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My son just started takeing vyvanse and i woul like to know how long does it take to get in to the system and show signs of working?
My son is 10 yrs old & has been diagnosed with ADHD since he was 6. He has been on Focalin, Adderall, Ritalin, Metadate & currently is taking Vyvanse. He takes 70 mg in am with 10 mg of Prozac & @ 3pm he takes 20 mg of Ritalin mainly so he can focus & concentrate on his homework because the Vyvanse wears off about that time. Then, about an hour before bedtime he takes 0.1 of Clonopine to help him sleep. If he doesn't take it then he is up all night.
A lot of how the drugs work and are distributed will go based on the amount of fat/muscle someone has. me and my husband both take vyvanse 50mg he has a different reaction to the drug than i do. when the drug hits after an hour for me i instantly have my heart racing and experience the "high" like sensation, where my husband does not. I feel alot more of the physiological changes from the drug than what my husband does.
I'm not addicted or ever think about being addicted to the vyvanse or any drug I've ever used. No matter how addictive the drug might be, I can take a normal dose or a high one, as I have mentioned. And I had minor side effects with no addictions... And the 250mg actually lasted two days in a row, if I just took the 250mg one morning and the next morning I took 50mg... I felt like it was still staying strong.
If I read your two posts correctly, you have only been on V for two weeks. It does work for you but ends to early. You take it very early in the day. First the ratings for it say 8 to 12 hours. You might want to try and take it a bit later in the day. Also you say how tired you are for the kids. That is very understandable. You have been working all day. Heck, I would be very tired too.
This is called Off Label Prescribing. Does anyone here take over 70mg of Vyvanse? If so, how long does it last? I actually called Shire this past weekend and made a product complaint. I told the rep that my meds were wearing off after 4-5 hours & asked if it was possible to get my doctor to write for more than 70mg. She said that the doctor can do anything he wants, he can prescribe as much as he feels the patient needs.
non-expert doctors think one of the lower doses or lower number of doses should work fine for anybody. (For some people a low dose *does* work fine.) They also think anybody who thinks the low dose isn't doing the job and a higher dose would do better ... is a drug abuser and/or addict.
Which would be a good reason to see a doc. What you took would not be an overdose over that time period. How did it work for you with the SATs? My own experience in college (a long time ago) was that usually I did worse when I tried the all night (aided by stims) method. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
Hi all, today I obtained a new script for 20mg of Vyvanse (a switch from Adderall XR). I got it filled at CVS, and having read accounts of tampering, I checked out the capsules and noticed their contents are low, and significantly varied. Most of the capsules are only HALF full, and none of them are entirely full. I'll also note that I picked the script up myself, and kept them in a secure place until I opened them.
After I've done all of that, and after I'm about to just lay down and try and try ride it out I take a small swig of 'Pepto-Bismul' and for some reason it seems to neutralize the Vyvanse. The side-effects go away but so does the psychological stimulating feelings of Vyvanse. It's as if it snuffs it out almost completely. I don't know if it's a drug interaction that nobody knows about or if it thins my blood out so that I don't notice any of the effects of Vyvanse, I don't know.
The sugar is inflammatory in more ways than one, and many people react very badly to additives. Do you have other children? How does he get along at home and with relatives and friends? Does he only get out-of-control at school? And now I am out of ideas....
I have 2 (of 3) daughters diagnosed with ADHD and they are both on Vyvanse, 1st daughter (9 years old) takes 100 mg per day combined with Straterra and the 3rd daughter (6 years old) is on 40 mg per day. The only problem we have had with the Vyvanse is that it does seem to wear off earlier than the 12 hours it is said to last. I have been told that can be due to their high metabolism too. It gets them both through school which is key at this point.
I've been taking his 40mg vyvanse here and there and it made me feel fantastic. Then last week I took one and I felt like how all of you were explaining. I shrugged it off and just thought it was a bad weekend. Well today I was prescribed vyvanse. I've taken my first 50mg and I don't think i'm going to take the rest. I know I should try and see this out and take the prescription, I highly doubt I am going to. Aderol seems like it is the correct drug for ADD if given in the right quantities.
He then prescribed to me the amphetamine, Vyvanse (30mg). I was to take it the very next morning after breakfast. I have had very few problems with the my other medications, like the antidepressant, Zoloft (50mg), and the antihistamine, Zyrtec (10mg). But I have started to notice some very disturbing and confusing side effects the same day I started taking this. On Friday, I had taken one pill in the morning and left to go to school (I had taken my other medications the night before).
I think it will make a positive change in my life and career to be treated, but getting on adderall or vyvanse is a commitment. My question is...does anyone have experience with both of these meds and have info on how they differ both with effect and doctor control. With both must you visit the doctor monthly for a new prescription? Sorry for the breathy question, it feels good to word it all out! Any experience helps thanks so much! You really should have told the doctor in the ER what you took. When you withhold vital info in a medical setting, you're basically handicapping the doctors. They wouldn't be looking for certain things that may be pertinent with the possible OD. I think your best bet, for peace of mind anyway, would be to return to the ER, and be honest about what you took, so they can do the appropriate work-up. Same with a cardiologist...
Adderall was like what I imagine taking crystal methamphetamine feels like. At least I felt like how those people looked. I have been on Vyvanse for a while now. And was worried when they doctor said it was very similar to Adderall XR. But he promised me that the issues I was having with feeling ill, insomnia, and no appitite would lessen on Vyvanse. And that the nasty, gross stimulant feeling I got from Adderall would go away. And he was right about everything and then some.
this is a big improvement, and this may or may not work for your children, believe me we have tryed everything i think the worst thing was when we where taking his privilages and fun stuff away , just seems to make children more angry, and more negitive behaviour results from it, we have also tryed at home to get his work done sometimes if he is refusing we give him a few minutes to calm himself, then say ok how can we still have some fun and get the work done ..
It was always great to have my son come home and fall asleep! It does work though. Get a trampoline something fun and just let her at it and that energy will just come right out. We have tried a lot of things with our son that do work. Don’t worry about what other people say. I love my son to death but we had to put him on meds just to get him to slow down. He is very smart, just was going at a much faster pace they everyone else.
As far as I can tell, the amount of water used is not a problem as long as all of it is drunk. Apparantly, acidic foods can cause vyvanse to not work as well. So if he has a glass of orange juice, that could effect the reaction. Finally, you mention he has just started. Doctors usually start their patients (especially kids) out on the lowest possible dose and then wait for feedback from the parents before raising the dose. Its the safest way to go.
I struggled all my life through school. I am very smart. I could do average work without any sort of studying what so ever. Now I am trying to finish my bachelor's degree after years of going back and forth between colleges. I am determined. I would also like to pursue med school after my bachelor's degree. My question is this... Do the meds really help? Does it really get better? I can't go on meds till July because I'm pregnant. I am so scared and discouraged.
( plus in 5 days I will be going on vacation with my boyfriend who is also the father of my child so this vacation is going to be very special. I just want to know how much longer this may last. It's been 4 days.
He is now taking those herbs and still also the vyvanse, hydrocodone for pain and if that dosent work, he will pop an aleve. Anyone out there have any luck with the herbs? And how is the pain relivers and adhd medication effecting his liver? Is it doing more harm than good. Sorry, i have so many questions!
I started to have chest tightness that feels similar to what people say a MS 'hug' feels like, restless legs, cramps in my arms and my anxiety was through the roof, and mood swings. I saw the Neuro on 11/14 and he started the MS work up. He did blood work which included tests to rule out Sarcoidosis, & Syphilis and a Protein Electrophoresis, all were normal.
Also, have you sat down and talked to her about it and asked her how she feels and why she is doing this to her hands? Does it bother her too? Does she like being on the meds or does she hate them? Is something else maybe going on in her life that she hasn't told you about that is stressing her out? You'll want to get that info from her if you haven't already done so.
I was trying to figure out how much of the problem was ADHD related, and how much was related to improper medication. Because, treating the reading problem may not be treating the cause of the reading problem. I still really don't have much of a feeling for what is going on with her medication wise. Its very difficult for a child with ADHD to concentrate when the meds have wore off. If it is highly entertaining, they can really focus in, but otherwise its very difficult.
or ill just stand there in like a daze for a few seconds till i remember what i was wanting to do and sometimes i find myself going to do something then i turn in a full circle , a bit dazed.. i had a full work up at my gyn issues there im too young for brother is diagnosed bipoloar with psychosis at age 18...we endured physcical abuse i tried paxil but put me into extreme panic attacks , cold sweat shakes etc...effexor put me to sleep and that is all i did....
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