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If your stomach gets hard all over, not just in one spot, it's a contraction. They don't have to hurt. In fact, Braxton hicks contractions typically don't. If they start getting noticeable when you're not touching your stomach, make note and time them if you've had more than four to six in an hour.
For over a week I have had stomach contractions. No real heartburn, no vomitting, not even nausea. Some times as often as every 15 minutes, some times, hours between. I have taken maalox and such, seems to help for awhile. Severity ranges from as low as a 2 and as high as a a 7 or even an 8. I have had constant diarreah. Food doesn't irritate, in fact, sometimes helps. The most bothersome thing is it is actually causing alot of discomfort, as well as a back ache at times.
No contractions are like stomach tightening and sharp pain in your lower abdomen and your lower back.
Your stomach will get hard like a rock ... its kinda like a sting .
Although ok they can be inconsistent and occur every 5-7min, etc. You can have pain in your back or your stomach and your uterus is rock hard during contractions. They usually last one minute whereas bh last 30 seconds or less.
Im 33 weeks 3 days and i am having a lot of pressure in my lower stomach and lower and middle back. Do these sound like contractions? I am a ftm and idk what to do. My stomach is also constantly hard but my baby boy is still moving around a little. Thank you for your response in advance!
Not everyone experiences back labor, so just tightening in your stomach could be a contraction.
yes it could be. if you havnt yet, call your doc or the hospital and they will tell you if you need to go in or not.
Feels like really bad cramps, like @mykids4dar says the pain starts from your back then travels to your stomach. Contractions are rythamic so make sure you time them. Contractions that are 5 minutes apart should not be ignored, call your dr or midwife.
True contractions tend to wrap around to your back as well. Or from your back to your front. There's a huge difference between your belly being hard and a contraction.
I have been having pains in my stomach off and on it feels like peirod cramps but the hurt so bad could they be contractions im 34&2
Does your stomach always tighten from contractions? I feel a feeling I've never felt in my lower belly. I'm 33.4 weeks. Can someone explain as best as possible What a contraction feels like.
I'm 31 weeks and I was laying in bed when I had these really sharp pains in. my lower stomach by my pelvic bone. it lasted maybe a minute and it happened just twice? I'm a ftm so I was just wondering if that what it was or just something else.
I've been having contractions once in a while. They are a pain ful and start at my stomach and go to my back. I was at 1cm dilated at 33 weeks, can it be that I'm just dilating more?
Its confusing because they say braxton hicks contractions come randomly nd are only in the front nd your stomach just gets really hard, I get those occasionally nd it just feels like he's in there doing a full body stretch, pushing his butt against my uterus nd my stomach gets really hard. But then, mainly after sex I get the menstrual cramping that starts from my back then goes to my front nd those will come 4mins apart. But my stomach won't get hard.
like cramps at the bottom of your stomach, your whole stomach tightens like sharp pains, or your lower back aches. & your due a day before me!! (: i want to get induced bc im so over this pregnancy thing.
15 I had a burning feeling in my stomach and then severe back pain. At 8:35 though I had another slight pain in my stomach. Could they be contractions? I don't know if I should wait to call the doctor and keep timing them or call now. Please help.
Maybe your in labor. Some women have diarrhea days before labor because the body is wanting to clean itself out before delivery. How close are they and are they getting stronger?
Well I've had some and just about ten min ago I had one so bad I started balling and it scared my fiance and his dad it scared me! And now it weird twitching in my stomach what's this mean ??
are you able to time them? If you can than yes it may be a contraction.
They are kinda hard to explain. Id say like bad period pains or belly ache pains you get when you have a bad stomach. You will definatley know what they are when you get them though lol.
Well hun if your in labor contractions don't stop and you very well could be at almost 38w. In the beginning of labor they can be very inconsistent. Every 20 min. ,15 min. but as labor progresses they will get closer together and last longer and become more painful.
u need to go in when it close together like back to back
Sounds like it's just braxton hicks contractions where your stomach just gets really tight for about a min then goes away.
I've been getting false labor contractions a lot as well as braxhicks, my midwife told me the braxhicks you will feel on the top of your belly, for me it's like the feeling of tightening my abb muscles, where as the contractions are at the bottom of your belly and for most women they start out feeling like period cramps with minor back aches, so far that info has helped me a lot :) just waiting for labor!
Yesterday I was having contractions all day every 7-10 min, then last night felt sick to my stomach like I was going to be sick. The today I haven't had quite as many contractions, but I had green discharge (last time they said it was a yeast infection) and am feeling sick to my stomach again. Should I be calling the doc or are they going to just tell me its normal and im not ready yet? Im 38 weeks and 2 days. Is my body still in the preparing stage?
like my stomach gets really hard and it makes it kind of hard to breathe makes me feel like I need to vomit. can anybody tell me if they have these symptoms as contractions I'm 36 weeks and go in on Thursday planning on having her check me then.
IM Currently 34 Weeks Pregnant, Baby Is In Position As Of This Morning When My OB Doctor Checked. I Keep Having These Sharp Sudden pains In My Lower Back And One Side Of My Stomach. Like My Stomach Is Getting Hard And The Back Pain Is Sudden In That It Startled Me Into Almost Needing To Stop Everything Till It Ends. They Are Coming In Waves Lasting A Few Moments And Then Will Stop And Return 4 Or 5 Mins Later For Roughly 45 Minutes Total. Anybody Else Experience This?
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