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Avatar n tn I normally take Zyrtec and did so my last pregnancy almost every day after my first trimester. Has anyone else taken antihistimines during the 1st trimester and how did everything go? I do not want to harm the fetus but I know I cannot hold out for the next 7-8 weeks. HELP!
Avatar n tn ::: vent :::::: along with your post ... I used to be able to take pediatric dosing of Sudafed + Tylenol with a cold/sinus and now all the otc meds have this other drug in it caled phenyl...... (not sure on spelling) and it makes me VERY VERY TIRED and jittery .. nice, huh? If you cannot use Afrin what about one of the nasal sprays that are prescription like Flonase or Nasacort . I know they are steroids but for use when ill may work .. they do help my daughters with severe allergies.
Avatar n tn Benedryl doesn't touch it, Allegra slows it down and Zyrtec had been preventing it until I came down with the flu last week and my resistance to such things was lowered. My upper lip is swollen today; I've taken a megadose of Allegra (360 mg) which may have slowed down the swelling (hard to know for sure). I'm weighing whether or not to go the epipen route and will decide later today depending on how much worse it gets.
Avatar n tn As of dec my back gets this red spots that do look like bug bites, and as they go away the area seems a little darker than my skin. I will look up!
Avatar m tn The best treatment for allergic rhinitis (a runny nose) is 10 milligrams of montelukast sodium (Singulair), which is available by prescription, or 240 milligram of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (Sudafed). According to a study by the University of Chicago, the two drugs are equally effective, even though the prescription drug costs 4 times as much. The study was funded by the makers of the prescription drug.
Avatar n tn then the allergist said his bloodwork for allergies is normal too. she put him on zyrtec and two hydroxine at night so the kid can maybe get some sleep.. Now were going on 5 weeks he has missed 3 weeks of school and there's still no relief for this poor kid in site. we've tried oatmeal baths, lotion, bactine which has lidocane and still nothing. Can someone give us some suggestions. It's 2007 I can't believe all this modern technology and no one can help itching.
Avatar n tn the mri scan looks at the brain in detail, csf,sulcus, deviation any masses,changes,edema,fluid, old vs new cva, its amazingly detailed. if you had a mass,bleed, a developing aneurysm it would have picked it up. so iwouldnt worry about that.
Avatar f tn Finally I started using a timed-release sudafed a few hours before bedtime to keep the nasal passages open. After the sudafed I need to take a sleeping pill, but it is worth it. I always thought sleep apnea was for the obese and big men who snore. It is embarrassing I have to wear a mask and drag around a machine like an old sick person you see at the airport. Life is weird....., but I shouldn't have complained!