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I agree its not too late, start as soon as possible, tell him of all the benefits breast milk has that formula doesn't, I convinced my husband from the beginning that this is the best of the best and formula is the last resort if I loose my milk, so even when I had hard times and wanted to stop breastfeeding he wad giving me the encouragement all the time, he needs to know all the facts, maybe that will help
Is it safe to take tylenol 3 while breastfeeding. I had a C -section and have alot of pain. I'm just wondering is it safe.
I know that anything that a person takes while breastfeeding can pass through the milk to the nursing infant. Due to a severe back injury I am having to take Percocet, Flexeril, & Celebrex. The doctors say that it is ok for me to take these medications just to pay a little closer attention to my 3 week old baby. I am looking for someone that has taken one or more of there while breastfeeding and what their verdict or experience with it was.
I am scared that this is not safe for the baby, but this is my 5th child and after childbirth they gave me the percocet for pain, and I was breastfeeding. So, if it wasn't safe then why would they give it to you if you are breastfeeding? scared and confused!
Do not take tylenol and he percocet. Percocet is safe I took it with a bunch of my pregnancys. I had kidney stones bad and had to be hospitalized a lot and put on iv pain med but when it was manageable I was on. 1-2 Percocet 5's every 4-6 hrs through out my pregnancys. I only get bad stones while pregnant but my babies were all healthy, well the ones I took the medicine with. If you are in pain take your medicine bonus it help with pregnancy pains...
), and now switched to Percocet. They have been doing tests, and ruling out lots of things. They thought maybe it was her appendix, but its not. Now they think its cause her right ovary is still so large cause of the over stimulation that it is twisting causing less blood flow to the ovary. this is causing it to get even bigger. Now, I know these drugs are somewhat risky for the fetus's. She is carrying twins. But I want to know if anyone else has been in this situation?
I have been taking percocet my entire pregnancy. It began prescribed by my doctor and after she stopped prescribing I continued to take them. I am Currently 34 weeks pregnant. I have been taking 10-50 mg a day. I am stopping now as to pass the drug test, but have been reading about kids born ok, and then having behavioral/sensory problems as they age. Does anyone have experience with this that the can share with me?
um i wasnt on ANY medication during my pregnancy. however after labor they gave me percocet for the pain. and they knew i was breastfeeding and i even asked if it was safe and they said yes its totally safe to take while breastfeeding.
I was told my doctor normally gives Vicodin and Toradal afterwards and after a little research I am getting conflicting information about Toradal. Has anyone had to use this while breastfeeding?
I have had a few major surgeries a couple years back and I was always prescribed percocet, which I know you cannot take while breastfeeding. If there is nothing safe to take, I would gladly go without pain meds for the benefit of my baby, but I also know from experience how uncomfortable abdominal surgery is afterwards, so if there is something safe to take while breastfeeding, that would be great too.
) because everyone talked about their amazing breastfeeding experiences, and emotionally I never felt that..I felt strained more than anything. I knew I would never be one of those women that nursed til 2 years or more. I stuck it out for 6 months and around that time I started to supplement w/ formula and she was weaned to exclusively formula by 8 months..I am having another one now and I am kind of looking forward to nursing this time, I know what it is like now and I know what to expect.
I suffer from fibromyalgia and am on a lot of medication for pain I take 2x 12 mg of hydromorph 3 times a day and 5-7 percocet eltroxin .20 mg had my thyroid completely removed in 1985 I also take .5-1 mg of cesamet at night and taking 150mg of welbutrin daily .
I have been on prescribed percocet pain killers for over a month due to a rootcanal i had done that went sour!.I am so worried what affect this may have had on my baby ! I have been worrying sick over this! I have my first apt. next week but cannot stop stressig over this! Is my baby okay? Please help!!!
I think there are plenty of alternatives except that my wife had to take the hydros becuase of breastfeeding
They give the same stuff after you deliver for pain medication too and it's completely safe for breastfeeding too.
I got Percocet, prescription strength ibuprofen, and Loritab
I know post-op, I can take percocet, but what about the actual procedure? Can I be put under? When my sister went to this place I'll be going to, she said they gave her nitrous oxide and novocaine... I know I can do the novocaine, and most likely the NO2 as well but I usually like to be put under for anything like this. If I can't, is there some sort of anti-anxiety med I can use before I go there?
Hi all! My boy is 16 days old and Im exclusively breastfeeding him. The thing is that I have got a huge headache and I dont know whats safe to take. Is tylenol safe as It is in pregnancy? Appreciate your help!
I have been breastfeeding since my daughter was born 11 days ago. Since yesterday I have been encountering the most horrible sharp pain in my right shoulder blade. My baby was delivered by C-Section and i wondered if the pain is related to the C-section? Or of course, could it be the manner in which I am breasfeeding? Motrin does not seem to cure the pain and nor does the percocet (sp?) that I was taking for my can I stretch or relieve this is terrible.
I will say that section recovery is very hard, especially the first week, and mostly the first couple days when you've got wires and tubes stuck in uncomfortable places. And the breastfeeding, for me, has been extremely draining and painful. And the sleep deprivation is hard on a marriage and the already fragile post-partum mental state. However, there's nothing that compares to the moments of pure elation your perfect angel brings. Or is that the Percocet I feel?
That's 600-750 mg a day. Plus when I could I would mix lortab or Percocet with it. Fatalities were reported in women between 500-1000 mg. I could have died from how much I was ingesting a day! This is further affirmation for me that I made the right choice in realizing what I was doing and stopping. My blessings are counted today. When on this I could have gone to sleep and never woke up. And I nursed my son through all this!!!! How selfish of me!
I took my pain meds after I have birth while breastfeeding. Just tell them maybe you need something a little less strong.
Now after my baby was born 2 month she came down with Baterial Meningitis after I stop breastfeeding expain that to me.Because my back was hurting real bad they gave differnce medication, it might her the baby to stop breastfeeding. My question how did I go from good health to all these problem.I was execellence health nothing like maybe some back every now and then if I working hard.
I have yet to find out when those feelings go away. Haha You are so awesome for taking breastfeeding into consideration. Breastfeeding is recommended by the AAP for at least the 1st year and thereafter as long as mom and baby desire. The WHO recommends breastfeeding for at least 2 years and thereafter as long as mother and baby desireā€¦ The choice is a personal one. I will continue for as long as my children would like, and as long as we feel comfortable, I am okay w/ it.
Even the expected feeling of 'lots of pressure' was minimal. More important was recovery. I did have Percocet afterwards,but was up in a chair w/no assist or much pain for dinner. Next am, foley & IV out & I was up & around fine w/ lite vag bleeding-pushed baby thru halls in bassinet. Came home day 4 off pain meds, and have to force myself to take it easy. Breastfeeding hurt soooo bad til I got nipple shields (saved me). Even 'sleep deprivation' not bad-different kind of tired.
Is this all normal? When will I start feeling better? Any recommendations for the symptoms? I am breastfeeding (pumping right now) so I don't want to take anymore percocet... Help!
If you are unable to taper off during the pregnancy both Suboxone and Subutex have been used safelyduring breastfeeding. As long as you are breastfeeding the baby after the delivery, s/he will not suffer withdrawals. Baby will taper off safely as it weans from the breast naturally. Please read my blog on Pregnancy and Addiction by clicking on my name and then blogs, it will give you some food for thought. Good luck to you and your babe.
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