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) and they sent me a printout of my entire account since I was diagnosed with MS in 2008. We know that the price of the DMD's have increased again recently, but it is shocking to see the numbers in print. Now granted, my insurance is not going to pay the amount billed, but these are the numbers the pharmacy billed, I'm just listing the months when the price changed: Oct.
I've the exact same symptoms, 3.5 years running. Mine, too, started while doing frequent lifting while working at a retail location, often with 12 hour shifts, standing on unpadded concrete. I've since had 100% desk jobs with no improvement. Pain isn't really all that big of a deal since it rarely lasts past 30 minutes after I wake up. I'm just sick of the insomnia. I've been to a variety of "care providers." with absolutely no results.
One thing you can do to help out, with any particle like that of smoke is, you can put in a whole house filter. The best in the business for price and efficiency is the Polarized Media Filters made by Electrobreeze. I would suggest these because I've had a friend that had problems with stuff that she was breathing in, and now doesn't have that problem any more. To get some more information on these I'd visit
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