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Avatar f tn Hello, I've had a spate of itchiness that's lasted around 4 months in genital area, tested for STDs all negative. Doctor unsure as no obvious rash, prescribed 4 weeks of fluconazole to see if it is a fungal infection, 50mg every morning for 4 weeks. Now the itching is still present 3 weeks in, would you expect the itching to have subsided by now? I'm unsure how this drug works. Also I seemed to develop a small red rash whilst on these tablets that comes and goes?
Avatar n tn also, I finally vomitted this morning.
Avatar m tn ive had cystoscopy and ultrasound test which were clear but my urodynamics were not it showed i had very poor flow and the urologist doesnt no what to do with me , i actually am suffering from a overgrowth of candida which my allergist tells me can cause these infection and antibiotics are no good for me - my gp doesnt agree with this and is reluctant to give me an antifungal for a trial n error , i researched the drug diflucan / fluconazole and have read it helps some people and not others , s
Avatar m tn They are fairly straight forward tests and you should have no problem getting your doctor to order either one. You can forgo the fluconazole, an antifungal drug for treating candida and increase the intake of coconut oil slightly-see my previous post on the recommended dosing. Coconut oil has a broader action against the entire spectrum of candida species, making it a much preferred anti-fungal choice than fluconazole & w/o the side-effects either.
Avatar m tn Basically Itraconazole is more wide spectrum and less toxic than ketoconazole and has been hence used for a variety of fungal infections chief being aspergillus, blastomycosis, sporotrichosis, histoplasmosis, and onychomycosis and ketoconazole is often used for Candida, Histoplasma, Coccidioides, and Blastomyces (although it is not active against Aspergillus).
Avatar f tn Diflucan (brand) is the equivalent to fluconazole (generic) in the US, but most insurance regulates it to only 150 mg for candida x 1 with no refills. ID providers often give 100 mg QD for the duration of antibiotic use for immunocompromised patients as well as probiotics. There are also contraindications if a patient is taking other medications, like Lipitor or Atorvastatin and fluconazole and potentiating effects.
Avatar m tn The advice given to you is very good so far, however, I'd like to emphasize that Coconut Oil consumption - work up to 5T daily in your cooking or as a supplement or added over your food, but starting only with 1-2T daily at first to avoid die-off effects - will serve you greatly for addressing both of these issues, since it is anti-fungal (Candida) and anti-parasitic.
Avatar n tn I have also seen an ENT who diagnosed oral candidiasis, but the lab tests on my sputum came back negative for candida. An internist said I was "more toxic than most people" and tried to sell me colloidal silver spray, vitamins, and other "detox" products, after admitting she had no idea what was wrong with me. Blood tests are normal except for slightly low WBC and positive DAT. I'm exhausted all the time, even if I stay in bed all day.
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor, I just have researched a cure for candida for about two years non-stop and tried various methods, spent 1000's of dollars and finally cured myself, and by the way, I suffered from Lupus since I was five years old and once I got rid of the metal, candida, and Leaky Gut, my auto-immune deasease dissapeared,.....makes you wonder.
Avatar m tn and sometimes candida becomes resistant to fluconazole (hence the use of Terbinafine which works synergically with fluconazole).. some people have been helped by taking antibiotics (like Azythromycin) simultaneously with the anti-fungal drug therapy... good luck! and beware that your liver might be taxed quite a bit with the fluconazole therapy..
Avatar n tn Hi, I've suffered from severe Candida Balanitis/Balanoposthitis for ~4 months continuously, and now kind of recovering with the help from a good Dermatlogist. Here is my story. The problem started around end of Sep2012. Initially I had little tensile pain in the Frenulam (skin between/below penis glans and shaft), specially during intercourse. I consulted a general medicine Doc first, who referred me to an Urologist.
Avatar f tn I don't have the thrush either, just a persisting candida, if I do not take the fluconazole time release. If the thrush persists, you might need to ask your doctor for some medication. Eliminating sugar, refined flour etc, should help in the process, as fungi feed on this. I'm really sorry about the almost complete hair loss. It must be really 'painful'. I don't think anyone's feelings are shallow. This is how YOU feel about not having your hair and I respect that.
55646 tn?1263664409 Nationally, there are at least three different studies beginning for the treatment of genital herpes. First, the Genocea phase one (first in humans) trial. Instead of an oral medication to treat herpes, Genocea out of Boston has taken the approach of stimulating the immune system to respond more robustly to the herpes virus in people who are already infected with the virus.
Avatar f tn (2) • For specific dosage instructions for peginterferon alfa and ribavirin, refer to their respective prescribing information. (2) (my emphasis-willy) ======================================================= http://www.gene.com/gene/products/information/pegasys/pdf/pi.pdf COPEGUS should be taken with food.
Avatar m tn If an unfortunate side effect should happen to you, well, I am sorry. I am not charging you for this, you are not paying me for it, so don’t sue me. It’s a responsibility that you have to assume. If you expect a risk-free life, with massive compensation should things don’t work out, then don't try this. So, why is this book manuscript free? The physician who reviewed it said, “The materials cost less than $5.
Avatar n tn Be sure to tell them the fluconazole didn't work. Also regarding your feet/foot. Did you say you tried Terbinafine on the foot? If you did it takes a week to work.
Avatar n tn They tested me for a yeast infection and it came back positive...ive never had one of these...they gave me 1 pill --FLUCONAZOLE 150MG and a creme for all of the other things (redness,itching,etc.) They also tested me for genital herpes even thought the nurse said she doubted very seriously that i had it because she'd never saw genital herpes look like that its always much worse.
Avatar n tn You could try some dietary changes, look it up on the internet, and you can find lots of solutions for candida diets. I can't remember if you said this...do you take baths or showers? Sorry if you said..but try not to take baths too much. Showers are better. Sounds to me like you do have yeast...but let me ask you this. Do you have itching just concentrated in the vaginal area, or is it on your entire genital area?
Avatar n tn Long story short is that I've had this orange Tongue for a while and think it may be Candida Yeast infection.. but can't get a definite answer for it.. I am taking this product called "Candistroy" its a probiotic (acidophilus) and another tablet to help kill off the bad yeasts.. You can go to their website http://www.*****.com/ and click on "Candistroy" for more info.. maybe it will help.... Let's hope.. I still haven't tried the anti fungal mouth rinse ..
Avatar f tn The oral pill fluconazole (150mg) helped rid me of external and internal itching for 2-3 weeks. One pill helped that much. I'm not sure how many doctors would allow you to take them without a yeast infection. But it did help me. Also A+D baby diaper rash ointment helps a lot too. Along with a mild steroid cream for when it gets really bad. I've had this for about a year without knowing what it was. Mine always got worse before and after my period when I was the most emotional.
288415 tn?1231634102 Av, its horrible. Mine has been going on for three years. The only benefit is that I do not hear my husband's snoring. I lay down and they immediately clog. I did used to get really nasty smelling crud out of them every morning. I have had times when my jaw is so sore, or my ear, or below my ear. This has been such a pain in "the ear" for me. Richt now the itchiness is truly driving me nuts.
Avatar n tn Receiving cunnilingus after someone else has been drinking beer also does not cause yeast infections. Same goes for consuming bread, nutritional yeast, and so on. Candida albicans yeast are a normal part of the human body's intestinal flora. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a completely different genus and species of yeast that survives and multiplies in very different conditions.
Avatar n tn I'm a 60 year old men, in excellent health, except for experiencing tremors during sleep that wake me up and have difficulty going back to sleep. As I start to fall sleep again, I feel these "rumbleling" (tremors) around my upper body. I immediately wake up again. These tremors last for about 10-15 seconds after I wake up. The first time I experienced this condition was exactly two years ago. It lasted for about four days and it simply went away.
Avatar n tn For the past 4 years I have been experiencing horrible symptoms. It seemed that the whole thing started as a sinus infection but then I went for a CT scan of sinuses and they were clear. I have been having symptoms of dizziness, head pain, shakiness and a spaced out kind of foggy feeling like i am watching my life from the outside - all day every day. There are some times for a couple of hours during the day that the symptoms may lift and give me a few moments to live- but not much.
Avatar n tn tested positive for strep last week and given 250mg amoxcicillin three times a day for 5 days. i completed this and took a fluconazole tablet for thrush (in case the antibitotics caused thrush) and clotrimazole cream twice a day for 7 days. the antibiotics worked really well and discharge cleared up after a few days. however, its just coming back again even worse.
Avatar n tn mras,mrvs with and without contrast they know have me on medicine called topamax for the migraines witch I have read that is also used for seizuires and have me on a med called maxalt for migraines instead of what I have been on for years but said all my test are normal I still have lite to moderate pressure over my left eye my vision is back and migraine has subsided but I would like further answers not getting any???
Avatar n tn H-E-L-P!!! I've had this uncontrollable itch on my outer labia's for the past 7 years. Everyday I itch, I feel like a freak because I am always scratching (not in public). My labia gets sore from the scratching and I break skin often from scratching. I have tried everthing, but it doesn't go away. I know it's not an STD because I went to the doctor's and have been tested. However they haven't helped me none.
Avatar n tn My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won