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So lab draws every 2 days, he is complaining of stomach pain and bad joint pain. Week 4 hits....fever stays at 104.5 ....even on tylenol ilight>andilight> ilight>ibuprofenilight>!! One sunday Morning in 5/2011 i wake up to my son crying hysterically( 6:30 am ) , i ask what is wrong, he tells me....i have to go potty...but my legs wont work, So i pick him up and we race to the ER....where he is promptly admitted into the pediatric ward of the hosp!
One night i had a bad headache from eye strain (i am a chronic gamer) ilight>andilight> i took some ilight>ibuprofenilight>, a medication that i took very often before the welts started. Within an hour or so i had a dramatic reaction to the medicine. i got these giant welts on my face and body, the likes of which i had never seen before. it scared me because i thought my throat could potentially close. Luckily my throat never felt like it was swelling at all.
One night i had a bad headache from eye strain (i am a chronic gamer) ilight>andilight> i took some ilight>ibuprofenilight>, a medication that i took very often before the welts started. Within an hour or so i had a dramatic reaction to the medicine. i got these giant welts on my face and body, the likes of which i had never seen before. it scared me because i thought my throat could potentially close. Luckily my throat never felt like it was swelling at all.
Well good thing i never gave up ilight>andilight> to top it off the iUi worked not even iVF. i am a believer in God ilight>andilight> science working ilight>togetherilight>. My advise to you. Don't give up i am living proof of having faith.
i did some research ilight>andilight> Metformin is indeed used for weightloss ilight>andilight> it is recommended that the pills be ilight>takenilight> about 10-15 minutes before eating. it reduces hunger pains as well as makes you feel full due to the expansion of the tablets. i take 2000 mgs. a day. i have lost 44 pounds and counting. i have also changed some of my eating habits, but unfortunately, i am having a hard time giving up the carbohydrates.
i tried to find info on it but didn't understand a lot - other than it can be fatal if it's too high, so i guess that's why he wants me to retest so soon. Other than that, since i've ilight>takenilight> the ilight>Prednisoneilight> i'm feeling better with sinus ilight>andilight> dizziness. if anyone knows about thyroid levels please post.
i was told i had soft tissue injury and acid reflux which i thought was absolutely a joke! That was by an ENT who had ilight>takenilight> a CT scan only on the left side ilight>andilight> for that purpose only ilight>andilight> although nothing showed that indicated muscle problems but did show a swallen lymphnode it was his opinion that i had acid reflux and suggested i by over the counter acid reflux meds and i would be fine i assured him he would not be seeing me again!!
The feeling was not only uncomfortable it was down right scary i thought something was pulling like a vacuum inside my ears and they would pop.
The doctor said the carotid artery was inflamed and prescribed a nine day course of ilight>prednisoneilight>. i started the ilight>prednisoneilight> tonight along with 3 advil ilight>andilight> the pain is already much, much better. My doctor told me that there is an 80% chance this treatment will resolve the problem, but there was a 20% chance that it might return and i might need another course of prednisone. The little bit of reading i have done so far seem to point to a viral cause.
Hi - i have been experiencing similar symptoms for weeks. For about 6 week, my upper lip has been dry, slightly wrinkled, as well as cracking and peeling. So frustrating because no amount or type of lip balm seemed to help (vaseline lip therapy, body shop lip salve, etc etc). Additionally, the skin above my upper lip became dry, red and irritated. About 2-3 weeks after that, i started experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes.
i started the Plaquenil back in March of 08 ilight>andilight> stopped in October 08. i am on ilight>Prednisoneilight> 10mg per day for now ilight>andilight> it does seem to be helping. i have been hurting for the last 2 days though but i think it's because of the weather here... it's hot, humid and raining. it's been close to 80 here!!! can you believe!! Of the symptoms listed on the site, i had 4 plus the fatigue, hair loss and Raynaud's. My main ache spots are my shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and toes.
Neither ilight>prednisoneilight> nor ilight>ibuprofenilight> does much of anything when ilight>takenilight> alone but ilight>takenilight> ilight>togetherilight>, even in a small dose, they were incredibly effective. Unable to explain what’s happening, no one will prescribe continued use of this combination even though i had all positive results and no apparent negative impacts. No one helps me. They just keep looking at it as some kind of neurological or ophthalmologic problem even though they never find a cause on that diagnostic track.
in a person who has asthma, an allergic reaction to a medication can trigger an asthma attack. The most likely group of medications to cause this problem is non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, like aspirin and ibuprofen. in a person who does not have asthma, an allergic reaction to a medication will not cause that person to develop asthma.
Since introducing the blood type diet i'm experiencing less stiffness ilight>andilight> body pain ilight>andilight> have been able to cut back on ilight>ibuprofenilight>. This diet is based on the idea that our blood heritage indicates which foods are beneficial (support the body's natural healing mechanisms) and those which are destructive to a particular blood type. All further complicated by the possibility that premenopause is causing fog and other hormonal imbalances.
also, see if she can get you on Zithromax for the pneumonia. it's super strong, ilight>andilight> if it's ilight>takenilight> as directed, EXACTLY, it will kill the pneumonia and any other bacteria you have lurking in your body. Bacteria infections can cause allllll that pain also!
i also have pain from my gut from complications of Chrohn's disease and i am completely unsure of how to deal with that--1st line, and perhaps only, treatment for Gi pain from inflammatory bowel disease is narcotics--helps deaden the pain and slows the motility of the intestines.
sent me to ear, nose, throat specialist, who gave me all the nasal antihistamines ilight>andilight> steroid sprays which didn't help. Put me on ilight>Prednisoneilight> (steroid) for 12 days ilight>andilight> finally got better, although not perfect. The fatigue, balance problems, pressure in head is gone, although i still get pain in right back of head when sleeping and still get stopped up. Been using saline irrigation, also. They are sending me for allergy tests.
This sensation can be caused by nerve damage, diabetes, problems with circulation, ilight>andilight> hypothyroidism among others. Check with the doctor ilight>andilight> get some blood work done to check these things out.
i wore the brace ilight>andilight> it helped a little. i had the nerve test (which was the most horrid test i have ever ilight>takenilight>) ilight>andilight> my left arm showed more nerve damage then the right. The left hand in my profession is the holding hand, it never does the cutting, blow dring, manicuring, pedicuring it just holds what ever i am working on. But i have complete mobility in the left shoulder, elbow, hand, except for the thumb. in the thumb i had such a pain.
i think everything is over ilight>andilight> i clean up. i walk out of the toilet ilight>andilight> in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp ilight>andilight> the fainting sensation comes back (i've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When i get back to the toilet i have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
i have not ilight>takenilight> any medication for at least a month, ilight>andilight> haven't ilight>takenilight> any vitamins or pills for over a month or so, so can't it on that. i will keep reading for remedies.
and told me to take this ilight>ibuprofenilight> 2x a day. i haven't ilight>takenilight> it that often, really just as needed. i just bought a bunch of vitamins, and i think i will go back and buy some magnesium and be diligent with taking calcium pills as an earlier writer recommends. i would recommend the yoga to everyone, most good teachers will work a particular part of the body if you request it, (by the way, its "Hatha yoga", this involves deep breathing with movement).
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it is 4 a.m. ilight>andilight> i am desperately trying to figure out why i continue to break out in hives ilight>andilight> have joint pain in my elbows, feet, hands and legs. i too started breaking out in hives after taking the antibotic Solodyn for acne. After a trip to the ER, it was assumed that i had an alergic reaction to the medicine. i stopped taking the medicine after only 3 weeks and needless to say, i am still breaking out in hives and have joint pain. i have been tested for allergies and that was negative.
it's your life and if you're paying someone to help you put the pieces back ilight>togetherilight>, dangit they had better bring glue ilight>andilight> instructions. ilight>Andilight> maybe you just suffer from chronis sinus infections. i suffer from frequent constipation and there's no underlying cause. i'm just not regular! (: i hope that even if what you're experiencing is not anxiety, you find out what it is. You deserve to be happy and worry/pain-free!
The average person swallows 2000 times a day, causing the upper and lower teeth to come ilight>togetherilight> ilight>andilight> push against the skull. People who have a poorly aligned bite or missing teeth can have related problems, such as frequent headaches or Sleep disorders, because their Jaw muscles must work harder to bring the teeth together, straining the surrounding muscles." a simple Google search for TMD would have provided this author with a wealth of informative sources regarding her subject.
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) i actually have ilight>takenilight> some these past couple weeks together with prilosec because i figured ANYTHiNG was worth getting the painkillers out of my system. But my stomach is in knots already. it does this sharp contracting thing, especially throughout the night so i have to stop pushing it. Today is day 2 of my anti-inflammatory diet and the steroids (hate those!). We'll see how it goes.
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