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or: #dae8f4'>is it safe to take <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span> 7.5/650 mg 6 hours after taking a <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> 7.5 mg? or even taking the two together? I am asking because I have fibromyalgia, and I have been taking hydrocodone 7.5/650. y dotor recently prescrbd or: #dae8f4'>mobic, and it's bgeen aprox 6 hours since I've had one. or: #dae8f4'>is it safe to take a Hydroodone now for the pain?
i know the other or: #dae8f4'>is a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span>..and i can't take <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> and other arthritor: #dae8f4'>is meds because of my heart condition. anyway, i would only take them occasionally as you can see i took them so seldomly that they've been sitting in a cabinet so long i forget which or: #dae8f4'>is which. thanks for the concern though, but i don't need to defend myself...just would like an answer if one can be provided. thanks!
I take 120Mg of Cymbolta and 2400 Mg of Gabipention for the leg and 30 Mg of <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> for the hip pain. When I need a bit more help with the hip pain, I take 5/325 MG of Hydroco App. On my worst day I have taken as many as 6 of my Hydraco App but two or: #dae8f4'>is normal on my bad days. I do not take it every day. However when I do take it about four hours later I start to sweat really, really bad. I thought it was due to the Hydroco and you should know you are not alone.
I have ankylosing spondylitor: #dae8f4'>is, which causes a lot of pain in my back, neck and ribs. I think I can manage the pain with ibuprofen alone, and I want to quit the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span>. I'm so glad I found thor: #dae8f4'>is great website. It's a good feeling knowing there are other people with the same problem. Here's my question - I'm hoping I can taper down the hydrocodone and avoid a lot of the withdrawal symptoms. For a while I was taking 10 Vicoprofen pills at a time.
now I do have a rx for viibryd, an antidepressant, and for <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> for arthritor: #dae8f4'>is, and a high cholesterol im outta meds, and dr wont see me until results come back from lab.....or: #dae8f4'>what the hell???? Please someone let me know if you know any of the above meds ive mentioned to happen to false positive ????for hydrocodone??? i have not taken hydrocodone in at least two
I've had RA since I was 7 years old and was doing fine with Advil and prescript meds like <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> until after I had my first child 2 years ago and my body shifted. After delivery my pain got out of control. That's when my rheumatology Dr prescribed me hydrocodone. I was prescribed 4-6 a day of 10mg. So that's where, when, and how the hydrocodone got started. I've never bought them from other people or got them illegally before.
Yesterday because my pain was almost unbearable. He put me on flexeril and <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> for the arthritor: #dae8f4'>is I have in my spine. I got a great nights sleep. Have more energy today and went to the YMCA for some light exercor: #dae8f4'>ise. I have a referral in to a local spine surgeon. No more pain Dr.s for me. I will never take opiates again. The key or: #dae8f4'>is light exercor: #dae8f4'>ise to keep your muscles as strong as possible. Good luck everyone!
I already take <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span> 10/325 every four hours as well as plaquenil, methotrexate and <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span>. I had to go to ER last night and they gave me an IV of solumedrol, and dilaudid. It will be next week bf I will see my physician. The medication has already worn off, I know the steroids have to build up over time. I am in terrible pain and can barely move. I feel like I need to be in the hospital but it seemed as if ER couldn't wait to DC me.
Please tell me the side effects and potential problems when taking all of the following medications by prescription: Cymbalta (60 MG), hydrocodone-Acetaminophen (5-500 MG), Ibuprofen (800 MG), or: #dae8f4'>mobic (15 MG), Oxycodone-Acetaminophen (5-500 MG), Plaquenil (200 MG), Xanax (0.5 MG).
Enbrel 50 mg once a week (4 RA), <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> 15mg qd, baclofen 5mg tid, ambien 5mg hs, and <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span> 10/325 up to 6 times a day. I had a 24 hr urine test 6 months ago for cortor: #dae8f4'>isol but it was normal. Would adderall increase cortor: #dae8f4'>isol levels? It seems to me that it could be related to aldosterone but i can't seem to find any info on sodium concentration changes in tears and sweat. I had a CT abdomen and pelvor: #dae8f4'>is Wed but haven't gotten the results yet.
Meloxicam (brand name <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span>) or: #dae8f4'>is a NSAID (Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and or: #dae8f4'>is used to treat inflammation. Lortab or: #dae8f4'>is an opiate that contains hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. Please do not take any medication that or: #dae8f4'>is not prescribed to you recently. And if these are prescribed to you from two different or: #dae8f4'>is important to make sure you are allowed to take them together.
or: #dae8f4'>mobic.
I was prescribed Topamax along with an appetite suppressant (Adipex) for weight loss a bit over a year ago and stopped taking them after two and a half months. I did not lose all of the weight I had wanted to, but most of it. I had gained 55 pounds while on Paxil over the course of two and a half years. By taking a combination of the two medicines, I lost 22 pounds the first month, 10 pounds the second month, and 8 pounds the first half of the third month.
Went to my doc today and i was crying because i went to my caseworker asking for some financial assor: #dae8f4'>istance and she was very mean and rude and to make a long story short i was feeling very alone so went to my docter and told her about my headaches (I do get bad headaches alot) and she put me on a med called <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> for my headaches have you ever heard of it and if so or: #dae8f4'>what exactly or: #dae8f4'>is it? She also put me on ativan 0.5mg for anxiety and Bancap 5/500 prn for headaches.
Upper legs (perhaps hips?) extremely sore and almost go out from under me when I try to stand up and walk after sitting in a chair/sofa/bed etc. Seems to be getting worse. Not tied to injury that I can think of or exercor: #dae8f4'>ise although I've tried to increase walking to see if it improves the condition. It hasn't. Pain still hurts when walking but not as severe as when I first get up. or: #dae8f4'>what or: #dae8f4'>is thor: #dae8f4'>is? Used to run marathons, ski, cycle - its been a life changing problem and I'd like to find a cure.
I have been on <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> since October, and none of the 2 muscle relaxers have helped at all. The only time I get relief or: #dae8f4'>is when I take the hydrocodone (2-3 x daily). I can't go to PT, due to having 3 kids, a job, and the expense. I am at a loss, and am going to run out of pills soon...then I will be in agony constantly. Don't know or: #dae8f4'>what to do, or how to approach my doc about getting more pain pills, so he doesn't think I am abusing them or getting addicted.
I found the BEST help with the pain was taking down the immflamation and not so much trying to take away the pain itself. Ask your doc for MELOXICAM ( aka <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> ) . It or: #dae8f4'>is a potent anti immflamatory and does not have the "yucky" side effects of hydrocodone or percacet etc.. I found the most relief came from taking meloxicam consor: #dae8f4'>istently. At day 5 I saw a surgeon , by day 8 the pain came down substantially and by day 12 it was gone.
I'm currently on <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span>, wellbutrin, trazadone, valium, and vicodin as needed. Lately I have been using more vicodin as that or: #dae8f4'>is the only drug that or: #dae8f4'>is working. I live with pain constantly all day. Can anyone suggest anything. I am seeing my doctor thor: #dae8f4'>is week. Thank you.
About a month or so ago, I had a tooth pulled and my dentor: #dae8f4'>ist prescribed <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span> for the pain. I noticed when I took the medication, the pain wasn't nearly as bad in my body but I don't want to take those pills everyday. I'd rather find out or: #dae8f4'>what's going on and get the problem taken care of.....any input to my situation?
I have talked to the neurosurgeon who did the surgery and he shrugged hor: #dae8f4'>is shoulders and said I have no idea and sent me back to my neurologor: #dae8f4'>ist. He gave me a series of injections in both shoulders and the pain stopped for a couple days but then came right back. Then we tried message therapy, it helps but only for a short period. And I have tried changing my pillows on my bed and sleeping in different positions and nothing seems to help for long term. or: #dae8f4'>what can I do?
Due to the fact that oxycodone bothered you...I would be a little careful with codeine and <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span> (vicodin) only because some people have trouble with the chemical compound because they are loosely related (the "codone" aspect). Not everyone does but it seems like you are a little sensitive to the meds.
My doctor put me on <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span> 10/660 about 10 years ago, and it has worked wonders and kept my pain level down to a 2 (scale 1-10). Now, I'm told she can't prescribe it for me anymore, and has cut me back to 10-335. I feel like I've gone backwards in time. I'm back to soaking me feet in ice water, and coating my feet with Capazation, just for a little bit of temporary relief. She says she will not put me back on 10-660. I'm totally mor: #dae8f4'>iserable!!
I know that advanced bilateral orchitor: #dae8f4'>is/ epididymitor: #dae8f4'>is can be very painful and even more difficult to treat and manage. You might want to consider a consult to a PMP. I do not know their criteria for taking patients with your diagnosor: #dae8f4'>is but it bears some investigation. They are the experts inmost states for managing chronic pain...which or: #dae8f4'>is or: #dae8f4'>what thor: #dae8f4'>is condition may very well produce. If you have a PCP he should be able to direct you to a good PM Clinic.
I have gone off my anti depressant and blood pressure meds and <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span> and flexerill.Pick up a book and change the way you live before Cancer comes knocking at the door,and if it does then you will be confident that you have choices for treatment and aren't driven by fear of the unknown.
My urologor: #dae8f4'>ist for 8 years prescribed antibiotics only after digital-rectal exam confirmed my complaints and stopped my antibiotics as soon as DRE found a normal prostate despite my continuing intense pain. I was prescribed only or: #dae8f4'>mobic & other prescription NSAIDs for pain. Consults w/ urologor: #dae8f4'>ists at a major teaching hospital were not taken seriously considering I literally could not sit w/o hugely aggravating pain & could not work even part time.
I didn't feel like thor: #dae8f4'>is until today, like the pain or: #dae8f4'>is slowly settling into me. When I move it or: #dae8f4'>is not smooth and fluid, I'm all spasmy and jerky. My muscles are achy and sore as heck from my neck to my lower back, my legs arnt bad and I managed to not mess up the bad dor: #dae8f4'>isk in my l-spine so I thought I was doing myself a favor and getting some badly needed cardio but I was wrong. I just knew If I didn't shovel when I had, It would only get harder, so I was doing it with every 3 or so inches.
put me on Fentanyl Patch and worked me up to the Fentanyl 50 and swithched me to Norco 10/325 (still <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span>) and that helped tremendously but then the BT (norco) quit working )and he switched my BT to Percocet 10/325 and I take 1/2 to 1 pill every 8 hours. It's helped a lot. Dont' get dor: #dae8f4'>iscouraged because you just need to explain to your Dr. that it or: #dae8f4'>isn't working for you anymore and ask him or: #dae8f4'>what you might be able to try.
The work comp place was just handing out the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span> like it was tic tacs (so i would keep working) and at that time I had no idea I was taking a narcotic. I wasn't sleeping (b/c they hyped me up) so I went on Ambien and still didn't sleep b/c my arms, wror: #dae8f4'>ist and neck hurt SO bad. Anyway, I finally got the surgery approved. I had both wror: #dae8f4'>ists done about 6-8 weeks apart. It was the easiest outpatient surgery I have EVER had.
I got x-rays and was diagnosed with degenerative arthritor: #dae8f4'>is in my big toe joint and on 9-18-13 I started taking Meloxicam (<span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>mobic</span>). The 1st two nights of taking Meloxicam I felt achey at night and had a fever of about 100- 101. That went away for a while, but then started happening again now every night from about 10-1-13 to now 10-11-13. I get a slight fever at night (100-101) and sweat bad all night long. Bad enough to where the sheets are wet. I usually lose about 3 - 3 1/2 lbs.
I have both <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hydrocodone</span> (Vicodin) and oxycodone (Percocet), and have only used them when it was necessary, because they have always made me nauseous. I have cut them all in half to take them, and know that I need to take them with food, and just before I lie down for the night. Could I be addicted to my pain medication? I would hate to think that I might be straddling the line between necessity and addiction.
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