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Everywhere I go I seem to be getting no where with anyone as far as whats going on with my head. It feels like air-pockets or bubbles roaming in my head. It started about 7 months ago and persisted for about 3 months and then it went away and now recently i started to feel the air-pockets or bubbles in my head again.
Can C02 pockets in the chest be seen in chest x-rays? Can trapped gas in chest and/or other places cause sharp , stabbing, or sore mod-severe type pain? Today i had to go to ER because it felt like someone was stabbing me in the middle of the chest with a knife, I have quit smoking 5 months ago, and since then have had major problems with trapped gas (the burping kind) chest pains, feeling like im not getting enough oxygen, anxiety, heart palps and pains and indigestion and bloating.
Asked nurse once about phenomenon and was told there are a lot of nerve endings in stomach and gas can cause pains elsewhere in body. Found your site when searching web and a woman called "soccermom1312" reported almost exact same symptoms back in 2004. I am amazed that someone else had same problem. Browsed your site and found many people reporting some of the same symptoms I have. I need some direction as to what type of doctor to see, tests to request, etc..
First she needs to identify the offending food(s), if that is what is causing the bloating, as there are a number of things that may contribute to or cause bloating. Intestinal bacteria, gas producing foods, swallowing air, etc.can cause bloating. Sometimes, large pockets of sulphur-bearing gases cause the gut wall to stretch beyond its comfortable elastic limits, that's when we feel that uncomfortable blowing up and expansion of the abdomen.
This in return allows you to work out longer. To make it simple, the shot allows your body to burn fuel faster..
Something is NOT right and I am getting seriously WORSE weekly! The ER the other night showed HUGE gas pockets w/an extended stomach with complete compaction of the bowel on BOTH sides. Above were my thoughts for the Dr. as NOONE has been able to help me FOREVER! Does someone AGREE with me for a change?
and i do feel as my hard to breathing and shortness of breathe is worse after i eat, which feels as if the gas pockets in my chest causes shortness of breath??...
I odnt have anymore white spots although I use to get the for about 2-3 months off and on not severe just one or two pus pockets would pop up for a while and eventually go away. no I just have nasuea, swollen glands(is pea sized swollen????) any recommandations would be great I have been to tons of docs, and no answer please any suggestions on what it could be or things that I could look into.
said 'this is the big emergency!' It's intestinal blocked gas! I thought I knew gas but this was a trapped bubble. A special drink to take home & next morning it felt sooo good. Friend said now you know! I now stick to simple home-cookin'. The more I moved, felt like an ice-pick. Later got things checked & was told I have an unusual 'turn' that may get trapped again. I now drink lots of water to make sure things flow completely. Said my divert was spasming.
If the vessels didn't contract, the empty parts may become filled with gas pockets, a very dangerous condition. So this contraction is a necessary defensive maneuver. But what the body gains in one respect it loses in another. That's because this contraction causes increased tension in the vessels. In other words, high blood pressure.
Hi, Whenever I drink beer (I've never drank enough pop for this to occur), after maybe 2 beers there's a huge gas buildup in my stomach. Unfortunately , I don't know how to burp, and my body never seems to burp by itself. Yesterday I had this problem, and I felt like I was going to throw up...
over the counter gas x and extra strength gas x will neutralise gas in your body,result will be you will fart. may be better to let it get out before you go out in the public.
Your body and stomach isn't used to that amount, and it's a natural reaction. The bubbles sound like gas. At times we can get pockets of air trapped in our body. It can get stuck under your ribs, in your stomach, your sides, etc.
when they absorb nutrients, they also create gas pockets. I dont think a 5 week old baby CAN move. BUT i am not an expert on that so i dont know. ANyway.. i hope this helps.. and CONGRATS on your BFP MOM OF 3.. and i am sorry for your loss..
What do you mean by saying you can feel round balls when you rub your stomach? Are you sure they aren't gas pockets? Sometimes I think I feel things as well when I rub different parts of my stomach, but then I realize it is gas pockets I am feeling and sometimes they actually make noise. I am not saying for sure you have gas because that is too easy to say for sure, but I hope that's all it is. I keep being told I have gas, but then I question if that's true, why all the gas?
first few days home they will have you on soft food diet...puddings, jello,broth. 2. Expect trapped gas this is different than regular gas,,its not in the intestines its in the pelvic cavity the nurses will have you up and walking halls on day 2 ( oh you will hate them for it ..but its important to get out of that bed and walk ) it helps the gas getinto intestines so that you may pass it. 3.
is. The gas lies in pockets between layers of rock. Drilling goes into these pockets and then through them essentially, making the extraction less efficient. Fracking injects water and chemicals under high pressure and the gas is easier and more effectively extracted.... Did any of that make sense? I can try again if necessary.
So much money wasted, lining the pockets of profiteers. Many products contain senna and cascara sagrada, which work well for a while but taper off in efficacy after a couple weeks. They’re also dependency-causing. Many promising herbs turn you into a gaseous human water fountain when over-relied upon, or not used properly with good, healing foods. The Poop: The idea is not to have an explosive release of gas, water and runny stools.
The pain on the lower right- make sure with a doctor you don't have appendicitis, but other than that, since your colonoscopy was negative, there's a strong possibility you are getting gas pockets building up in there. Have you tried simethicone and exercise when this happens or the knee chest?
It is located on his left side almost level with his belly button. When you lay down you it probably lengthens your body and relieves pressure. Look into the floating ribs because it could be causing you muscle spasms. A strain caused by exercise or a fall or blow to that area could cause a problem with you lower ribs. You could try changing your diet. I am sure you have probably already done that. It is possible you could have a bacteria imbalance causing the pain.
How I got Rid of Bad Smells from My Sinuses The sinuses’ and lymphatic system in the body remove toxic buildup and waste from your body. I think of it like a hose that runs from you nose and throat, forehead, ears, neck, underarms, etc. A sinus blockage is like a kink in this hose. The buildup of toxic waste and debris can accumulate in a certain area and become inflamed or infected with fungus, like Candida, or bacteria. This blockage is what causes the smell.
The diverticulitis showed up on the scan becuz an infection caused by that disease will show up as pus and ruptured pockets in the bowel. Sometime this week, you should try to get a copy of the scan report and the ER report that diagnosed you with diverticulitis.
I hope that at least assures me that I don't have an obstruction causing my problems. Gas can travel just about anywhere in the body, so I am not surprised that you have pain in different locations. I have also had lower Right pain and was afraid it was my appendix, but it also turned out to be gas. From what you describe I think that is also your problem, but maybe a GI doctor could determine what is causing this.
Somebody has to speak up, if im going to be on this for the rest of my life then just give me a script with unlimited refills. But they wont because everybody has to have there hands in our pockets and benefit from our suffering...
It is a condition where my entire colon has pockets all over from the sigmoid colon to the cecum. The doctor said pancolonic diverticulocic. I went in because I had an episode of bloody lbm one day that stopped on its own on the 17th trip to the bathroom. I lost blood from 11 of my hemoglobin to 7. But they did not give me any blood transfusions. The doctors ordered ct scans, x rays and antibiotics. They said it could have been a diverticular coli. Or an infection that happens to anybody.
I do, however, have a tendency to get gas pockets every so often, and it sounds like a similar pain. Here is a thread I thought might interest you: http://www.medhelp.
Finally it started getting worse and worse and I was left with major weakness, body aches, inability to eat, etc. and I went to the doctor for the millionth time desperately seeking answers. He said there are really no physical problems that cause the pattern of symptoms I've had and he thought it was anxiety and depression, and prescribed Zoloft. After about a week I started feeling amazing, started exercising, even got my old job back and I finally felt like I had control over my life again.
Several air pockets found in abdominal area. Inflammation of the colon was apparent. Gas pockets were also noted in large. After all this, the General surgeon at the hospital finally came to talk with me and give me the results of testing.I was told I needed an emergency Colostomy surgery, a major operation, and will require a hospital stay of at least several days and six weeks or more of recovery at home. The operation was the same day, 2 hours later.
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