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I did some searching last night for info about blood sugar levels and treatment but did not turn up anything pertinent. Who knows?! I keep telling myself that somehow it is a good thing and it must mean the tx is working :) lol I guess that is one way to make it through the days!
You want to decrease your blood sugar levels by decreasing your intake of foods that create a spike or rise in those levels. You have to realize your body does not respond to foods that increase your blood sugar as others do and consider yourself "allergic" to those foods, because they act as poisons in your system. Excess insulin in the body creates other serious problems, and shortens your life span. It causes weight gain by telling your brain you are hungry when you are not.
I think he mentions a post-prandial limit of 120, but that may be two or three hours after eating. Somewhere I recall hearing that blood sugar over 200 at any time is classified as diabetes and that at that level glucose is likely to spill into the urine. Hence my concern.
Why is it that sometimes my blood sugar levels rise after walking. First thing in the morning,about an hour after exercise and not eating anything my b/s level goes up by about 4-5 points.
Another thing, if you drink coffee, (Black no sugar and no cream, Reg or Decaf) that will spike the Glycemic index as well. The caffeine stimulates the brain and then it opens up the Pancreas and releases Insulin (Sugar) into the blood and then turns into fat. This site is for research Here’s another site Never mind the video focus on the products; they are all organic, natural and vegetarian.
If you need a sweetener for your coffee try Splenda [succralose], a sugar derivative that doesn't raise blood sugar levels when digested.
I agree with Zoelula that your doctor may first try diet and moderate exercise prior to prescribing medication. However, you can start now before you see your doctor. By diet it means cut out all sugary substances and foods. This includes high carb foods containing lots of sugar and milk. Moderate exercise is walking daily for 1/3 mile or so. Walking does lower your glucose levels. Danners is incorrect to say "any good doctor would know that those r good glucose levels".
I use a blood sugar meter and I try to keep my blood sugar under 120 mg/dL. Most of the time my blood sugar is 74-110 mg/dL. I don't eat fruit - fruit makes my blood sugar spike too high (I use camu camu and amla supplements, which have no sugar). I weigh all of my food. I weigh most of my water.
Do not eat carbs alone, as this causes your blood sugar to spike too much and then crash. That crash is your carbs calling you the rest of the day! Protein helps to level out your blood sugar. What have you tried to do to get off of sugar? Are you meaning you are trying to get off of simple carbs? Have you ever read Sugar Busters (wondering because of the title of your post)?
This morning I was seen by another doctor, I explained to her my symptoms and also showed her all of my labs and MRI of my abdominal and prancreas, her statement to me was that she thought that I am suffering from Hyperventilation and not so much low blood sugar, she also wants to run a 3 hour glucose test on me and also check for a Insulinnoma, (which she thinks that I do not have) she said that the only way to tell if I do have the insulinnoma is through blood work up.
Thanks for your prompt answers, all points mentioned above will be taken into consideration, but I hoped that you will comment on Sugar levels I sent to you on 17th, what do they signify.
To remedy this problem is to eat or drink something to bring your sugar levels up again. Although sugary foods will spike the blood sugar up very quickly which OK initially in a hypoglycaemic attack, it is better to eat slow energy release food. Urine and blood tests for diabetes only show up if the level of sugar is above a certain limit. But you can still have prediabetes symptoms and this can still damage nerves.
Which makes controlling blood sugar levels a lot more difficult. And it calls for a regimen that gives Logan more control. Biphasic and Regular insulin simply doesn't do that. Blood sugar levels rise and fall in an unpredictable and very confusing fashion. And good control becomes unachievable. First prize would be to put him on a pump. It is the most responsive and flexible system available. But if you can't do that, get him on a basal/bolus regimen.
Pizza=mega carbohydrates=huge spike in blood glucose (blood sugar) levels=significant rise in pulse rate. I'm not a physician, but I'd say your body is working as it should.....
My beautiful Sugar and her brother Spike were Shitzu mixes. Sugar and Spike were more attached to each other then any love that I had ever witnessed! They were both just 10 years old. Spike was in the final stages of renal failure. I gave him sub Q fluids for over a year. I did everything to keep him alive. Sugar, who was healthy, was so upset over her brother's illness. She understood and never left his side. One day Sugar barked at the mailman and began to scream in terrible pain!
Just a reminder that any fruit JUICE has a high natural sugar content and can spike your glucose level.
Stick with low glycemic foods, that will allow your blood sugar levels to remain stable. BTW - eating sugar and a lot of fruit also contributes to your weight gain, especially if you aren't exercising right after you eat them, as the sugar will turn to fat, quickly, if not used for energy.
The liver produces 75% of the cholesterol that circulates in our blood. The other 25% comes from food. At normal levels, cholesterol actually plays an important role in helping cells do their jobs. But cholesterol levels are precariously high in more than 100 million Americans. Symptoms of High Cholesterol High cholesterol does not cause any symptoms. But it does cause damage deep within the body.
I ate in morning and then added that sugar. . Haha i just don't love hospitals, now i have to go back. Actually I have hated sugar since i was little, i don't eat sweets at all. Well if i was to have a problem i thought low sugar.
"What is considered to be a low fasting blood sugar level?" Normal fasting glucose levels are 70-99 mg/dl. Below that hypoglycemia symptoms will appear, such as you indicated, "I notice when my level is around 60 - 70, I seem to get lightheaded easier." For more info on Hyypoglycemia go here , or Google "hyperglycemia". "Also what is considered to be a high fasting blood sugar level?
I've also done some research that says that you need to take your highest level day 3 FSH and that is the one that you need to rely upon. Even though you may get lower levels later, it is not an indication that FSH has "improved". That's just what I've read. I have heard of good results with ART working for those with elevated FSH. Just sharing what I know and my thoughts. Good luck everyone.
2 (184) It doesn't seem to matter if I eat nothing but leaf lettuce for 2 days, or try a high fiber cereal or a piece of fruit with lunch, my blood sugar gravitates to 10.2 like its trying to maintain that. Eating seems to make my BG drop just slightly, and I never seem to get a post meal spike. The worst thing I can do is stop eating.. the longer I fast, the higher my BG goes. I've seen this patter every day since I started testing 16 days ago.
A suggestion would be to jot down what you are eating (you may already do this) and see if you can correlate your sugars with your food. I notice I can't eat high glycemic foods (foods that spike your blood sugar rapidly and not just sweets) anymore. My 12 year old is a type one diabetic, so we are very up on stuff. Let me know if I can help you.
It really isn't that confusing. The Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) are the antibodies that are attacking your thyroid, because for whatever reason, your body determined that your thyroid was "foreign". Eventually the antibodies will destroy it. Apparently, your doctor is of the believe that Synthroid can lower antibody counts and that lowering the antibody count will do some good... wrong on both counts.
All results showed no abnormalities except my cholestrol levels were near the high level ,my sugar was 90 (fasting) and 147( after drinking a glass of gluscose and tested after two hours). So doc recommened diet control+excersice and reduction and also one tab every night - Telasr - 40 mg. After that i have been checking by BP on daily basis with my BP meter at home and morning its around 120-125;80-85 and evening also same sometimes 125-130 and 85-90.
GI = Glycemic Index. A low GI diet is one in which the things you eat will not spike blood sugar levels, but will work to help stabilize them. For instance, eating a piece of candy will spike your blood sugar rather quickly, whereas eating a carrot will not, because of the lower sugar/carb content. Regular pasta will spike your blood sugar more quickly than whole gain pasta because it takes longer to digest the whole grain, so it doesn't go straight to the blood.
Thank-you for your message, I am going to try & keep positive about this. I went to see the nurse yesturday, where you said they reason they got me in, when my results came back, my doctor noticed how much it had risen from the other tests I had done from the past few years. I was between 4.6 to a 4.8 non fasting & fasting. The last test I had before this was in Feb 09 non fasting which was 4.8.
Typically, a diabetic diet is one that centers around foods that do not spike blood glucose levels. Several small meals are recommended daily to keep blood sugar levels even and exercise is dependent on your individual needs. You should talk to your doctor or dietician for specific instructions.
Even after changing my diet and taking beta blockers, at times my heart rate raises when I eat, so I never use table salt and try to determine exactly what foods cause this. What I'v found is that the salty foods cause this more so than the bland foods, and especially restaurant food (for me), but after years of having IST, I think that some of us just have faster heart rates. I don't know how true that is but I was told there is not much I can do about my heart rate.
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