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Hi all, I am doing a FET , started today with Estrace, RE said I need Lovenox and baby aspirin to help implantation. I have autoimune dissorder like Lupus, had a baby boy 15 months ago while trying a IVF (during lupron shots) I found out I was pregnant!! Now from previous failed IVF's I am using one frozen embryo we still have. Anyone knowing about Lovenox on the day of the transfer and baby aspirin will afect implantation. txs.
First a boot, then a cast for only two weeks and had alot of swelling and toes turning colors, so removed cast and I had a superficial blood clot. Lovenox for 3 days was all. I was back in a boot and started have pains and nerve burning sensations in BOTH legs. I assumed it was from walking funny with the boot so let it go for awhile.
Hi and welcome to the Lupus MedHelp Forum. I'm not sure the answer to your question. I read up on it before responding to your question. Maybe someone who is more familiar can better answer your question. But I do know that lupus is not dx by a test. It is a series of test along with specific symptoms. There are 11 criteria for a lupus dx. One must have at least 4 of the 11. And then there are so many test and they are all expensive.
Afterwords I began treatment for Systemic Lupus with Methotrexate, Plaquenil, and Prednisone and Lovenox. Eventually I was able to get off of prednisone and it has only been used when lupus becomes active or signs of vasculitis return. I was taken off of Methotrexate in November 2013 as I had a minor surgical procedure. Rheumatology wanted me to try to stay just on Plaquenil as my Lupus had been quiet for some time at that point. I was officially listed as in remission by January 2014.
Hello ladies, I've had 2 back-to-back miscarriages (1 missed miscarriage, 1 chemical pregnancy) since my husband and I first started trying. We're career professionals in our early 30's and are pretty healthy with no bad habits, and have delayed childrearing years I hope not by too much. My general dr ordered bloodwork; the first test with basic levels (glucose, RBC's, platelets, etc) and liver function came back normal, fortunately. No hormone levels were tested.
i'm about 12 weeks pregnant and I have CML, which is a type of leukemia. I realize it's not lupus, but definitely having a diganosis of something and being pregnant is scary. I am doing well though and still in the chronic phase, which doesn't mean much only that i'm ok. It sounds like you have a good doctor who knows what he/she is talking about. As long as you follow your doctor's advice, i'm sure things will be ok. I look at it this way, CML is just something i'm living with....
This can be tested for with two simple bloodtests, the first being anticardiolipin antibodies, and the second Lupus anticoagulant. You only need to test positive for one of the tests, and dont need them both for a diagnosis. I hope your brother gets better soon, and i wish him a speedy recovery.
Hi, If anyone's reading this, It is now one month and 3 days post op. I feel pretty good most days. Today I'm having some left sided pain, probably due to sleeping on my left side. The home care nurse just called, my INR is 4.8 !!! It has been 1.5, 1.8, 2.4, 2.8.....then I had to go on the medrol dose pak (steroids) for a severe rash I developed from taking niferex forte (we think this is what the rash is from) . Niferex forte is a vitamin capsule with vitamin c, b12, folic acid and iron.
So I was due for mine on September 29/30, but so far it hasn't come, and I am worried. I have taken 5 HPT and all negative, and my breasts are tender, I've been very gassy, and my stomach feels like I have flutters 2-3 times a day. I don't know what to make of it....I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I'm wondering how long do I wait for my period before scheduling an appointment? Any advice will help.... Thanks Ladies! :-), please send some prayers my way!
I am taking progesterone inserts twice a day. I am having increasing difficulty inserting them. It feels like I can hardly get them in using the sticks provided to insert the tablets. Almost like there is swelling and I am hitting something as soon as I barely have it inside. I have to almost "force" them in just a little bit of the way. I am also starting to have A LOT of itching and irritation around the opening and just a little inside my vagina.
I know nothing about the lovenox, other than you can give them to yourself. I have ordered these tests I got 30 ovulation predictors and 10 preg tests for 22.00 Don't know if they work or not haven't had a chance to use them.
I have been dx with Lupus Anticoagulant Disease. I take Lovenox 100mg bid as coumadin does not work for me. With coumadin I have been as high dose as 35mg and continued to make clots. I had emergency surgery to remove a 14 inch blood clot out of my left leg and pelvis in 2003. My valves are not closing or opening adequately. The pain is terrible. I am on oxycontin for pain with a back up of Lorritab when I break through.
btw.. lupus anticoagulant does NOT mean you have lupus.. (some lupus patients do .. but a lot of NON lupus patients are positive for this too).. if you're gyn doesn't know.. see a heamatologist.
Our Dr called with some bad News on why we are having so many miscarriages they did a bunch of tests awhile ago and I have Antinuclear Antibody and the more shocking news is that we weren't trying this past month and found out yesterday that we are again pregnant and about 4 weeks along. We only did it once last month so this is a shock to us we took no meds either.
For which I am on a baby asprin and daily shots of Lovenox which is low dose Heprin and was on progesteron supp. until 13 weeks. I am currently 17wks 4 days and doing great!!! Best of Luck to you!
Hi I did IUI on Saturday and am now doing the dreadful 2WW and I am already feeling discouraged but not defeated. I have PMS signs and it sucks cuz IF and WHEN AF shows up I'm gonna feel like burying my self under my sheets and never waking up. Don't mean to seem negative but today I am feeling prety down. Anyhow good luck to both of us.
I am also on Lovenox and a daily baby aspirin. I am currently pregnant with my second child and am 17 weeks. I hope and pray this one works. I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I know the depth of it must have been's horribly difficult. I will keep you in my thoughts.....
function of this is not fully understood but it is abnormal and could be responsible for blood clotting disorder or inhibition in folic acid absorption. I was suggested to use Baby aspirin and Folgard and if i do become pregnant have to take Lovonox shots ! Seems a lot but for a healthy baby can do anything.Any of you out there have gone through same and have a healthy baby? Please let me know your opinion or suggestion/s. Baby dust to all !
I have been to two hematologists and the dr I am crrently seeing has me on 2 injections of 60 mg lovenox and 5mg of coumadin daily. I am to get my blood tested today, my pt/inr #'s have been low (1.1-1.2). Dr said it should be between 2-3. I am scared and am consumed with confusion about all this. It is very hard for me to watch my intake of vitamin K veggies and alcohol. I am a 50 yr old woman in otherwise good shape and condition.
I have a leg full of clots that won't break up and go away. They have been treated for 3 years with warfarin, lovenox and cumadin. All to no avail. My gp doctor doesn't seem to have the knack to getting the INR levels stable. I've been at levels of 6 and 6.5 many times leading to ER transfusions. Last week it was 1.1 I'm worried because the symptoms are so much worse lately.
Then a month later, I had the mini strokes and went back on Lovenox. That's when the Von Willebrand and Factor 8 levels were tested. I will have to ask about Lovenox invalidating the LA tests. I hadn't heard that before, but I know Lovenox affects results of other lab tests. Thanks for the information and your reply!
I found out that I am a FVL (heterozygous) six months ago after a history of seven unexplained miscarriages all over seven years of marriage. I had two spontaneous pregnancies, four insemination and one in vitro fertilization ( 2 embryos) ,all ended with miscarriage as early as 5 weeks (8 weeks at most). In my eighth pregnancy (miscarried two weeks ago) I had heparin shots twice a day ( clexane 0.2 -2000UI anti-Xa) plus baby aspirin and I lost the fetus in 5 weeks.
I have lupus and I take Lovenox and baby aspirin. I had two miscarriages before I've managed to carry this one successfully so far. I think they "tiptoe" around it because sometimes they aren't 100% sure. Also - you may want to get testing done to make sure you are healthy enough to continue a pregnancy and that you don't have the lupus anticoagulant or the anti phospholipid syndrome or some other complication of lupus that would predispose you to renal failure if you got pregnant.
over the last year, we have found out he is cumadin resistant and xeralto resistant. The lovenox injections work, but his gut is purple and hard as a rock. He see's a hematologist, but they have not been able to figure out why he is still having blood clots, and is cumadin resistant, any thoughts?
After the stillbirth I had a postive lupus anticoagulant tests and found that I have MTHFR mutation. 6 weeks later they redid the lupus one and it was normal. I got pregnant again and went on the baby aspirin and had a healthy full term baby girl and 2 years later, twin boys, again on baby aspirin. Was the positive test you had right after one of your losses? That was the case with me.
I had bloodwork done by a ferility doctor and he sent me to a hematologist , cause he thought I had Lupus ,cause the blood work was suggesting that. (not bloodwork below) Hematologist said it looks like I have APS and had me repeat bloodwork, I guess I pass clots into my placenta when pregnant. Does the bloodwork suggest anything that might keep me from maintaining a pregnancy?
for the TNF ALpha cytokines, i need to take Humira which is a strong drug that has side effects and can have serious side effects but it is not likely hopefully! Humira is not always accepted my insurance if you don't have Lupus and it is $1600 per shot! For the MTHFR, i will need to take Lovenox. My dr gave me a 70% success rate if i follow the treatment protocol and only a 10% success without it.
Wishing you luck and many many prayers that this is both your and my year!!!
And from what I've read, it's mostly an issue in the second and third trimester (I'll have to take Lovenox injections). And it does take a long time to get all the results. I had mine done before I was TTC after my cousin had a deep vein thrombosis and was diagnosed with FVL. Our dads are twins, so it turned out I have it too. From what I remember, they would get the results on the different tests in the blood panel at different times. Not sure about what other tests they might do...
a girl on here that i am friends with took lovenox as well and had a little boy late last year. her doctor encouraged her not to take the baby aspirin with the lovenox because it can cause spotting, which can obviously cause all of us who have miscarried to stress! if you have any questions about anything just ask. i have been through this 4 times so as sad as it is i have A LOT of knowledge about it!
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