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Is this oral or genital thrush? But, if it is Candida albicans, the most common yeast, it is often resistant to Diflucan (Fluconazole). If not the other yeast are very resistant to several anti-fungals. So it might be worth it to get it identified. Terbinifine (Lamisil) seems to work better than Diflucan if you can get it for your purpose. You may need a prescription for it. So I don't know if you want to go through having to go to the office to get the culture done and it may be C.
I've had a resistant yeast infection for many months now. I've tried over-the-counter meds as well as the following prescriptions: Terconazole, fluconazole and now ketoconazole. I've tried yogurt and herbal remedies. I've been tested for diabetes and HIV. Does anyone have any experience with this? What else can I do? My doctor keeps putting me on the azole drugs. I've read that the type of yeast I have, candida glabrata can be reistant to these drugs.
so i also get frequent yeast infections....i ama 21 year old girl who simply CANNOT figure out why i get them. I have been having yeast infections ( 3 monthly) since i was 17! it sooo sux, i have been tested for HIV and std's but all come out negative. My question is why do we get these...i hate the fact that this is so normal for me now....its been 5yrs and now if im not discharging i think some thing is werong( LOL) its silly but i would like an answer...my dr.
I was diagnosed with balanite caused by candida albicans. I took one pill 150 mg fluconazole and I used ointment canesten (1% clotrimazol) daily for 17 days. 3 days after interrupting the use of canesten the fungus was back, so I used canesten for 10 more days. About a week into the treatment I started to have mild pain in the urethra while urinating. At first the pain was close to the tip of the urethra, after 2 weeks it advanced inside by about 1/2 -1 inches and became stronger. No discharge.
It would be good to have them take a swab of the area to be sure. If it is Candida albicans it is becoming resistant to the antifungals like Fluconazole (those that end in azole) and so yours may be a resistant strain. You can try Terbinafine (Lamisil) cream instead. The steroid cream helps with the itch but can make the fungal infection worse. If you can try something else to stop the itching It would be good. As for the tongue it may be bacterial or fungal. I would get that cultured as well.
The coconut oil killed all the species and was as effective or better than the Fluconazole. It was most effective against Candida Albicans, being twice as effective as Fluconazole. You may still try the saline rinse, if the level of irritation and inflammation on the tongue is acceptable, as a topical symptom treatment option. Cheers!
Further, the multiple antibiotics you have taken have led to recurring yeast infections finally leading to your Candida glabrata (if you treat repeatedly with fluconazole, something resistant to the fluconazole will grow- you need different therapy ā€“ Iā€™d try nystatin.) As for you bone and joint pain, I do not know that this is in any way related to your exposure or the organisims you have described. I hope these comments will be helpful to you.
Welcome to the STD forum. Unfortuately, this really isn't a good resource for your questions. It is clear you have no STD, which really is the only expertise we offer on this forum. When we have patients like you in our STD clinic, we refer them to gynecologists who specialize in infectious diseases. But I'll do my best. Itching and burning are common yeast infection symptoms, as you might know, and a positive culture for yeast has to be taken seriously in this situation. What kind was it?
In the meantime try one that doesn't have fluconazole or diflucan as the yeast (Candida albicans) that most causes a vaginal infection is often resistant to this antifungal. Terbinafin is a good ingredient if there is one without azole at the end. Obviously, it is not good to have a persistant infection as it is not only irritating but may lower your immune system and if you got a break in the skin where you bleed it could potentially get into the blood stream (which would be dangerous).
The test were done months after the contact, so if there were an anti-body to an STD it should have showed up. They gave me Clotrimazole and Fluconazole (Diflucan) twice. My urologist said it was balantis and I would be fine. Initially, I felt a little better, but it never went all the way away. Oh.....and when the burning sensation is bad, I feel an anal burning, scratchy feeling too. It never feels normal. So.... I still think I have a drug resistant yeast infection (albicans).
The most common cause of vulvovaginal candidiasis (yeast infection) is named Candida albicans. However, up to 10% of cases are caused by Candida glabrata, a different kind of yeast. C. glabrata usually is resistant to all the "azole" antibiotics, including fluconazole (Diflucan), Tetrazole, and Gynazole. It sometimes responds to nystatin vaginal creams or tablets (Mycostatin, Nilstat, and other brands). Boric acid vaginal capsules also are usually effective.
My gynecologist is at a loss and tells me they've done everything. Though I tested positive for candida albicans I wonder if I also have a less common strain that is resistant to the azoles. I can't take it anymore. I am so uncomfortable. By the way, this is the first time in 20 years I've had a yeast infection and I'm 44.
I took probiotics, tried something called Zand Candida Cleanse, and started eating a lot of yogurt. My tongue seemed to return to a redder color and I felt somewhat better. My nasal drip also seemed to clear-up quite a lot. And tingling in my hands seemed to disappear. But it gets worse whenever I eat sugars, breads diet or regular soda, or go without sleep for a long period of time ā€“ all the symptoms return. Showers are the only thing that seem to help.
glabrata, which commonly is resistant to the garden-variety yeast medications like fluconazole. There is no such thing as lactobacillus overgrowth syndrome. Such claims aren't exactly quackery, because there is some controversy about it. But existance of the condition is not accepted by the majority of ObG infectious diseases specialists or vaginal infection researchers. Anyway, you say that cultures for lactobacillus were negative--so that suggestion doesn't make much sense anyway.
It also has some anti-candida effect, and it says when combined with fluconazole (Diflucan), it works well on Diflucan strains of the yeast. I hadn't heard of taking Xylitol, although I have taken Stevia in the past. I felt a bit crummier for the first month of taking Stevia. Later I read that Eva Sapi had seen it kill some spirochetes and cysts in the lab. I figured the extra fatigue and brain fog I had was the die off. After that eased up, it didn't seem to benefit me anymore.
I also just had the results of Candida culture in stools. And I got this result which I do not understand. "Growth of Candida spp.
I was cultured and laurels of candida non-albicans showed up . She also noteiced I had no lactobacillus bacteria. Then they treated me with fluconazole (50 mg) for 7 days + clotrimazole. No effect.Then they tried Nizoral, it didn't work again. I was tested for BV probably 10 times, all my tests come as negative. I am 22 and have never been sexually active. I have been tested for STDs at least 5 times though (all tests were negative). I was also tested for diabetes and UTI, all negative.
I was cultured and laurels of candida non-albicans showed up . She also noteiced I had no lactobacillus bacteria. Then they treated me with fluconazole (50 mg) for 7 days + clotrimazole. No effect.Then they tried Nizoral, it didn't work again. I was tested for BV probably 10 times, all my tests come as negative. I am 22 and have never been sexually active. I have been tested for STDs at least 5 times though (all tests were negative). I was also tested for diabetes and UTI, all negative.
Ok so I have been suffering from recurrent thrush for the past 18 months and every time I go to the doctor I get the usual Canestan pessary, clotrimazole cream or fluconazole tablets. I went back to the doctors with this 3 months ago and I asked for some swabs as I was concerned that the infection wasn't fully clearing. The swabs came back fine so I am getting a new infection of thrush every month.
As you suggest, the lack of prompt response to miconazole and fluconazole (Monistat and Diflucan) suggests that yeast may not be the primary problem. However, some yeasts are not susceptible to those drugs. Most yeast infections are due to Candida albicans, which is susceptible; but some infections are caused by C. glabrata, which often is resistant to the azole drugs. So if not yet done, you need a culture for yeast--not just a micrscopic test--to see if you have C. albicans, C.
His prostatitis is very unlikely to be due to you, and more likely to be from him having a long running untreated yeast infection - but you could be both just reinfecting each other with the candida organism that causes the infection. I recommend treatment for both of you, and of course using condoms in the mean-time.
my g/f was diagnosed with vaginal yeast infection about 5 days before June 10, and was successfully treated was one single dose of Diflucan (fluconazole). -June 17, i went to a family doctor and told him that i had the itch for one week. He precribed me Levaquin 500 MG and i took it for 10 days. He said, the penis has some kind of minor infection, just take the medicine, go home and don't worry about it. well, i did exactly what my doctor told me to.
Your symptoms sound most like yeast infection. Some yeasts are resistant to standard medications, such as fluconazole (Diflucan). Trichomonas is possible as well. Herpes is a distant possibility. The symptoms don't sound much like gonorrhea or chlamydia. Finally, maybe an unusually prolonged chemical irritation or allergy, e.g. to latex or lubricant? Presumably you're not using any vaginal hygiene products--deodorants, douches, etc; if so, stop.
and sometimes candida becomes resistant to fluconazole (hence the use of Terbinafine which works synergically with fluconazole).. some people have been helped by taking antibiotics (like Azythromycin) simultaneously with the anti-fungal drug therapy... good luck! and beware that your liver might be taxed quite a bit with the fluconazole therapy..
Also had 1,300 CD4 count, which is great. I actually think it's a resistant strain of candida that's not going away with fluconazole, but I'm no doctor so I'm just guessing here. Did you ever get an antibody test to candida? Mine is positive. I've been taking fluconazloe, but it doesn't eliminate it. I've researched candida extensively, and all of my symptoms can be caused by it. I've also found that there are, in fact, resistant strains of candida that do not respond to fluconazole.
and wow as much as it ***** i am glad i am not alone...i have come to a conclusion. i think it is candida. a male yeast infection.. it just makes sense. and oen of my partners got oral thrush on her tongue. so i am gunning for candida. and yes i went to a urologist and spent mad mone yand all tests were negative for any urinary infection. no nsu. I truly believe it is candida.. so here is a test fellas,. The spit test mine came out positive.
We don't have doctors on these sites but I can advice you. One thing I want to mention is that some strains of Candida albicans are resistant to fluconiazole. So, using terbinafine (Lamisil cream) should work if that is what it is. But the best thing to do is to have your doctor have it cultured. They can do a skin scraping of an area and send it to the lab. That way you don't just keep using many different medications.
If it doesn't clear up did they say you have a fungus or yeast? Are you on fluconazole? Often yeast are getting resistant to this. Turbinafine cream is better for this. The balance sounds like a inner ear thing. Did you have your thyroid checked? It might be worth a try as well. Mine just went off all of a sudden and I got vertigo , and severe fatigue. I had hypothyroidism and never had it before. So that is my advice so far.
Seeing a neurologist is a good start. I do not want to alarm you, but have you been checked for Multiple Sclerosis? You have some of the classic symptoms of the beginning of this. The neruologist should be able to determine this quite quickly. On a more happier note, have you been tested for the Candida yeast. I swear, it can mimic ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. It is simple stool test, and can be treated with "Nystatin" this is a terrific anitfungal, another good drug would be fluconazole.
You should try coconut oil candida. I heard that there's a special coconut oil made for candida but Iam not sure where to get it.
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