do you think? Please no lectures about abstinence though.
ok i have a question. I take sprintec birth control.On saturday, I had a doctors appt and somehow forgot to take my birth control pill... and had sex that night.. but we used a condom. The next day when I took my birth control pill, I didn't realize that I was taking a white pill(instead of the blue pill which corresponded with Sunday). I didn't realize this until Monday at work, when I was going to take my pill for Monday and realized that Sunday's pill was there as well.
i take the bc pill tri-sprintec 28 pill pac. this month i started a day late.( usually i start the pack on monday. i started on tuesday.) on october 10, i had sex without a condom and he pulled out but ejacualted on my lower stomach and almost theigh. when we were cleaning up i got worried that some of the sperm would have entered so we went to get the plan b pill. just for a reasurrance.
I can no longer eat large amounts of eggs, and I sometimes experience nausea. I also experience IBS and some anxiety. My IBS has also worsened lately with lots of bouts with diarreah. I currently take Levothroid and Tri-srpintec. I am just wondering what other disorders could be causing my symptoms?
Was on OrthoTC bc pills for about 15 yrs before switching to generic Tri Sprintec (insurance purposes). Been on generic at least a year but past 3-4 months I started spotting and in August had to double up from missing a dose. Yes, I had sex during that time too. I got a regular period (with spotting during that month too). I got a free coupon to try brand name (ortho-lo)for one month so I switched back for September and got a regular period.
I ended my bc(tri-sprintec) in july and have had pregnancy symptoms (but i also take lamortigine for epilepsy) 2 hpt were neg. could this be b/c i stopped the BC or am i pregnant? could it be hormones? if i am pregnant why would the test be neg? how could i tell the difference? (other going to the drs- i plan to but cant stand waiting!
I've been taking Sprintec. A generic birth control pill. It causes my period to be regular, depending on if I take the pills like I am supposed to. I am really forgetful, so I forgot to take about a weeks worth of pills. After that I have spotting, light pink, sometimes lined with small strings of blood, constipation, which is causing anxiety because I had unprotected sex with an ex boyfriend about a month to a month in a half ago. Could it be implantation bleeding?
And on the May 12th I started taking cryselle (switched from tri sprintec due to weight gain) and a week and one day later my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and have pretty much been having unprotected sex since although he always pulls out. *For about a week or two I've been having pregnancy symptoms, swollen and tender breasts, horrible cramping, smells bother me really bad, i get headaches every day, and I'm always really nauseous.
I didn't have a c-section. My cycle returned after I was four weeks postpartum. I started the birth control pill sprintec then and have been on it ever since. I've had some people tell me the pain could be ovarian cysts. I also had my gallbladder removed a couple years ago because of gallstones and I've had people tell me it could be scar tissue...so many possibilities. So my question is which does it sound more like? Appendicitis? Ovarian Cysts? Scar tissue?
so i renewed my prescription of sprintec, and took 5 at once. then another 1 later. so currently i have 6 in my system. i was wondering if there were any side effects or if i should be worried? im feeling very nauseous and have a bad head ache. any thoughts?
at 5 weeks post partum i had unprotected sex, then the rest of that week and into the next i had nausea, headaches, breast tenderness, and light headedness..then at my 6 week check up i decided to just switch to the pill. I bled from the time i had my daughter, until 8 weeks post partum, then it completly stopped.
I am 46 years old and have had a total thyroidectomy due to follicular carcinoma. I've been taking Levothyroxine for 4 years have had no noticeable problems except that suddenly in Jan I went for 60 days with no period. Prior to this my periods were getting closer together & sometimes a little heavier which can be normal for someone my age. After that 60 days I started spotting for 6 days then had 2 weeks of very heavy bleeding (almost 3 weeks all together).
I was orginally on Depo-Provera for 1 1/2 years (never had a period), switched to Seasonale (major nausea), then switched to Tri-Sprintec (my chest got huge on this pill), and then to Kariva (was great!). I was on Kariva for 10 months. I never took the placebo week, so I never had a 'period'. However, if and when I missed a pill or took it a little late, I always had spotting for a day or two.
When I am stressed, or tired, I start having these sharp pains in my upper-left abdomen. Sometimes this is accompanied by nausea, diarrhea. My bowel movements have always been kind of irregular. When they hit, it is unbearable. It seems to have decreased slightly after I quit caffeine, but when it does happen, it is so bad that I cry sometimes. I am currently on Sprintec (hormonal birth control pill) but I was not at the time that this started happening. What condition does this sound like?
during my first visit in the middle of the night they gave me percot for the pain but that made me feel sick to my stomach so they switched me to vicodin to take that night So by friday I'm just feeling plain yucky all over. nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, a little unbalanced (almost like if I was tipsy) I call the pharmacist and they say the flagly, cipro and the vicodin I took thursday night makes you feel all that. now Saturday rolls around and the diarreah got bad again.
as of today 9/27 i am 25 days late for my period me and my partner had sex on aug 19 i was taking birth control(SPRINTEC) for four months i stop in the middle of the pack 08/19 when i had sex plus ovulated on the 19 as well i have an app where it tells me when i ovulate when my period ect and its all been right up until now i had heavy bleeding on 08/23-08/26 the dr said it was because i stopped my birth control in the middle of a pack then on 09/01 i was cramping as if my period was about too
I have been on the same birth control for about 7 years (the generic name is Sprintec). About a year ago, I started getting really sick during the inactive period week. I was getting nausea, diarrhea, and just feeling completely drained. My gyno switched me to a stronger pill (orth-tricyclan) in April 2013...
I was not anemic, but they did presribe me some Sprintec. I took that for three months and after a month of pill taking my period stopped. But then again this past late winter/spring I bled again for two months. I went to the doctor this time I was very anemic, clotting heavily, tired, feeling sick and wanting to throw up from heavy hard cramps. The doctor put me back on sprintec, sent me to an endocronolgist, ordered an ultrasound and this is when it all got worst.
usually getting them between the 24th and 26th of every month, however this month, on the 19th in the evening hours heading in the 20th I started spotting a very dark, thick brownish almost black even type blood, I suppose just enough for a panty liner or less.... It also was accompanied with mild cramping on and off, lower back ache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue....
Its been 6 weeks since i started taking the pill and have experienced at least 3 major migraines blurred vision and in the last week severe anxiety attacks nausea and dizziness. I have suffered with anxiety disorder for 13 years but have managed to live a very happy life and still do things that i have always wanted to do although at times the anxiety disorder has been very challenging and believe me i have had moments where i could have easily given up.
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