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I am currently giving myself Lovenox injections twice daily to bridge the temporary withdrawal of Coumadin and keep my risk of stroke down to tolerable levels. In 3 months, I hope to resume taking aspirin and have a big spinach salad to celebrate. Abruptly stopping the atenolol has caused my heart to over-react to things as simple as standing up. This is gradually subsiding and I'm told it should stop entirely within a week or two.
Wanted to let you know that I too have MTHFR.... I have to take a baby aspirin a day, extra folic acid, and after retrieval start Lovenox injections ( a form of heparin) AND if we get preggo - then lovenox injections every day for the entire pregnancy---yippee..... I can't remember all the specifics of mine...I will have to dig out my paperwork to check and let you know..... Tijuana - what a great feeling!!!! love bosses and company's who do stuff like that!!!
25 and are not feeling any withdrawal ie.severe flu like symptoms then I would drop to the 12.5 Wait a week and if you have the ones that don't have the gel you can even cut them in half or just stop at 12.5 You might experience some withdrawal symptoms but if you wean low enough they will not be so bad....also the Tylenol 3 might relieve some. Fentanyl takes longer for withdrawal to begin if it is going through your skin so it could be up to 48 hrs before you feel a change.
I think i may be pregnant because me period has NEVER in my life been like this and the doctor did say that since i stopped the pill, i can have heavy withdrawal bleeding and still be pregnant. Plus through out this month and last month, i have been missing alot of pills and taking them late (not purposely).... I have been worrying that i am having a miscarriage because i am having bad back pain and pain mostly in my left abdomen that i never had before.
I just called the clinic and they advised me that I won't get my period until I stop taking my meds so I do have to wait until sixteen days after the transfer to carry out HPT and if negative then stop taking meds, I should get withdrawal bleed in about a week. Sixteen days is not until next Wednesday!!! I told her I did HPT today and she said it was too early. I am day 9 post transfer.
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