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Lotemax is a steroid and while its less likely to cause side effects than strong steroids such as pred forte it can cause them nevertheless. Non steroids for blepharitis include oral tetracycline, antibiotic ointment such as erythromycin and esepcially TheraTears SteriLid eyelid cleaning foam (available over the counter).
You need to discuss this with your ophthalmologist. Call tomorrow. Do not wear your contacts and take the lotemax (a steroid) as it is a set up for a corneal ucler. Use the search feature and read the many posts on dry eyes. Consider seeing a ENT to evaluate your sinus problem. If you have severe dry eyes you may not be able to wear contacts you should also ask your Eye MD about Restasis.
I went to the eye doctor yesterday, and I got a prescription for Restasis for my dry eyes. Along with that, I got a prescription for Lotemax, for more immediate relief (to help prevent inflammation I guess). I remember that my doctor said to put one drop of the Restasis in my eyes once in the morning, and once at night, but I can't remember what he said for the Lotemax. I THINK he said one drop in each eye four times a day, but I might be thinking of Theratears, which we didn't get.
1.) Will a week of Lotemax potentially do any harm to my eye (steroid glaucoma, infection, etc...)? 2.) Since I was rated a 2 out of 5, can I just not wear my contacts for a week or two and the GPC will subside? BTW, he said that after a week of Lotemax it will have died down and I can resume contact lens wear. Also, the way I stand right now, he said I could probably wear my lenses for 4 or 5 hours before they would become uncomfortable. Thanks in advance for any advice.
She went to an ophthalmologist and he prescribed a stronger antibiotic and lotemax. She finished the antibiotic and continued to take the steroid an additional week as prescribed and weaned off the steroid as told to. Since then, her eyes have been red quite a bit of the time. Not horribly red and not all the time, but enough to have her worried that something else might be wrong. Is this normal after ceasing the use of lotemax.
I went to my eye doctors office as a work in and diagnosed with concretions and dry eye. This doctor prescribed Lotemax, Restasis and told me I had chronic inflammation. He didn't check my pressure for glaucoma I didn't realize it until I went for my 6 week follow up and my pressure was 25 last year it was 14 and 16 and field tests looked good. So I may have drug induced glaucoma due to my family having it.
If I stop taking lotemax drops is there a chance that my hazy bision will go away? If I stop how long before it is out of my dystem do that I might check? Thank you fir you time, it is greatly appreciated. Condition uveitis tested for all infectitious diseases came back negative. Tuberculosis test also negative, chest xray fine. No know etimology. My lovely Dr.'s are trying to help. Tried oral predisone very bad sude effects after 1st and 2nd pill affecting neuro.
I had to stop prednisolone on march 9 because of increased IOP and then doctor put me on lotemax for 3 times a day.then again my IOP increased so dr. combined it with azopt. so now since march 9 till april 2nd I was on lotemax and azopt. after stopping it...I am feeling akward and more light sensitive and feeling like i have much more discharge in my eye.Dr. checked it today and did not find anything wrong..but still I am concerned. Is it normal after stopping steriods???????
I have been taking Lotemax for a few months. My doctor said as long as my IOP remains low I can take this for years. If I develop a cataract from this and have to have surgery will cataract continue to comeback if I continue taking Lotemax?
I may have to go for a second surgery for pterygium removal as it showed some re-growth. During post-op first surgery, my eye pressure went high because of using steroid drops (pred forte) 4 times a day for 2 months or so. And I read that steroid drops are necessary for amniotic graft acceptance and healing on time without any recurrence. Now since I am a steroid responder, if i do surgery 2nd time, how will I heal without using steroid drops necessary for a good healing?
i went to see a corneal specialist 12 days after the onset. i had th virus in both eyes. the docto prescribed lotemax- to be tapered as well as restasis. my questions are as follows: 1) how long do i need to be on the steroids before my vision begins to improve? 2) by taking the steroids- did i increase the time i am contageous for? if so for how long? 3) what is the point of the steroid taper? 4) what is the likelyhood that after roughly six weeks on the steroids i will be healed?
He mentioned that I had a lot of protein build up on my contacts and did a stain and he said I had dry eye. He prescribed Lotemax .05 as a first step therapy. Being fearful of steriods, he said that this is a mild steriod and hasn't had anyone have any problems with it. He said it's completely safe. Well, one month later, he informs me that I have cataracts (posterior subcapsular cataracts) and that they are a .5 on a scale of 1-4.
use a special steroid such as vexol, lotemax, FML that is less likely to cause steroid glaucoma, use oral steroids, use non-steroidal inflammatories, use steroid drops and lots of glaucoma medicines. I don't know what fucon is. Must be a non-USA medicine.
Lotemax is the brand name of the drug loteprednol. It is a steroid anti-inflammatory like Pred Forte and likely is to be used in place of Pred Forte (or the other way around). You would need to ask your doctor to be sure. "Lotepred" on the label must refer to the generic name of loteprenol. The brand name of Ketorolac, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, is Acular. So, nothing you have replaces the Ketorolac. Sorry. Maybe your doctor could give you a sample. P.S.
"Lotemax is the only steroid that can be prescribed for long term therapy" This statement by PDophthalmology is incorrect. Any steroid drop can be prescribed for long term use. The question is should they be and if they are needed what is the best choice. First many conditions such as chronic uveitis require long term therapy of strong steroids such as pred forte, vexol, FML As with any steroid taken long term side effects are common and close monitoring is important.
Lotemax is a steroid with less incidence of steroid problems. If FML did not work Lotemax may not. It is worth a try. Dr. O.
I had an eye infection 7 months ago and was put on a steroid called "Toberdex". The infection went away but then I begin to have what felt like excessive dry upper eyelids during the night as I (tried) to sleep. I went back to dr, was told to use lubricating eye drops and do warm eye compresses. Still no real relief at night. Went to another dr in hopes could help, was put on "lotemax", another steroid with continue of lubricating eye drops and warm eye compresses.
Damage is permanent. Dr. O.
Have you been 2 an eye Dr?I had the same problem and the eye dr gave me restasis and Lotemax. Restasis takes about 3 months of use before it actually works,thats where the Lotemax kicks in-it is a steroid that helps the Restasis get to work faster.No more problems for me.Chronic Dry Eyes will do this to you.I was miserable with mine.
Alrex would be a milder steroid but Lotemax is also relatively safe. As long as you don't get significant pressrue elevation/ glaucoma, I would do what the cornea specialist recommends.
The complications arose when she would stop the steroid treatment. Within 24 hrs of stopping the steroid drops, she would have pain around her eye. The pain was severe enough to require an emergency visit to her eye surgeon's office. After two attempts to stop the drops, the doctor suggested that it may be a rebound effect of the discontinued use of the steroids. On December 13th, he suggested a slow decrease in the use of the steroid to counteract the possible rebound effect.
Lotemax is a steroid. You should get the instructions from the MD that prescribed them.
Corneal subepithelial infiltrates in EKC clear very slowly, but do resolve. If they are in the center of the cornea and are affecting vision, a topical steroid (Lotemax or Pred Forte) can be used to speed resolution. The topical steroid will not cause facial swelling. Lotemax is a gentler steroid, with less potential to raise the eye pressure; hence, it is safer.
If you are on steroids generally you would need to be seen at least every six months to look for steroid glaucoma and re-assess your problem. WIth long term steroids usually something like Lotemax is used as its less likely to cause steroid glaucoma. If you live in USA you can find other ophthalmologist near you at www.geteyesmart.org or go to a University Medical School department of ophthalmology.
when they cause significant symptoms, your ophthalmologist could put you on a topical steroid, which will accelerate the clearing of the infiltrates. You need to be followed closely by the ophthalmologist, because long-term steroids can cause cataracts and glaucoma. There are milder steroids such as Alrex or Lotemax which could be tried.
You are in the ten percent of individuals who are considered a "steroid responder." The prednisolone acetate drops that you have using to prevent host vs graft rejection, are the cause of the elevated pressure. Usually temporary and reversible once steroids are discontinued. In the meantime, if your pressure is too high or if there is a concern of glaucomatis optic nerve damage, your doctor might temporarily describe pressure-lowering eyedrops.
The pred forte can cause an elevation in ocular pressure in some patients. It is possible that that was the cause of your pressure of 30. It sounds like your doctor switched you to a "soft' steroid drop like Lotemax that has less effect on the pressure. It is not as strong so has to be used more often. Remember that your pressure could also be elevated due to other issues like glaucoma due to scarring of your drainage angle (not unusual with cases like yours.
Over the counter redness (visine like) should not be used and will aggravate the condition. Restasis is for dryness, lotemax is a steroid, timolog is gor glaucoma and azasite is an antibiotic. It can take 3-6 months for redness to clear.
My doctor tried various steroid/anti-inflamation drops ( Tobradex,Lotemax, etc.) to try to reduce pressure,as well as inflamation without compromising the healing process. Last week ago, she sent me back to the surgeon( aka cornea specialist) because my eye was looking increasingly red and inflamed. Also, two small bumps which looked like pimples were forming on lower part of conjuctive tissue close to nasal passage.
However, a couple of years ago it got to the point where that wasn't working any more, so I went to an ophthalmologist in Orlando who examined me and said there was nothing wrong. I was prescribed Lotemax drops to use in conjunction with Opcon A, and this worked for a while, but after a year or so it happened again, so I went to another ophthalmologist in Phoenix where I now live. He also found nothing wrong and gave me the same prescription for Lotemax.
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